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Grovy Lane from Max Foxx and Nicky Renard

Grovy Lane

Grovy Lane from Max Foxx and Nicky Renard 


Grovy Lane

Music was always my poison. Any time – any state, a good beat can get me back into my groove. Listening to my favorites takes me to my happy place when I need that quick break or when I am in a little pick me up sort of situation.

Nothing like a day with peppy numbers to start my day thumps to push me during my workouts (what ever little I manage to get done), and soft ones in the evening too with my sorbet. Killer though is the combination of lazing on cool Sikkim hills with a mojito, chicken fingers, a good novel and of course my favorite playlist on the loop.


Spotify and Soundcloud have been my pals for long helping me with the arduous task of creating and maintaining my playlists, introducing me to new ones. Nothing like getting access to an awesome playlist from a like minded buddy on Spotify, it takes care of a hell lot of pain in having to compile a good list.

Grovy Lane

Talking about Spotify, the recent single Grovy Lane from Max Foxx and Nicky Renard caught my eye like no other. It’s not the usual number I pick to listen but definitely, it’s that kind of music that takes you instantly to another world, with a wacky ride of guitar extravaganza, leaving you spell bound and wanting more.


I loved the bass and the kind of mood it put me in every time I listen – highly energetic; it’s quite unique and catchy in its own way.

And if you are anything like me, who constantly looks for new talent and new music to feed your soul, then I must insist you give this a try. This single debut is now available on Spotify and iTunes as well.

For me, it was like I am offered a view into another world just for few moments. There is something very comforting in this highly energetic music and lyrics of this song.


I often find music very mystical and capable of soothing the rattled nerves too. Don’t you agree? What’s playing on your phone currently?


Connect with MaxNicky for more updates –






Much Love


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#Feeltheheat with #famestars – #Giving week



After enjoying the beautiful days of spring, summer sets in the mood for leisure trips and luxurious vacations or some fun time with friends and family in the least. Everyone has their own version of perfect summer – Barbecues in the backyard, cocktail hours with friends, spontaneous trips to beaches with the sunset scouting along the coast and shopping to enjoy the summer when it hits full. Each of our summer time pursuits might vary but we all make sure to stay in comfort and enjoy the season. Everything seems wonderful when it goes according to plan, but we crib and cry even at the slightest discomfort.

As much as India is one of the best places to enjoy due to its climate, there is also no escape from the heat or from the power cuts here. Luckily, the people who live in urban areas have advantage of power backups to get them through the day. These hardly feel any difference even where there is a city wide power cut for hours together. In short, there is comfort and power to those who can afford to pay! While the less fortunate and the small time earners struggle through the day to survive. Or so we think?

The real struggle is for the people who work in the hot sun – vegetable and fruit vendors, construction workers, delivery guys, rickshaw and auto drivers, bus drivers etc.,

Despite of the sweltering and scorching sun, they go on with their usual day to day activities. They get sun stroked, dehydrated and even sun burnt. We the fortunate ones might not be able to change their lives drastically but we can lend a hand and help them make it less unfortunate. Here are few things you and I can do –

Do not bargain with the vegetable and fruit vendors –

We don’t bargain at a supermarket and or specialty stores, why with those poor ones?

Offer Water –

Be it delivery guys who stopped at your door to deliver a package or even food parcel, offer them water. Might not be a big deal to us, but it is for them.

Don’t argue or fight and don’t overtake and let them pass –

These drivers are not in the comfort of air conditioned vehicles like we do, they are more likely to be irritated because of dehydration, hunger and/or in a rush to reach less sweltering zone. Let them pass and do not overtake them.


While we are at it, here’s an interesting CSR initiative undertaken by the #famestars. This video is about people making a small effort to feel and show us the pain of all those who work on the streets in sweltering climate in order to make a living. This video is an ode to all those who work in scorching heat to make our lives better –

Much Love

Affimity | A new networking app you need to check out right now!


As a Social Media Enthusiast, I constantly look for networking sites to improve the reach of my posts and also look for quality and well tailored posts based on my interests.

