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Etude House Dreaming Swan Giveaway Winner

Thanks for your patience, it was sort of hard to pick the Winner !
For a change, I saw a different entry this time who wanted to win for his Girlfriend. Blame him, I was really touched!
Yes, all the previous entries on FB page were also considered and NO I didn’t go by any old follower or close friend or highest number of entries this time.
That said, let’s join to Congratulate his Girlfriend on winning these lovely products!!
Winner is ……….
Pankaj Shukla

Dear Winner,

An email has already been sent you and you have 24hrs to respond to same (with your girlfriend address)

If you fail to do so, I will have to choose another Winner.

Thanks to everyone who participated. 

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Top 5 Websites to buy Garment Steamer Online in Singapore

Garment steamer is a great and unique way to remove wrinkles from clothes. Without much effort one can remove wrinkles in no time; especially when one has to handle large amount of clothes.
It was basically meant for commercial use in the beginning, but now one can find garment steamer for personal use too. It is true that it is not as popular as irons,
but slowly, people are getting accustomed to it for the ease of use it provides.
Here’s few plus points about the Garment Steamer and why you should get one now –
  • Can handle large amount of clothes (imagine the blissful weekdays and hassle free
  • Weekends,  do the laundry all at once with ease)
  • Can steam the garments in any position (including when the clothes are on a hanger)
  • Can also dry clean clothes (products are easily available, just follow the instructions carefully)
In Singapore, you can find the garment steamer on the following websites –

It is one of the most loved sites in Singapore for a wide array of products and home appliances. It has a huge market place. There are different brands of Garment Steamers on Lazada like Grunn, Philips, Harumi, Salav, Taiyo and OEM. Most of these brands provide good discounts.
Rakuten is now one of the extremely popular sites that have gained interest from public
in a very short span of time. Its offers Excellent services and a vast range of products straight from the leading brands of the world!
Philips and Panasonic stand to be the top here on Rakuten.
Groupon is one the sites that offers best deals in the market. With competitive prices and great discounts, its one site you shouldn’t miss. And as for buying the Garment Steamer, this might be your best bet.
In the age of online shopping, deal sites are like blessing in disguise. For starters, the major advantage of going on deals site is that you can see and compare numerous offers and deals going on, on various shopping sites at one place.
You never know, you might just activate an amazing discount for the garment steamer too. So do check out!​
Now who doesn’t like to save that extra buck? There’s nothing better than getting a  50% discount. Philips is a major brand of Garment Steamer in the world and with  Couponzguru, you might even get a discount up to 50% on Philip’s product. So go and activate such deals and shop away !

Much Love

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Ma, My First Expert !

Image Source – Goochicoo
Someone truly said, to know what it is to be a mother; one has to be a Mother.
Little did I know that oneday I would truly understand what my Ma (I fondly call her so, eating away Am from Amma. In Telugu, Amma is for Mother) meant all those years back.
As a kid I was like glue to her, went where ever she went; liked whatever she liked and did whatever I was asked to do. But I grew up to be a stubborn and adamant teen. Always loving books and avoiding people around me. I enjoyed my seclusion and often skipped all the family gatherings which she insisted I should go with her. Now when I see my 8 yr old doing same, I can’t help but wonder what a patient person my Mother was to which I don’t even come close!
From adamant, I turned to be silent and ambitious. Working and coming back home to sleep is what I knew. Many times she insisted I should come into kitchen at least on weekends and help her so I learn little cooking. But, it was always like either I am working or am chilling out. There was no mid-way.
Now I wish I did all that, listened to her more; for I now know I miss that voice that was filled with concern and love. Many times I wished I could turn back the clock, learnt cooking while she guided me and helped me through; for I miss her home cooked meals so much too.
And how much ever I talk on phone taking notes I can never even come close to being so good like her and perfecting her dishes. I sometimes even wonder what I miss and where I go wrong that I can’t make her signature dish just the way she makes! But I guess it’s that hand and her love for us, that makes all those dishes super licking good!!
Everyone says, I look like my mother but I know I am nothing like her. One thing if we ever matched, it was our love for books. I still can’t forget those Saturdays when we both used to step out after lunch and leisurely go book shopping. She picked her favorites and I did mine, but we both could never share and exchange our books. She didn’t know English and I didn’t know Telugu… Lol !!
I almost sounded non-Telugu for many, I didn’t knew how to speak well either. Sometimes she laughed, sometimes she insisted hard that I change my accent and learn to speak proper Telugu. We often had debates over that and I obviously used to walk away furious at her for being so pushy. Now a mother of 8 yr old who doesn’t know a word of Telugu (my mother tongue) I understand now what she meant all those years back!!
Now whenever she teases me that my son is like me in every sense with that impish grin, I can’t help but laugh. She was right and she is right!
I see a part of me before my eyes, my son, live and kicking every day reminding me of how wrong I was when I was young and how right my mother was!
I am facing everything with my kid, whatever I did with my mom. Now I wonder sometimes – Is that’s the reason why I began loving her more than before?
Am I really lucky that I realized how precious she is before it’s too late?
After being a Mother, I realized one thing for sure; hearing those 3 words – I Love You – from your kid is the most precious thing for a mother!! And I am glad I still can say that to her!
After 8 yrs of being a Mother myself, I now understand one thing; being a mother is one hardest job of all!! I bow in admiration to my Mother for all those times and for so long putting up with me. For being #MyFirstExpert who i fondly can look upto and learnfrom, each and every day.
Also to all the mothers in the World who stood as great examples, whose stories we heard and whose stories are still untold!

