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Weekends are for pampering. The week long slog and work makes we want to relax and unwind at the nearest possible opportunity. While I definitely take off from cooking over weekends, thanks to Dear H, I also treat myself to hair spas, manicures and pedicures often to feel refreshed and start the week again with all new energy.

And in such a routine, when I got a chance to stop by the new Salon at Madhapur, Hyderabad and experience their services; I was more than overjoyed.

Did you know?

JUICE Salon at Madhapur, Hyderabad is a 4 months old while they have salons across the city for the last 10 yrs!!

Coming back, my recent visit to JUICE Salon was one of a kind! If you are a nail polish lover like me, you’d instantly feel the same. The store welcomes you with a visual treat to the eyes – LYN Lacquers. I was for a moment lost admiring those beauties, the colors are beyond expectations. If you have seen my recent post where in I mentioned my two favorite Spring/Summer polishes; you’d know am already in love with Lyn polishes.

Lyn lacquers

Did you know?

Lyn Lacquers are the in-house product of JUICE Salon!

Now we don’t have to depend on online shopping to get our favorite Lyn polishes. Just head over to the nearest JUICE Salon and you have an abundance of choice.

Yes, you are most welcome!


After such a temptation, it was hard not to get a mani done. Here, I opted for gel nails (not extensions) with pretty pinks, glitters and white.

silk top wigs

Other pretty designs and colors at the nail bar!

Juice Salon

Juice Salon

After nails, it was time for the hair and wigs!

If you have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you’d know I have refreshed my Ombré recently. That meant next few weeks I need to look after my hair with utmost care and do my best to keep it soft and manageable.

*Hair color often leaves hair dry and frizzy, making it highly prone to breakage*

So I opted for a hair spa at the JUICE Salon.

My hair was washed, pampered and styled (on my request) and here’s how it looked like post hair spa –

juice salon

juice salon

The curls stayed till next day and hair felt super duper soft. The softness lasted considerably well as compared to the hair spas I have got done at other salons.

Most importantly, the massage was definitely de-stressing and helped me to relax well.

Later on, I strolled around checking out their in-salon retail store. Apart from the Lyn Lacquers, they even stock many other reputed brand products. As for me, my attention was immediately caught by Tigi.


Juice Salon

Juice Salon

  Hair Replacement Systems Australia

If you have read my post on how I volumize hair using Tigi shampoo, you’d know I have been a fan of this particular range since last 6 months and more. Luckily, this one is approved by both the hair stylists (one who did my hair color and even the one who did my hair spa at JUICE Salon) for my colored hair. The only hitch is the availability of Tigi products.

While the brand itself claimed to be exclusively available at Lakme Salons, the ones that are available online proved risky (remember the bad experience I had with a Flipkart seller??).

To my relief, all that ended here! I found a range of Tigi products at JUICE in-salon retail store, so I took this opportunity to pick my favorites – Tigi Shampoo and Hair Mask.

lace front wigs

Apart from Tigi, they even stock Schwarzkopf, GK, Just Herbs, Khadi, Bodyography, Rusk, L’Oréal and Lyn Polishes to name few.

Overall, the experience was lovely and with so many favorite brands just at finger tips; visits would always be dual beneficial!

How do you like to unwind on weekends? Have you been to JUICE Salon yet?

Don’t forget to check out the new one at Madhapur. And while you are at it, check out their hair spa services.

hair spa offer

All you lovely bunch out there can avail this hair spa at just ₹ 999 which usually costs around          ₹ 1500 – ₹ 1800.

Pls note – This offer is only valid through summer, so go and get little pampered ASAP!

Also if you are curious as who did my nails and hair, ask for Priyanka (Nail Artist) and Arjun (Hair Stylist) and don’t forget to tell them I sent you!


Much Love

P.s – I was offered services for Review purpose. No compensation was involved in any manner and my opinion stays Honest!

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