During one such routine, I came across; a social networking site that allows you to connect with like-minded communities, groups and individuals based on the interests.



So how exactly is Affimity different from other, and albeit more popular, networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the big 3 in this area. They allow you to follow, connect and interact with anyone across the globe. With a wide variety of posts in the feed, they sure are very tempting to anyone who has interest in varied topics and also to anyone who wants to reach out to many potential readers.

However if there is an issue with these it is the fact that the amount of content is so overwhelming that most of it is lost among the pile of available content. As a user, sorting through the available information and reaching out to the exact area itself is a big challenge, almost akin to searching a needle in the haystack. It’s almost like the search results of Google beyond the first page are almost never looked at.


So how does one overcome this problem? To me that’s where Affimity, which works on the premise of interest based grouping appeared a savior.

Affimity allows you to follow, connect and interact just like any other social networking site but with big advantage of targeting or reaching out to a specific interest based community or group. This ensures that my content is not lost in the millions of search results, and also ensures that my reader’s (existing and potential) know a smarter way to reach out to content specific to their interests.

To sum it up, I have to confess I have found a right partner to help me and my users have a smart way of utilizing the power of global connectivity without being overwhelmed by it.

Your turn:

Create a profile on Affimity. You can either create an account using your email id or simply use your existing Facebook account to login.

Update your profile pic, mention a little about yourself and you are done!

You can now follow people who share the same passion as you and while you are at it, don’t forget to connect with me too.

Here’s the link :

Hope you find Affimity as handy as I did. Let me know your thoughts!

Much Love

Can Futsal do to Football what T20s have done to Cricket?


India had its share of ups and downs in the game of Cricket, had great time in Hockey once, had couple of players in Tennis and Badminton, but do we know that India has never played in a Football World Cup, like ever? Ever wondered why a nation of billion plus ranks at 160th position in FIFA world rankings much lower than a war torn Afghanistan or Syria?

Enter Futsal !


Image – Source

What is Futsal? Futsal is a miniature version of football game created to beat the limitations of having bigger playground and bigger playing group, which forms a large barrier in urban landscapes like that in India. Designed originally to be played in the space available for basketball courts as an Indoor football, it has now gained official FIFA sanction and is becoming a rage.

I have always wondered what factors come into play in making a game popular in India. Looking around, I have found that given the resource shortage, the popular games played by Indian kids need to have minimum infrastructure. Hence a game like cricket with a single bat and ball has eventually overtaken erstwhile popular hockey which required tools for all the players. Thats where I wondered why football which requires much lesser, hasn’t become popular in India.

It hardly requires a single ball and a bunch of enthusiastic kids running around and still in a nation of billion plus, we hardly hear any mention of a football player other than, once in a decade, Baichungs. Why does a nation of billion lag at 160th rank?

Though there are many pessimists who attribute this to the Indian physiques lacking the lung power required to withstand the rigors of running around the field for close to 1 and half hour, I felt the reason is the vast infrastructure required for playing a football game which, unlike cricket, cannot be easily fit on our gallis or smaller parks.

With Futsal, our urban kids playing in cramped outdoors now have a new avenue. Futsal, essentially is played by 5 member team in a field half the size of regular football field fits into our definition of urban game good enough to fit into a small park or even on rooftop of a decent apartment building. This now suddenly opens up new possibilities of football becoming popular in our urban arena and eventually spread into the rurals which are blessed with much wider spaces..

Further Futsal fits perfectly into the bracket for evening viewing much akin to our T20s and kabaddi pro leagues and am sure makes for a much desired change from the regular cricket T20s. Who knows in a few years this makes the game so popular that we can start dreaming of getting into professional football qualifiers and league games which has evaded us for over a century.

And with Figo’s arrival in India to explore possibilities of starting his own football academy (and if things go as expected) that day won’t be far when Futsal is the next big thing in India too.

