March Fab Bag 2017

March Fab Bag 2017

March Fab Bag 2017

March Fab Bag 2017



March Fab Bag 2017 took me by surprise! There was barely an email about the shipment and I had the bag in my hand. It came on the day when I needed a little pep up. I think that’s one reason I love Fab Bag. It comes at unexpected times with unexpected things, many times bringing the utmost joy a girl could ever ask for. After all, bits and bobs of skincare and makeup cheer up any girl! No?


So here’s what I got –

March Fab Bag 2017

Contents of March Fab Bag 2017


Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick in Nude Love

Full size

Price – 180 ₹

This shade is an absolute gorgeous! As usual, I was anxious when I picked this shade, but luckily this turned out to be super fabulous! And if that wasn’t just enough, the price is too tempting to try other shades as well.

It is creamy; it’s hydrating and most of all a perfect nude lip color I can’t wait to wear tomorrow (I have a pampering session arranged for me since it’s women’s day J )! While I am yet to decide what I want to wear, finalizing on lip color was darn easy, it is that good!

If you are looking for gifts for your girl, your sister or simply a friend just to say how much she means to you, I think few colors from this brand and collection would be a perfect choice. Plus, you don’t need to break a bank either.

At that price, this is a real deal!




SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer in Break on Blue

Full Size

Price – 249 ₹

I was hoping to see Sugar Nail Lacquers this month in Fab Bag and that was another reason I was so so excited about. And indeed I was right after all.

Break on Blue is such a gorgeous color that I am tempted to try. Unfortunately, I am not into matte nails at the moment and would hate to just waste this gorgeous color away.

So I am waiting to get my hands on a glossy top coat to make matte nails glossy or simply I may gift it to my baby sister who loves matte colors!

Though am yet to decide on that, I am planning to get their Classic Nail Lacquers soon. The colors look so damn good!


Kronocare Flower Power Face Toner

100 ml

Price – 295 ₹

This is one brand I can’t seem to drag myself to love it no matter what I do. So I am simply going to gift it to someone who would enjoy it and love it the way it deserves.


Moha Herbal Shower Gel

100 ml

Price – 105 ₹

I have a trip planned next month and shower gels are one thing I would love to hoard and carry during that time. They are simply convenient and I can carry multiple variants just to give myself some choice.

What’s your reason to love Shower gel samples?


Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block

50 ml

Price – 349 ₹

Again, this sample is going into my skincare bag that I am carrying on my trip. Though am visiting a hill station, I definitely want to keep some SPF handy. Let’s hope I stick to my skincare routine when am vacationing too!


The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream

50 ml

Price – 895 ₹

This one is definitely going to my sister. She has been battling with acne for as long as I can remember and she needs this more than me. And if it clicks, at least I know what to reach out for when I need one or simply suggest friends and family when they bombard me with acne related questions.

That aside, Garlic in acne cream sounds interesting!

March Fab Bag 2017


So those were the contents of March Fab Bag 2017 and without a doubt, Lipstick and the Nail Polish were the highlights this time!

Now with summer just around the corner, can’t wait to see what colorful and summer inspired items Fab Bag is going to send in coming days!




Have you got your March Fab Bag 2017 yet? If you are picking a shade in the lipsticks, Nude Love is a bomb! Do check it out.




Much Love




*PR Sample

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