Review | Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT – Review – Price and Availability

We have reached that time of the year when panic had already stricken us and we have finished majority of shopping the gifts for every loved ones we can think of. And yet as usual we forget ourselves in this chaos. But not me, not this time!
So today I am here to talk about I have got for myself as gift. After clothes, bags, shoes and makeup, my attention has finally settled on to scents and perfumes.
For long I haven’t paid much attention but lately I have been thinking of exploring this side and see what sweeps me off my feet!
For the starters, I got this CK Shock I have been wanting for long. Here are the pics –

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

About Calvin Klein One Shock EDT :
One Shock Eau de Toilette from Calvin Klein is the perfect fragrance for the woman who likes to break the mold and the norms to express her individuality.

Claims :
Intensifies with a Drizzle of Liquid Chocolate Accord
This eau de toilette intensifies daring character with a spritz of liquid chocolate aroma. 
Warms into a Second Skin Musk
A juicy blend of floral and oriental notes warms into a second skin musk to complement charisma.
Edgy, Sexy and Impulsive
The luxury Eau de Toilette hides mysterious aromas in its heart to lend allure to edgy and sexy persona.
A Fierce Bouquet of Passionflower
A hint of passionflower adds more intensity to the base note of One Shock.

Ingredients :
Calvin Klein One Shock EDT

Specifications of Calvin Klein One Shock EDT :
Fragrance Classification
Eau de Toilette
200 ml
Ideal For
Fragrance Family
Oriental, Fresh

Base Note
Vanilla, Patchouli, Musk, Amber
Heart Note
Jasmine, Blackberry, Narcissus, Dark Cocoa
Top Note
Passion Flower, Red Poppy, Peony

Packaging :
A Solid White color bottle with print in Pink and Black, its nothing oh-so-glamorous but its kind of pretty in it’s own way. Comes with a screw cap and a spray dispenser.

Likes :
  • The scent is not too over powering
  • Scent is subtle and is quite buildable
  • Perfect for daily wear
  • Like it claims, the scent is quite mysterious (I can’t make out the top, heart or base notes)
  • Love the simplicity of the colors used in the packaging

Dislikes :
  • The spray dispenser doesn’t come with a cap which makes me wonder if I need to leave it like that or alternate it with the screw cap when not using
  • Leaving it like that makes me wonder again if there’s a chance for the perfume to evaporate when left it that way on the vanity table
  • Likewise, alternating with the other cap on the other hand seems like a spray or two amount of perfume is getting wasted
Price : Rs. 2,050

That said, its quite a catch if you like Oriental and Fresh note scents. And for all the ones who just got into loving perfumes but not knowing where to begin with, this is something you should try too.

And like I said, am still exploring my taste in the Scents and Perfumes. I might have quite a few to share with you in the coming posts Next Year, so keep an eye on the same. I might have quite alot to talk about and share what I like and what I don’t.

Coming back to you, what kind of scents you love? Do you have any Signature Style scent already?

Do leave a comment with a link to your post if you have already talked about your favorite Scents, would love to read ! 

Much Love

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