Much Love



P.s : Images Source : 1, 2

Godrej Interio launches Cuisine Regale

Events, Lifestyle
Cuisine Regale

cuisine regale livingfoodz


  1. Cuisine Regale is a lifestyle modular kitchen gallery brand by Godrej
  2. Kitchen Magic is a show on Living Foodz- India’s first 24X7 foodaintment channel


Hyderabad, Tuesday, December 15th: Food aficionados in the city were treated to a unique confluence of food, art and science last evening. Hosted by the city’s brand new lifestyle kitchen gallery brand, Cuisine Regale, Chef Gautam Mehrishi, of the Kitchen Magic fame on India’s leading foodaintment channel, Living Foodz, enthralled the guests as he churned out some of his signature food dishes using innovative scientific kitchen techniques. Renowned architects, interior designers & food bloggers in the city were part of this celebratory evening.

Chef Gowtham

Celebrating this confluence of food, art and science, Chef Gautam said, “I believe that Cuisine Regale and Kitchen Magic are brands that are transforming the lives of people who enjoy cooking. The popularity of diverse cuisines and the willingness to experiment is immense amongst the current generation. It is for brands like Cuisine Regale and Kitchen Magic, that foodies can continue to experiment and enjoy the experience while keeping the nutritive value.”

In line with Cuisine Regale’s promise to create experiences that go beyond the boundaries of a traditional kitchen space, Chef Gautam curated interesting recipes that demonstrated a variety of scientific cooking methods that not only enhances the flavor of the food, its nutritive value but also creates a cooking experience that builds memories that one would cherish. Chef Gautam demonstrated ‘Kitchen Magic’ that showcased the secret of a cherished kitchen experience – an experience that all of us are entitled to, an experience that Cuisine Regale promises. Kitchen Magic is the first demonstrative show to provide food lovers with technical skills that that promise to make the home cooking experience healthier and more scrumptious. The first of its kind show showcases how advanced cooking techniques can be easily replicated within the home.

Each recipe by the chef was an art that blended perfectly with the interior themes of each kitchen configuration at Cuisine Regale. A unique proposition that stands apart from all other international and local brands in this space, the kitchen configurations are built on anthropometric, ergonomics and our consumers cooking styles. From creating interesting consumer touch points in the galleries, to expert guidance by designers to building solutions for kitchens including appliances & accessories, as well as complete turnkey kitchen solutions, Cuisine Regale is the destination for all those who aspire to create spaces that treat family and friends, have finer tastes, seeks products which serve multiple needs and loves to build memories.

The newly launched store in Jubilee Hills will currently showcase three range of kitchen furnishing namely, Christened Glacier, Neue and Melange — all of which will cater to the distinct requirements of consumers making cooking more enjoyable.

About Godrej Interio:

Godrej Interio (GI) is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centers of excellence in design, manufacturing and retail.

GI aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices with products that have the highest design quotient in aesthetics, functionality and technology. GI pursues excellence with a special focus on the health and ergonomics. Be it office, home or other specialized applications, Godrej Interio has the entire range under one roof.

GI outlets pan across India – 78 exclusive showrooms in 20 cities, operating through 800 dealers. GI is one of the largest divisions of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., part of the Godrej Group, one of India’s largest engineering and customer product groups.

Here are some of the pics from the event –

Chef Gautam




More pictures and details in another post!


Much Love


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Tata Tiago | #Fantastico #MadeOfGreat Event

Events, Lifestyle
Tata Motors Event

In collaboration with Indiblogger, Tata Motors held an event and drive in Goa last weekend for its recently launched car Tiago.

For me, it was pure excitement. It was my first event outside my city and that too in Goa. I have been to Goa before (if you have been following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you probably might have seen a lot of Goa already through my lens but if you are new here, I have been to Goa last August) for my birthday. It’s one of those places which instantly draw you into its laid back lifestyle. I feel it’s something about the air there; it is sort of calming on your nerves during day and at night gets you on high with its party mood vibes.

