Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017


Fab Bag July 2017 was particularly a much-awaited one for me. If you ask me why you are definitely living under the rock!


Again, Sugar Cosmetics is back with a bang and their new collection of lippies is to die for! I have been eyeing their Matte as Hell Crayons new collection and as expected Fab Bag July 2017 had one. And if you have been following me for a while, you know nothing makes me happier than a good lipstick!


Here are the contents of the Fab Bag July 2017

Fab Bag July 2017


Sugar Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick in Jackie Brown

Full Size

Price – 799  ₹

Buy – Jackie Brown


This shade is a total bomb! I have been loving warm toned lipsticks quite a lot and this shade is just what I was hoping it would be.

Jackie Brown is beautiful terracotta brown with strong undertones of red. Imagine a super red brick color but in a softer hue.

Here’s a swatch –

Fab Bag July 2017

I love the fact that this shade can be toned up or down according to the mood. A gentle smudge of the lipstick with the finger tip softens this beauty to a subtle red-brown color which is spectacular when you don’t want to overdo your Lipper.

I have also tried adding a tiny bit of pink (Sugar Cosmetics Rose Dawson) to give a subtle pop of color and it looks amazing. And it stayed all night without a touch-up – survived popcorn, snacks and some munchies too! Need to say more?



KronoKare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo

Price – 165  ₹ for 55 ml


I have heard good raves of this brand, so I hope one day I push myself to try their products until then this is definitely a miss.



Just Herbs Enriched Skin Tint

Price – 385  ₹ for 15 gm


I have read so much about this tint from other bloggers that I wanted to try one soon. And am so happy Fab Bag included this in this month’s bag.

It’s quite a decent sized sample so it would be more than convenient to try this couple of times before concluding.

Have you tried this tint from Just Herbs yet?



Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol-Free Toner

Price – 160  ₹ for 50 ml


This brand is definitely new to me, but the sound of Fruit Enzyme and Alcohol-Free in the toner sounds pretty amazing to me.

And since I made up my mind (no idea why I can’t get myself to use a toner daily) to get back to using a toner again in my skincare routine, trying this out would be total fun!




So those were the products from this month’s Fab Bag. Have you booked your Fab Bag July 2017 yet?




Much Love

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