Linus Hair Strengthener Serum


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Linus Hair Strengthener Serum is one of the recent additions to my hair care routine. As someone who has colored the hair more often than not (from streaks to highlights to ombre), one of my biggest beauty dilemmas was how to care for colored hair at home. While I have tried every possible hair care product to keep the color intact and make it look salon-fresh, there are 3 things that I have always struggled with – dryness, hair breakage and hair fall.

Colored hair or not, while hair fall is one concern most of us fight with almost every day; one can’t ignore the fact that it also majorly depends on the products and the care (especially if it’s colored hair).

So when I chanced upon Linus Hair Strengthener Serum from Elixir Shop I had to test it right away!


Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum

Here’s what it claims –

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum is a blend of essential oils known for their hair strengthening properties.


How to use –

Mix a few drops of the serum with the shampoo and massage it gently into the scalp, all the way from roots to down to the ends.


How it works –

In just a few washes, the oils in the serum will strengthen the hair from the root to the tip and reduce breakage and hair fall.


Note –

The amount of the serum usage depends on the length of the hair.


Follow – 
Short hair: 4-6 drops
Medium length: 6-8 drops
Long hair: 10-12 drops


How long it lasts –

A 30ml bottle will last 4-5 months for medium length hair.


Why it worked –

Along with the Hair fall, I was experiencing major dryness and hair breakage.

Though the shampoos and conditioners I have been using were particularly formulated for the colored hair to keep the color intact and also keep the dryness away, frequent styling of my hair made it worse. So I needed much more than a regular care!

Linus Hair Strengthener Serum not only made my hair relatively stronger than before but also got rid of the dryness from the hair. Now, the colored ends don’t seem as dry as they were before, plus I see very little hair breakage.


On a side note, while for some, the results were visible just after 2 washes; for me, it took nearly 5 washes to see the result. So patience is the key here!


On the bright side, I simply love the fact that all I need is this serum to make my favorite shampoos a little more nourishing and caring for my colored hair. That said, hair smells gorgeous like I just stepped outside of the spa every time I use this. Now I don’t dread to wash my hair twice a week anymore and I now use my dry shampoo sparingly too.

It takes care of the hair in the most natural way!


Price – 650 for 15 ml

Buy – Elixirshop


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Much Love


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    Seems great serum. Thanks for sharing it.

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