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November Fab Bag
November Fab bag gave me mixed feelings! First – this got delivered on Diwali morning so imagine how happy I got. And then I saw a simple bag!
Yes, I was disappointed. Last month’s bag (read here) which came around Dussehra time was so pretty, festive and fancy; like all others I hoped something better and/or similar this time. But to much disappointment, it wasn’t the case.
On the other hand, contents also made me feel same!
Here’s what I got –

November Fab Bag
Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals – Massage Candle
I have been loving candles lately so this was very much welcomed. This one smells great and I can’t wait for the weekend to let this make my living room smell like spa for us.
But on the other hand, they could have made the packaging a bit better. Nothing is more disappointing than a great smelling candle come in a plastic tub.
Ayorma Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream
This brand product made second time appearance in Fab bag this year. July Fab Bag also called as the Red Carpet Edition had 2 products from this brand. I personally haven’t tried but who ever did loved this brand. Again, I am so very particular when it comes to skincare (including the night routine) so this one I might not be trying.
On a side note, this one smells GOOD!
Lollipops ParisMatte Concealer – Ginger
Firstly this concealer seems to be a wrong shade for me, yes didn’t try (why use it when I know its wrong shade, I might as well pass this on to someone) and secondly haven’t heard about the brand till date.
On a brighter side, while this is a good thing that some new brands are being introduced; on the other hand it’s such a waste when I won’t use it at all.
Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water
I have opted this one when I was asked to choose which product I’d like to be added! While I love such options once a while, I just hoped I had more choices!
On a brighter side, as I am so much into facial mists lately; I couldn’t be much happier! Besides, I am not a person who’d give up any product from Kama Ayurveda. *grins*

November Fab Bag

So overall, Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water is what I loved in this month’s bag. While on a one side I feel disappointed and sad for this month’s bag being so-not-Diwali-like, on the other I feel it’s purely because of the last month’s bag I had a lot of expectations from this month’s too; after all it was DIWALI!
Either ways, I still have mixed feelings 😀
What about you? Which product have you loved from this month’s bag?
Here’s previous Fab Bags which are the culprits for making me expect more this Diwali –
And my Favorite Fab Bag so far?
They had me at *Be a Bombshell* lipgloss !!

Much Love

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