Teca Barrier Cream

Teca Barrier Cream

TECA Barrier Cream


TECA 1% Barrier Cream is definitely one of the best things that happened to me. My New Year began with trying out a couple of new products and this one is by far my favorite already!

TECA Barrier Cream is another amazing product by Wishtrend from their in-house Skincare line (the previous one being Green Tea Enzyme Powder Wash which you can read here). If you know me, 90% of my skincare products come from Wishtrend. They always have such amazing products on their site I simply find no other reason to go hunting outside. Plus, their in-house products, I must admit are quite fascinating. And the best example is this TECA 1% Barrier Cream.

With the change in the season and all the festivities, my skin broke out quite a bit lately. Luckily, TECA Barrier Cream was quite handy. Though I have the acne creams to rescue me most of the times, I absolutely had no idea of the post-acne care till now.

So imagine my discomfort to go out with makeup on with acne scars still showing (I often go with light-medium cover foundations) and the spots being too dry that they practically stood out drawing all the attention!!

But not anymore, this cream I must say is magical! My acne scars don’t seem dry anymore plus they don’t seem like dark spots either! This cream not only helps to heal the scars but also lighten the spots.

Teca Barrier Cream

Here’s What I Love about Teca Barrier Cream –

  1. It creates a protective layer to keep the moisture in
  2. It protects the skin while strengthening, calming, and improving the skin’s overall health.
  3. It contains Centella Asiatica which helps regenerate the skin.
  4. It helps restore the damaged and weakened skin barrier
  5. It prevents acne scars and lightens the pigmentation.


Key Ingredients

Centella Asiatica extract (Asiaticoside, Asiatic acid, Madecassic acid) – enhances collagen 1 synthesis which helps in the improvement of skin density. It also helps to calm the skin damage caused by UV rays and helps strengthen the skin barrier, etc.

Allantoin – high in moisture, it helps improve the dry and rough skin and helps soothe the irritated skin


Ideal for –

  • All skin types
  • Anyone with problematic skin
  • Anyone with damaged or weakened skin barriers caused by external stimulation (like acne extraction, laser treatments)


Price – $27.50

Buy – Teca 1% Barrier Cream


How to Use –

  1. As the last step of the skincare routine, apply an adequate amount to problematic areas.


Most importantly, this cream not only helps clear the acne scars but also gently protects and heals the affected skin which most of the lightening creams don’t do.

It’s been 7-10 days since I have been using this cream and honestly I really really love this one. But then when was I ever disappointed with Wishtrend!


Here are some offers you might be interested in –

Storewide 5% discount
Until January 31st 2018
Teca Barrier Cream



Hope you find this one useful.

Do let me know if this worked for you or if you are excited to get your hands on this one. I would love to know!


Have you ever tried post-acne care products before? What your favorite?




Much Love



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