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I am currently coming out of the worst nightmare of my life – colored hair turning brassy, dry and split ends, coarse and overall super dry hair. So I thought it was about time I share the products I have been using to manage an unruly hair like mine plus how I managed to get rid of the brassiness and revive the ombre.

In this post, I go through whats whys and hows – so if you want to know a little more on how to care for the colored hair and/or maintain the color from turning brassy, you shouldn’t miss this post!


I have got my ombre done twice now (1 year apart) and both the stylists had different opinions and views. They suggested differently on how to tackle the dryness of the hair since the colored hair is highly prone to dryness that can lead to damage if not taken care. They also suggested shampoos and hair spas to prevent the colored hair from damage but both missed to mention and/or discuss the most important thing – hair color turning brassy!


So today I wanted to share what I have gathered from various sources, what I have understood and what worked for my hair.


Let’s get started with Why What and How –


What is Brassy Hair?

The unwanted warmth – red, yellow and oranges tones – in hair that appears after the hair is chemically processed – dyed and/or highlighted.


Why Brassy Hair?

When the color is deposited on hair, it has 3 color molecules – blue, red and yellow. And as the time passes, the color fades. As the blue ones are the smallest, they go MIA resulting in the red and yellow tones to show up much more than before. As a result, the red and yellow color molecules bring out the orange tone in hair which is referred to as Brassy Hair.


How is Brassy Hair fixed?

The best available option and perhaps the least expensive too is to use a Purple shampoo and conditioner every 2 washes and maximum once a week. The purple shampoo and conditioner pigments the missing color back into hair and shuts down the brassiness of the hair completely over a period of time.

Many times, results are often immediate!

Alternatively, it’s ideal to check with your hair stylist and go for a professional help. Toners are an ideal way to harmonize and balance the color in the hair by depositing the lost pigment without re-doing the color or damaging the already-colored hair. However, this treatment is often expensive!


Now that What Why and How are clear, here are the top 5 reasons why hair gets brassy

  1. Using products that contain parabens, silicone and sulphates
  2. Exposure to extreme heat and/or sun
  3. Exposure to Sea, Ocean, Swimming pool and Salt water
  4. Multiple layers of hair color and/or dye
  5. Mineral deposits – chlorine and iron from shower and/or pool water


Hair color turns brassy when regular hair care products are used instead of color protect ones.


As for me, I have made the mistake of getting multiple layers of color (got ombre done twice) and/or dye and also might have had mineral deposits on my colored hair.


Solution to my problem could have been real simple – using a purple shampoo and conditioner but unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on any yet. So I used an alternative!


When I got my ombre, they used two colors on my hair – golden blonde and copper. While it was gorgeous as long as the color stayed in tact, it was very worse when it turned brassy. As mine was blonde and copper, it looked a lot brassier than usual making it hard to love my hair.

So I had to get sneaky.

I got the shampoo and conditioner that works well to restore the blonde color in the hair.

Surprisingly it worked! Though I am positive that a purple shampoo and conditioner would do wonders, blonde one wasn’t bad either.


Now that the brassy color is toned down pretty well, I am more concentrating on getting rid of dryness from the hair.


To prevent dryness in my color treated hair, I often do the following –


  • Hair Spas
  • Deep Moisturizing Hair Packs
  • Leave-in Conditioners

*More on these later*


After getting my hair chemically processed two times, here are few things I learnt from my mistakes –

  • Never color treat hair more than once.
  • Color treating hair from a professional is expensive and so is the after care, be prepared to spend good.
  • Color treated hair is high maintenance but never ever compromise.
  • Get the after care products ready before you get the hair chemically processed.


So that was my hair story.

Have you color treated your hair too? How diligent are you in taking care of your hair color? Do you have any specific products you’d recommend to me and my fellow readers?


If you are interested, here is the shampoo and conditioner duo and my favorite Argan Oil which am using at the moment –


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo for Darker Blondes – Buy here

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Conditioner for Darker Blondes – Buy here

Utama Spice Argan Oil – Buy here




Much Love


P.s – I am not an expert in matters of hair color and/or hair care. Use this post only for reference and learn from my experience. Pls consult your stylist and do your own homework. 🙂

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