That said, Tata Motors couldn’t have chosen a better place than this for its event. The roads are less crowded with picturesque scenery that can take you into happy mood instantly.


Here are more details of the 2 days we spent in Goa –


Day 1


By the time we reached Goa and the Alila Diwa Resort it was lunch time. So we quickly checked-in our luggage and headed straight to the restaurant to finish our lunch.

After the flight food, it was very much a visual treat to the eyes.



With a lavish spread out of dishes and desserts, it was a sight to behold. We ate some of the yummiest dishes before heading to our rooms.


Post lunch – Majorda Beach

Unfortunately I had to bail out but apparently it was funfilled afternoon with many beach activities lined up. White sandy beach, Majorda is one of the places to visit while in Goa.

I haven’t been able to see the two times I went to Goa, so this is definitely on my wishlist now.


High-Tea Session

Yummiest looking cakes and cupcakes and some mouth watering snacks, tea session took off with all the bloggers chatting to heart’s content. It was followed by an interactive session by Anoop from Indiblogger.

This one was quite interesting – there were anonymous questions and many of them shared their views. Related to blog, stats, views and more; who wouldn’t be interested?




Locker Room Session

Set in a perfect look-a-like of a locker room, session flowed seamlessly with some interesting facts and briefing from the technical and engineering team behind the Tiago.

While Cyrus Sahu made it so enjoyable with his jokes, Delna Avari, the lady behind getting Messi to India and Tata Motors shared some stories and tidbits from her talks with Messi.

The whole session was indeed filled with laughs and some jaw dropping details about Tiago.

It was first time for me knowing what goes on behind making a car and honestly, it was so damn interesting.



Cocktails and Dinner

Last of the day, we had cocktails and yummy food while enjoying the live performance of a singer followed by Karaoke.

Never knew Cyrus could sing so well… let alone rap!!

The day ended with cake cutting !


Back to room …. this was my outfit for the night!

Day 2

Here’s what I wore –


Fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices, donuts and the scent of freshly baked buns and bread; the senses were teased during the breakfast time. And for all the lovers of truly Indian breakfast, they had poha, dosa, idli and sabu dana vadas.

I had a mix of both to my heart’s content and was all geared up for the morning drive in Zica on the roads of Goa.


Taking Zica for a spin

We were a team of 3 and super excited to try out the new Zica. We got the Zica in sunburst orange color to drive in. The color was indeed breathtaking and spectacular in the natural day light. Here’s some pics –




Our car selfie…. before heading out!


End of the drive…. selfie!

While we were at it, we were also given challenges to complete. Most of these challenges were picked from the tweeters who made us do silly and insane things too. Call it an adrenalin rush, we had so much fun!

The day ended rather too quickly for me as I had to board the flight back home. The time just flew by while I was there and now when I sit back and think, I still get too excited about the mere fact that I am one of the first few who drove all around Goain the all new Zica!



More on my stay and other things in another post!

Much Love

P.s – Some of the pictures used in the post do not belong to me. I have given due credits for same. If you find your picture used and the credit not given, pls feel free to email me.

Pics courtesy –

Shubham –
Tata Team –


The Balancing Act – Working with and not against Technology


As a young parent, I often find myself plagued with a popular problem. With unlimited options, channels, and means, it is really difficult to control and monitor what my child watches. TV time has become a great point of debate at our home and though I try to maintain a balance between TV time and study time, I often end up pushing study time far more than TV time.
This often leads to a not so happy kid who gets upset with his mom. But it doesn’t end there. Even when he’s watching TV, I am always worried about what channel he’ll turn to next and see god knows what.
If the TV wasn’t enough of a source of concern, being a part of the current generation of parents, we are also accountable for the amount exposure and access we give to our children to smart devices and other gadgets.
In order to survive in this day and age, I cannot cut off my child from either TV or technology. But I fear that his dependency on both may impact his growth adversely. But does it have to?
Let’s face it. Technology is playing an irreplaceable and inescapable role in my life and has a profound effect on my parenting ways.  Studies have proved that visuals have a greater impact on memory than just listening to information. And this proves true for my very own child. 