This post is written for Godrej Expert Rich Crème Mother’s Day Contest – My First expert
Know more about Godrej Expert Rich Crème here –

Much Love

#MyEngagementSelfie | A Tanishq Contest


Engagement Celebrations in India are breathtakingly beautiful and the moment of wearing that engagement ring is truly Magical!

And now, we want you to share that magical moment with us.

Share your engagement selfie with us and get a chance to Win a 10000 Voucher from Tanishq.

Rules –

  • Share  a picture of your engagement ring with your partner as a selfie either on Facebook, Twitter or Instgram 
  • Use hashtags  #MyEngagementSelfie  and #tanishqweddings
  • Tag Tanishq and TheLipstickAddict
  • Lastly, send your pics to (cc to me – with your contact number, My Name (Sangeetha N) and the Name of My Blog (The Lipstick Addict)

Two best pictures across all the entries will be given Tanishq vouchers worth INR 10000 each

Pls Note – 
  1. Pics used in the post are purely to make it creative. Do not copy same!
  2. Make sure to include my name and my blog name along with your pic when submitting your entry via email (incomplete details will not be considered)
  3. Don’t forget to Tag us – Tanishq and Me on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram)
  4. Hashtags are equally important for your entry to be valid
  5. Winners will be chosen by Tanishq and the gifts are dispatched accordingly. 
  6. Tanishq can use the images received as a part of the campaign on their properties.

Tip :
Whether the engagement happened last week or years ago, share that moment with Tanishq. It doesn’t need to be a Tanishq ring, just that magical moment; just you, your ring and your partner in the selfie. You can even take that selfie with the ring today if you have been married for years.
So go Clicking!!

Feel free to ask if you have any queries!

Goodluck !!

P.s – Pics used in the post belong to EmiliaJane and Easyday. I do not claim ownership to any.

Much Love

The Future of Fashion is here


Being a Fashion Blogger, I am often overtly obsessed with the latest trends, prints, patterns and colors. From Runway shows to the youtube videos, i often to take inspiration from them to match my own style while shopping. Gone are the days when a girl solely depended on her mother or aunt for fashion advice, with so much information just at the click of a mouse; one is almost a fashionista with own unique sense of styling. In a way I like that very much, fashion is offered to us through out the year and if everyone wore it in same way as were told; it wouldn’t be anywhere close to being fascinating. But now that everyone has their own styling its quite fun to see how a person can style a given piece at any given time. While some stick to the old fashion and careful ways which is good, my attention often goes to the rebellious ones. Honestly, these rebels make the waves in the Fashion Industry with their fresh take on everything handy. And that’s a good thing. NO?
That said, Fashion sites are not far behind on this either. They have been undergoing tremendous changes in the past few years and now they have surfaced with fresh and new avatars. They have revamped themselves to match the international standards and they not only house the most recent trends from the local and in-house designers; but also collaborated with famous designers to get us the affordable fashion at our finger tips. From International famous brands to India’s Top most Designers there is a showcase of exquisite and inspiring products lately, which is almost breathtaking. Apps are overtaking websites and mobile sites and future is in your hands – literally! These are now super user friendly almost negating the use of the desktop or the laptop in every sense and for fashion shopping; they stand to be the BFF’s.
Online shopping has undergone a lot of changes lately. While most of them just revamped their mobile sites, a selective few have gone futuristic and transformed themselves into app-only service – thus making it The Future of Fashion.

