ColourPop Calypso

ColourPop Calypso

ColourPop Calypso

ColourPop Calypso


ColourPop Calypso is the 3rd and last shade from the Up and Away Lip Bundle. After Love Bug, this is the best shade from this lip bundle. And since it is the soft neutral shade of the lot, it is also the perfect color for summer and day wear!


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Here’s what it looks like on Lips –

ColourPop Calypso

ColourPop Calypso

ColourPop Calypso


Price – 6$ (if bought separately), 15$ (Up and Away Lip BundleLove Bug, Mama, Calypso)


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What I Love –

  1. It is a soft mid-tone pink
  2. It is perfect for any time of the day
  3. It is one of the soft neutral shades
  4. Its Satiny finish doesn’t dry out the lips
  5. It doesn’t settle in fine lines


What I do not Love –

  1. It is lighter on pigmented lips
  2. It needs a touch up after meal or long hours


If you do not have pigmented lips (like me), perhaps this color can be used as is. Otherwise, there is nothing a matching (a tiny bit darker) lip liner can’t fix! Perhaps, using a matching or a bit darker lip liner gives this shade a much more perfection in my opinion.


That said, apart for a touch-up or two after long hours or a meal, this color stays perfectly fine all through the day. This may not be that long wearing lip color but that’s the smallest price for such a wonderful satiny formula for lips. Plus, lips don’t get so dry and get chapped.


And if you are a kohl person or love a smokey eye look, then this suits the most. There is nothing like a heavily rimmed kohl eyes and nude lips.


Other than that, I am curious as for how this works with a matte lipstick. Wonder if this satiny formula can help cut down the dryness of the matte lipsticks I have been trying so far. Definitely, can’t wait to see how this one gels with the other shades to get a new cocktail color! More on that soon.


Have you tried this shade yet? What do you think?



Much Love

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    February 27, 2017 at 11:54 am

    I love this shade. Simply cute. Thanks for sharing it.

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