As a parent, I often look for sources which can make the learning more fun for my child and keep him engaged. It is for this reason, I encourage educational videos in the home. For instance, my seven year old hates math. So instead of a regular practical session that needs to be done in a book, suggesting a Math game worked better. The Tic Tac Toe game of Odd and Even on is his favorite. He is happy playing a game and I am happy with him learning.  In my effort to extend this balance of entertainment and education to television, I discovered this great device called Teewe.
What is Teewe?

Teewe is a media streaming device which transforms any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV and lets you control what your child watches in a healthy, non-dominating way that is a win-win for both you and your child. 

Known as India’s Favorite Streaming Stick, Teewe allows you to wirelessly stream content from multiple smart devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, onto your TV screen. Your smart device becomes your one and only remote that controls all the content from YouTube, downloaded videos, stored photos, and can mirror your desktop screen on to your TV. 

And with the remote always in my hands, (the Teewe app on my phone), I can control what my child watches now from anywhere in the house.  No more rushing to stop a video or putting up all those restrictions. With Teewe it’s super easy to show a mix of videos – both entertaining and educational. Just que up the videos and I’m done. No ads, no suggested or auto play. Just good old TV.
Like they say – if you can’t beat them, join them! These days I find myself pushing Teewe time rather than fighting over study and TV time. Using technology and television to my advantage, through devices like Teewe, has become the norm in our house and my child and I are both happy with the balance we’ve managed to strike.
If you wish to know more about Teewe, you can visit

Much Love

Wish | A Silent Prayer


Honey Diet | Sweet Safe and Healthy

Pic – Pinterest
Diet is often associated with skipping meals and weight loss, and is often projected in a negative way. But fortunately, it’s nothing like that at all. Diet is a well planned meal chart that helps in choosing the right food which can help supply the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients along with carbohydrates, proteins including fats that aid the body to function at optimum level.
Like they say, too much is too bad; eating proteins or fruits alone doesn’t help the body to function properly. Diet plan should include everything in limited quantities and help the body not to assume it’s going to starve. With the signs of starvation, body goes into a storing mode which in fact leads to weight gain. Many studies proved that crash diets and starving often lead to binging which in fact does the worse to the body.
And like so many of you, I have tried various tricks and techniques for months and finally learned few things the hard way.

And today am sharing few tips that worked well with me and helped (still help) to lose weight slow and steady that not only seems to be permanent but also doesn’t show any adverse affects on my skin and face.

Here are few tips that you can try too –
Do not cut sugars completely; just replace it with healthier alternatives – honey and jaggery are better options
Do not cut carbohydrates altogether, just follow portion control and the time they can be consumed – should be included in the Morning and Afternoon, should be avoided at Night
Do not eat proteins all day, high protein diet is equal to crash diet – balance out the meal with healthy fats and portion controlled carbohydrates
Do not try to survive on fruits and raw vegetables alone, make them a part of your snack or a mini meal – best option for breakfast and quick snack in the evening
Do not cut fats altogether, a balanced diet should include a portion of fats too – healthier options like nuts and dry fruits are best bets
Though these are not all, these are definitely the most important.
Although I don’t have a sweet tooth at all; once in a while I crave for sweet things. And at times like that – a dash of honey with my usual green tea, handful of raisins, a piece of jaggery with walnuts or almonds does the trick.

