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I am not very much into soaps but I simply love the idea of luxury and natural goodness anyday. So naturally when I was sent these handmade soaps recently, I was more than happy to see which one would be my favorite.
Today, am talking about Lilac Fresh Handmade Soaps in Banana a Day from Fruit and Veg Collection and Burning Desire from Limited Edition Collection.
Before I go on talking about why I love these two and all, here’s pics –

And now why I love these (and infact why you should love too)
Main Ingredients : 
Olive Oil – acts as a Moisturizer, Antioxidant and Exfoliator.
Shea Butter – Repairs wrinkles and scars, Antioxidant, Deeply Moisturizing, Skin strenthening, UV Protecting, Skin regenerating, Muscle ache healing, Collagen production stimulating, Minor cuts and buns healing. 
Essential Oils – Most essential oils are high antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. They are pure and 100% natural. 
And here are top 5 reasons for this being a-must-try product
100% Vegan
No Animal Testing
Palm Oil Free Products
Biodegradable Products

It is safe, it is natural and it is cruelty free. Does anyone need more reasons?

Much Love

P.s – *PR Sample

Use code 193135909 during registration to get an instant 5$ coupon to shop!! 

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