Natural and Simple Skin care tips – #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

A Flawless and glowing skin is every girl’s dream. And to achieve that one does not need the expensive products in the World.
A simple skin care at home combined with healthy and nutritious food does the trick.
Well, every Mother and Grandmother passes on their beauty secrets to their beloved girls; mine did too. And today am sharing some (yes..some, lol) with you that work like charm for me –
Put aside all the reasons that say *avoid milk to stay lean*, a small quantity of milk consumed everyday is beneficial. Not only does this provide the much needed calcium and protein for the body; a spray of raw and cold milk on face brightens up the skin and keeps it super supple.
However, you might not want to step out of the house after doing this; it’s a lazy girl’s facial pack. In other terms, it is a home-made facial mist.
I have also combined a tiny pinch of turmeric into the raw milk (not boiled milk), gave a good shake and even used it as a mist. This is very good for oily and combination skins.
Extra Tip – Using this as mist somehow works better than dipping the cotton ball in milk and applying all over
And again just like Milk, a good home-made yoghurt is just what you need for the healthy looking skin inside out. It not only serves as a healthy snack when topped with some seasonal fruits and nuts but also acts as a skin brightening pack.
However you may want to modify it to your skin type –
Dry – Normal Skin – Yoghurt from full fat or enriched milk is perfect. It not only provides a rich and hydrating treatment to skin but also brightens up the dull and lifeless skin. 5-10 mins is good to go, wash off with water at room temperature and pat dry. Apply a light moisturizer to seal in the moisture of the skin.
Combination Skin – Yoghurt from Toned Milk is good. Adding a pinch of turmeric or fullers earth (multani mitti) is ideal here. While turmeric acts as anti-inflammatory which keeps a check on acne or zits; fullers earth cleans up the pores, tightens them and gets rid of the impurities making the skin all squeaky clean. All this while the yoghurt nourishes, soothes and brightens the skin.
5 – 7 mins is good for this pack, wash of with water at room temperature and pat dry. Apply a very light moisturizer to complete the treatment.
Oily Skin – Yoghurt from low fat milk is ideal for this skin type. Again a pinch of turmeric and/or fullers earth is perfect. 5 mins is good to go for this skin type, followed up with a wash-off. Use Water at room temperature and pat dry, followed with a very might moisturizer.
My skin oftens acts up, sometimes oily sometimes dry and sometimes combination. I often modify it suit the current skin type and it works like charm.
However, if you have sensitive of ageing skin; using appropriate creams or treatments post the face packs often proves beneficial.
As for me, I use anti ageing cream along with my moisturizer every day – face pack or no face pack.

On a side note, you are what you eat! Eat Clean and it shows on your face too!! So opt a healthy lifestyle (once a while cheat eats is just fine) and stay gorgeous!!
So what are your beauty secrets? Do you use any homemade or ayurvedic formulas to keep skin flawless and glowing?
Note – What works for me may need not work for you. So keep an eye to details, see what your skin responds to and what it rejects.
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Much Love

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