Alona Shechter | Beautyli Day Cream Review

Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream
If you have been reading my posts regularly, you’d know I have been very particular about my skincare routine lately. I have ditched the products that didn’t yield results and replaced with some very interesting products recently. One such is this Beautyli Day Cream from Alona Shechter.
Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream
Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream

Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream


Alona Shechter Ltd. is a beauty and health products company founded in 1994. Their Premium Anti-Aging Products and other skincare line products are based on natural ingredients that combine medicinal herbs and minerals from the Dead Sea. The uniqueness of these products is that they contain a particularly high concentration of active ingredients which make these products – that include creams and vitamin-rich oils, provide nutrients to the skin and increase its ability to deal with the elements and time.
On a brighter note, these products are not tested on animals and are licensed by the Ministry of Health in Israel and the C.P.N.P in Europe. Today these products are available in several leading European, Asian and South American countries.
That said, I have this amazing Beautyli Day Cream to talk about today.

Beautyli Day Cream is a unique development by Alona Shechter Company. It is an anti-aging moisturizer with a unique combination of active ingredients. It contains Jade powder which nourishes the skin, slows the aging process, contributes to the preservation and renewal of the Dermal Collagen and leaves it with a soft and gentle texture. The special combination of Dead Sea minerals and medicinal herbs, which together create an immediate change to the skin and make it look younger, more radiant and smoother.
Benefits – Provides the skin with a powerful moisturizing agent.
Ideal for –
Improving skin firmness
Improving the moisture level
Preventing free radicals from entering the skin
Reducing the formation of wrinkles
Slowing the aging of the skin
All skin types
How to use – Apply every morning all over the face and neck

Tip – This moisturizer works well with Korean as well as other beauty and/or skincare products.

Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream
How I use –
Toner > Benton Cosmetics Snail Bee High Content Essence > Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel > Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum > Alona Shechter Beautyli Day Cream > UVMed Tinted Sunscreen

Likes –
  • Light weight moisturizer
  • Doesn’t leave skin greasy or oily
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Works well with any skincare product and/or under makeup
  • It’s a Day cream and as well Anti-Ageing cream
  • Gorgeous packing
  • Heavenly scent
Dislikes –
  • None

Honestly, am too much in love with the light weight formula and the scent. It doesn’t over-weigh my skin and make it look too layered. Just like my other skincare products (Korean), the mere fact that I can stick to using this in tiny amount makes me happy.

That said, the thought of Jade powder and Dead Sea minerals in my skincare makes me joyful. I have heard rave reviews of this Skincare brand and I am glad I got to use it to see myself.

Much Love

P.s – *PR Sample

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