July Fab Bag 2019

July Fab Bag 2019

July Fab Bag 2019 is here and I must confess I have more than two products in my favorite list. Fortunately, all are skincare and makeup related and am more than happy to save them up for my upcoming vacation!

That said, I have been hunting for products that are more skin friendly and are multi-taskers. Lucky for me, July Fab Bag 2019 covered it all.

Here’s what I got in my July Fab Bag 2019 –

Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks Mini (set of 10)

Full Size

Price – 499 ₹

This mini set comes in a transparent box which is pretty travel friendly. If you are someone who loves to carry more lip colors when going on a vacation, you will love this.
Personally, I love it since these are minis and I don’t have to worry about wasting a wonderful lip color if in case I ever get bored.

Plus this set makes a lovely gift too.

Here’s the swatch of my favorite shade from the set –


Tvakh Bamboo Sap Illuminating Cream

Price – 310 ₹ for 30gm

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it at first swatch. It smells amazing and gives a gold illuminating finish without making the skin feeling layered up. This works amazing well under a sheer foundation to give that sun-kissed look. Now, doesn’t that sounds perfect for a beach vacation?

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Foot Cream

Price – 72 ₹ for 20ml

This is a sample size which means it’s coming with me on the trip. I have often had trouble carrying products meant for dry feet since I almost never get much samples for this concern, luckily not this time.

And I love how creamy this formula is and how lovely it smells.

Swiss Tempelle Total Clean-Up Face Wash, Scrub and Mask

Full Size

Price – 110 ₹

This is one product I absolutely loved getting in my fab bag. A multi-tasker, this is simply perfect to carry on a trip/vacation.

A clay mask is just what you need for a thorough clean up after a long day of food, fun and frolic. Use as a scrub and then let it dry for the mask affect or apply the mask, let it dry and later wet your finger tips and gently scrub away the mask (my favorite way to do it). It’s simple and fuss free, just what it should be when on vacation.

That aside, the mask leaves behind a faint scent of rose which feels amazing. This is paraben free with 12 skin benefits, need I say more?

Nothing feels as good as not worrying about what to pack for the vacation.

So what did you find interesting in this month’s bag?

Much Love


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