Spinz SunTan Remover | Instant De-Tan Cream

Spinz SunTan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

The summer heat is finally behind us but the after-effects of our summer vacations-strolling and having fun on the beach is definitely showing up prominently on our skin.
No matter how much care one takes during this period, the rays of the sun has that drying effect on skin. It diminishes the natural radiance and glow of the skin, making it super tanned.  
I was no exception!
While some really enjoy a tanned look, I totally dislike it. I have been looking for products that can help me get rid of tan and help me get my natural radiant skin back.
Now that the fun part is over – vacations, summer dresses and beach walks, my after-care routine begins…
When I came across Spinz Sun-Tan Remover, I was more than happy to give a try.
Here’s a bit about the product:

When skin is exposed to the Sun, there is an immediate pigment darkening or epidermal sun tan, generally called a Tan. Spinz Sun Tan Remover, when used as instructed helps remove the Sun Tan, leaving your skin visibly radiant and fresh in just 5 minutes.
What’s more it has a No Bleach formula and is powered by natural ingredient like Milk, Honey and Lemon, which cares for your skin making it ideal for daily use. It is a cream based wash off product which make it easy to apply and easy to wash off.
For starters, the product info, usage and the price made me to give it a try. And 5 mins to de-tan? I wanted to test it right away.
Like I said, summer has left me tanned; blame my sensitive skin and the heat. And to show you how well it worked, I even took pics Before and After; including one with the cream on!
Here’s pics – Before and After

Spinz SunTan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

More details –
Color and Formula– Pearly white cream with Light weight formula
Scent – Slightly Perfumed
Suitability – All skin types
Spinz SunTan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

Spinz SunTan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

What I Love –
Comes in a easy to use squeezy tube which is travel friendly too
Not a rich cream, hence suits every type of skin
For 5 mins of application, the skin looks visibly radiant
No BLEACH formula
Dermatologically tested
Priced very reasonably
What I don’t Love –
Perfume sort of scent bothered me a bit, as I personally don’t prefer perfumed products for face.
Other than that, for the price and result I really love the product. #SpinzBanTheTan
Ideal use –
Before a party or a special occasion
Alternatively, once a week for the maintenance of that radiant glow
How to use
Take about 9 gm or approximately 2 finger length of the cream in your hand
Apply generously all over the face avoiding sensitive areas like the eye contours
Leave it on for 5 mins
After 5 mins wash it off with water at room temperature to reveal a radiant looking face
Know more about the Product – http://www.spinzsuntanremover.com/
Have you tried this product yet? Try it today!

Much Love

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