​[JOLSE] ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm

​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm

​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm

ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm is the latest product that I have tried earlier this month. This is again from a Korean brand and you know how much I am crazy about Korean products especially when they are skincare!  ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm, like the name suggests is a two-tone lip balm. While one is more like a balm giving that natural pink look to the lips, the other is slightly pinker. This one is great if you want a flawless gradient lip look without much hassle! Otherwise too, it’s like carrying two lip balms in one tube. Now, how cool is that! There are 3 variants in this collection and I picked pink!

​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm ​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm
I chose pink as it is more natural color and would be perfect for the Spring/Summer. Since I am more deviating towards simple, natural and hassle-free look these days, this makes a great addition to my routine.
​ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm
Here’s what I love about ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm –
1. It comes in a simple and minimalistic style packing
2. It comes in an off-white, slightly shiny tube
3. It has a moisturizing and nourishing formula
4. It is easy to use and the color or the tint can be layered
5. It is convenient and super easy to achieve a flawless gradient look
6. It doesn’t settle in the fine lines
7. It leaves behind a light tint and keeps the lips soft for a long time
8. It has a pleasant scent
What I do not Like –
1. It has a slightly sticky texture and the color transfers if not careful
Luckily, using a tissue to dab to take off that extra color and stickiness works perfectly. So far I have loved using the natural pink side of the balm. It looks perfect for everyday wear and that natural pink tint stays till I get to do a touch-up! Since it comes in a classy packing of a lipstick, it doesn’t look like a balm stick at all and it’s so pretty to carry around too.
I think choosing pink worked out just perfect for me, I honestly couldn’t be any happier!
Have you tried this ACONCEPT Chewing Two Tone Tint Lip Balm yet?
Price – 15.55$ (currently on discount and you can grab this for just 12.44$)
Buy – Jolse.com
What have you tried recently from Jolse? Seeing so many discounts, I might shop a little this weekend 🙂
Much Love

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