​[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream is another amazing product I got to try earlier this month! If you know me, you know how much I love Korean Skincare, so trust me when I say this one is an amazing find!


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream not only tones up the skin immediately but also brightens, moisturizes the skin and imparts an instant healthy glow.

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone

Here’s what it claims –

  1. It’s instant velvety/silky white cream formula immediately tone-ups the dull skin tone bright.
  2. Niacinamide and vitamin capsules brighten and whiten the skin.
  3. The 5 natural moisturizing ingredients fill the skin with a moisture glow.
  4. The cream formula adheres to the skin, expressing even skin tone by forming a protective barrier on the skin.


Price – $26

Buy – Jolse.com


JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone

What I Love –

  • It comes in an easy-to-use tube
  • It gives an even skin-tone and brightens up the face
  • It gives a matte finish to the skin
  • It works well under makeup too (using a powder foundation or compact suits more)
  • It neutralizes the skin tone, making the makeup look flawless
  • It keeps skin looking bright all day long


What I do not Love –

  • It needs a lot of blending


Use a little product to work with and keep adding wherever required. Since it’s only needed little, trying to work with a lot of product will only leave a whitish cast on the face.

On a side note, I found this work extremely well under a good moisturizer or even using a moisturizer over it to keep the skin more supple. Maybe since it’s winter, my skin seemed to crave more for moisturizer, this should work well in summer when we want less shiny and matte faces all day long (will update this post on how this works in summer for me).


I love this one more for the reason that it neutralizes my yellow skin tone and makes my makeup look better and brighter. 


Overall, JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone Up Cream is definitely a great find for me.


Have you tried this yet?



Much Love



*PR Sample

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    Manases Andrea
    January 18, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    I never tried Korean Skincare products. Everything sound wonderful in your description!

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