3 International Beauty Boxes I tried in April (and here’s what I think)

Beauty Boxes

3 International Beauty Boxes I tried in April (and here’s what I think)



Being a Beauty Junkie, I am constantly looking to feed my curiosity for trying out the new products. Though I wouldn’t call myself very adventurous when it comes to makeup, I love to try new products that help ease my dolling up routine. For long I have been very much obsessed with some of the International beauty boxes and when I got to know about ShipOutUSA, I took the chance and tried 3 International Beauty Boxes in the month of April 2017.

And here’s what I think –


Ipsy Bag

Beauty Boxes

First up is my favorite. Ipsy bag is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box that samples some of the much raved brands from the Beauty Industry. It costs just 10$ and there is always 2-3 full sized products making this the most coveted among the beauty junkies.

Best thing – You can email support@ipsy.com if you like any particular product from the released spoilers. How cool is that?

Buy – Ipsy


Target Beauty Box

Beauty Boxes

This is my second favorite. Though this is not as impressive as Ipsy, it’s nevertheless a pretty good bargain for the 7$ price (price often varies). Plus, you get to know what all products are in that particular box of the month. So it’s a pretty decent deal – no excitement, no disappointment!

Best thing – It’s a box to box payment, doesn’t renew or charge the card by itself. Plus, has a full sized product or two in the box.

Not so good – It doesn’t personalize the box like other beauty boxes do.

Buy – Target


Sephora Play

 Beauty Boxes

Out of the three, this is my least favorite of all. It’s not like I hate it but definitely, nothing that excited me about this one. There is not even a single full sized product in the box. All the samples are quite tiny and I guess that’s what disappointed me more. It again costs just 10$ but when compared with Ipsy, this seems pretty disappointing nevertheless.

Best thing – Once a while, chosen brands are pretty impressive.

Not so good – for 10$ you get a bunch of samples to try. And unlike Ipsy, Sephora Play doesn’t give you an option of selecting the brands you want the products from.


That said if you are like me looking to subscribe to International Beauty Boxes to be delivered in India; except Ipsy they are definitely not worth the effort, time and money.

Fortunately, Ipsy didn’t get customs. Target which was just 7$ got customs of 230 ₹ and Sephora Play which was 10$ got customs of 230 ₹ too. All that, plus roughly 700 ₹ (each package) as Sofu charges. So, in my opinion, it’s such a waste to spend so much on samples when you can get full sized in the money spent.

And unfortunately, the deals are currently off and Sofu charges have increased too. So if you are planning to subscribe to any of these beauty boxes or even try others for that matter, do check with ShipoutUSA for their current charges. Though they are one of the least priced at the moment, sometimes it does make you wonder if you are over spending on a box of samples (just my thought!).


Despite the charges of Sofu increasing, I might still stick with Ipsy. And as for others, they are no more on my subscribing list!



Have you tried any of these International Beauty Boxes in India? What do you think of these?


Want to know about beauty boxes that ship to India? Go here


P.s- These boxes aren’t shipped to India directly, you need to use a shipping service like ShipOutUSA



Much Love


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  • Reply
    May 5, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    I love the Ipsy bag only because it is by Michelle Phan and I absolutely love her.

  • Reply
    May 9, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    Nice review, done by you. Getting my first Ipsy bag this May and I am super excited. Will continue to it as per your advice.

    • Reply
      May 11, 2017 at 9:41 am

      Awesome… can’t wait to see your picks!

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