 Pic – Pinterest

But if you have a sweet tooth, controlling the amount being consumed and a mix of healthier versions do help a lot.
If all this sounds too much to handle, visiting a Dietician to help you plan the meals seem really helpful. Alternatively you can follow the HoneyDietwhich can help you get through the sweet cravings.
Though everyone have their own ways to include Honey in their Diet, here are mine –
  1. Every morning, drinking lukewarm water with a spoon or two of honey mixed is healthy and aids the body to kick start the day – for someone like me using a lime or lemon in the drink is not an option, this simple drink with just honey also helps. And it is safe to drink even when sick or having any other health issue.
  2. A dash of honey in green tea to add more flavor and sweetness
  3. A spoon of chopped ginger added to two spoons of honey (1:2 ratio) and having a tsp of it (ginger for me and honey for kid) every night before bed seems to keep cold and cough at bay. This is extremely useful when there is a sudden change in weather and/or during monsoons and winter time.
  4. A spoon or two added to smoothies for the sweetness
  5. A spoon added to warm milk to drink at night (especially for kids). This helps to have an undisturbed sleep.
These are few of my tips to follow a HoneyDiet. Do you have any that you love personally?
Do share!!
Dabur Honey has shared some amazing tips and faqs on honey. Check –
They also have some recipes on how to include Honey Diet in our everyday life to Stay Fit and Healthy. A Diet planner and Calorie Counter are available too for all those health conscious out there. I love how their site got us covered so well, planning and including honey in our diets just got super easy; yes worry not #HoneyDietIsHere.
For more information and other details, check –
Hope you find this post useful and help you to start HoneyDiet if you haven’t already!!

Much Love

P.s – This post is written for DaburHoney

ASUS Zenfone2 | Why it’s my Favorite and Why it should be on your Wishlist


Till recently, I have not used a budget smart phone, as I always assumed that budget phones don’t really perform well when it comes to using the technology and that if I ever try, I would end up with a sluggish phone that responds nearly as slow as snail if I ever have to use the way I use apps on my higher end phone. But to my surprise, all that changed when I had a chance to try ASUS Zenfone2 for couple of days (remember those fun posts I did sometime back?).
And today, am sharing with you girlies as why I love Asus Zenfone2 so much,  why it stands to be my favorite (despite using a higher end phone previously) and why it should be on your wishlist too!!
In this post I have shared my observations in detail to say why I more than willingly would pick Asus Zenfone2 again.
Top Reasons why I Love Asus Zenfone2 –
  1. Unlike a high end phone, where its real production cost is just a tiny fraction of the overall price and the benefit of lowering costs of components is not passed on to the end customer; Asus reasonable price confirms that we are getting the best of hardware at a reasonable price
  2. Its branded, so you are not worried about faulty pieces, lack of support or replacements (unlike the cheap imitations)
  3. You get all the best of features of a high end phone at fraction of cost
  4. You are benefitted by the vast expertise of Asus in electronics so that you do not end up with cheap imitiations which stop, snag and trouble you when you need the phone most
  5. You are not worried of service centers where in other cases like cheap imitations, you may as well throw away the phone
  6. You are not worried when you are reading articles about Chinese phones capturing your private data
That said, here’s what appeals most –
  • Sleek and Sexy phone body with an appealing low price makes this a budget-friendly phone all the worth
  • Fast and lag-free performance, its software allows deep customization
  • Has 2 Sims capacity and allows to switch seamlessly between calls from 1 sim to another
  • Powered by Super Quad-Core Intel® Atom processor, the phone allows a slick web surfing, a smooth video playback, great gaming experience and also allows multi-tasking that doesn’t leave you waiting.
  • GIF Animation feature allows you to record upto 50 frames, end result – a smooth and hassle free gif creation
  • Last but not least, its 5-megapixel camera along with inbuilt beautification features allows you to edit photos to one’s liking; no third party app needed!!

Here are the variants available along with the price –
14,999 INR(Z3560 1.8GHz/16GB/2GB)
18,999 INR (Z3560 1.8GHz/32GB/4GB)
19,999 INR (Z3580 2.3GHz/32GB/4GB)
22,999 INR (Z3580 2.3GHz/64GB/4GB)
On one end, if the market is crowded with high end phones with all the glitter and glamour, on the other end of the spectrum we have cheap Chinese imitations giving all or most of the features paraded by high end phones. So how does one pick a phone if you are at the budget end or do not see any benefit of investing obscene amounts on features that you may never even use or you are not flashy about brand?
Asus Zenfone2 is the answer!!

Much Love