ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama


ColourPop Mama is one shade I was way too curious and eager to try. It is one of the shades from the Up and Away Lip Bundle, with Love Bug and Calypso being the other two.


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I have a thing for Lip Bundles and Lip Kits. These often have an interesting combo of colors to play around with.

Up and Above was one Lip Bundle I wanted so bad! So imagine my happiness when I tried Love Bug and fell in love with it at first swatch! It is definitely one of the most beautiful lip colors I own till date.

ColourPop Mama, on the other hand, is a huge disappointment for me. I was so rooting for this particular shade since summer is just around the corner, but unfortunately, not only this color washed me out completely, it also peels like crazy! Remember Rooch? Mama is like it’s sister!


I just hope my first attempt was not so lucky and I find a way to make this color work for me. I am thinking, a bit of brown should get a fancy color out of this to play around with but I am yet to find out if this peeling is consistent!


Coming back, here’s what ColourPop Mama looks like on me –

ColourPop Mama

ColourPop Mama


Price – 15$

Buy – Up and Away Lip Bundle


What I Love –

  1. It is a beautiful burnt orange color
  2. It is a perfect summer color plus a wonderful day wear lip color too
  3. It is one of the beautiful colors launched by the ColourPop


What I don’t Love –

  1. It peels just like Rooch
  2. It washes me off
  3. It is very drying (you can see in the images how dry my lips look)


I am not sure if am right on this, but I find ColourPop Mama to be very drying than the other Matte Lip Colors. I am yet to see how to make this work!


I was hoping to experiment this color with browns and burgundy for an entirely different shade. But, like I said, I am yet to find out a way if I can make this color work without getting it to peel.


If am successful, I will make sure to update this post on same. And if I don’t, then you know it’s better to stay away from this one. A peeling lipstick is no fun!


Have you tried this shade already? What’s your take on this?



Much Love

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    February 20, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Such a pretty shade. Loved your look.

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