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Lei Lani Wear White Body Whitening cream is one of the Skin WhiteningProducts I have tried recently.
Firstly, I wouldn’t term this as whitening product, it definitely brightens up the skin and makes it look all glowy, but not whiten (in my case anyway).

Honestly, I have been on a lookout for a product that can instantly add a little glow and brighten up my skin whenever needed. I often find my skin lifeless and dull when I am under lot of work pressure and stress. So this was quite a welcome to try. Here’s what I love about this product –

  • Comes in an easy to use tube
  • Can be used for Neck, Elbow, Knee, Hands, Arms and Legs, Any Dark parts of the Body and Face too (read under arms, bikini line and butt too)
  • Doesn’t leave a whitish cast (like many of the whitening and/or brightening products do)
  • Has Pleasant fragrance
  • Shows results in just few uses

Unlike many other whitening products, this is not a wash-off mask/pack. It’s a body cream and it absorbs quite quickly and doesn’t leave the skin greasy or feeling sticky.
This can be used alone and/or under makeup on face. I have used in both ways and I find it quite comfortable just using it with a sunscreen for any regular day.
That said, my elbows and neck never looked this better before. Skin not only looks even toned but looks pretty glowy. Though, I must say this might be temporary but it’s all worth it and is still safe anyday when compared to the harmful bleaches we end up using for a glowy and even tone skin. No?
Price – 17.49$ (currently on discount, original price 24.99$)
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Also check out the other products from the same brand here – Lei Lani

Much Love

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