Did you know?

According to the stats, in the year 2014, 7 million laptops and more than 100 million smart phones alone were sold in India.
And the estimated sales this year 2015 is less than 7 million for laptops and around 125 million or more for the smart phones. 
So it is obvious that Indiais in the mobile revolution phase and in the coming 5-6 years most of the online population would have access to smart phones than to laptops. Hence it is no surprise that mobile is the future. Now how can one still stick to the mobile shopping sites when the apps can do so much better?

Here are top 4 reasons why Mobile App is next big thing –

  • Apps are always online, connected and plugged-in as opposed to periodic desktop sessions, and offer instant notifications. This means immediate and first access to every offer from any particular given site or brand.
  • Recommending a particular product to friends and family is super quick and easy, opposed to desktop or mobile site version where in copy paste is required. In simple, it is effortless to share on mobile app.
  • Will receive customized suggestions based on the previous history of purchase or preferences, saves time and energy!
  • Safer saving credit card or other means of payment mode details in app that in online store. 
That said – Myntra, India’s largest Fashion and Lifestyle shopping site already took a step on this and have turned themselves into operating only through mobile app. While that is one huge step, it sure does sound like future of fashion and everything related is taking new shapes. While am totally IN trying out this new way of shopping, am all eager to hear your views.
Do you think of Mobile App shopping is more fun like me ? Do you agree that it is The Future of Fashion? Tell us your opinion on same with #ItsPersonal
As for me, as long as my shopping goes undisturbed am one happy girl and all this is just an added bonus!

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Much Love

Bedroom Décor | Ideas Tips Inspirations

Home Décor is an important element when designing a house. More so, when it’s Bedroom Décor which has taken an utmost importance lately when compared to the other rooms.
So whether you are looking for some ideas and/tips for Decorating the Bedroom in the new house or simply looking for ways to re-decorate your old bedroom to add some jazz and spruce it up, here are few points to help you through –


First and foremost, theme is what decides the décor of the bedroom. Now whatever be the theme, keeping it neutral is the right option. After all, it’s room for couple and should highlight both the elements. Going completely feminine or masculine is no fun!
Choose a theme that appeals to both of you !

Color Scheme

Classics like Blue and White can never fail. For a Chic and Modern look, Classic Whites and Blues as bold or with patterns is the best.
And if you need a fresh take on the look, going with vibrant colors is fun too!! So when picking a color scheme, choose three coordinating colors. 
Here are some popular color combos – 
Red, Yellow and Orange 
Brown, Blue and White 

 Again, don’t restrict yourself; play with some colors and see what best suits your style and taste.


Seating is an important key factor in the bedroom décor. Pick chairs which suit the theme and are in sync with colors and wallpaper (if you are opting any) too.
Again choose neutral colors and styles to match the mood.
Tip – A Chair or two is good, more is crowd. And avoid stashing clothes or other things on the chairs to keep the look neat and chic

Elements of Glam

Be it a fancy mirror, a modern painting and/or a eye-catching table lamp; add an element of glam to make it more stylish and ultra-glam for a Classy and timeless look.
And what goes on that night stand makes all the difference too. A pretty looking scented candle and/or some flowers matching the color theme of the room are good bets.
Tip – Don’t be routine again, think different.
May be use His-and-Hers perfume bottles as show pieces??


Solid white color bedding is no brainer; it adds a pleasant vibe to the whole look. But for a change, opt for Duvet with color coordinating and theme based prints and patterns.
Blue and White checks or pattern perhaps?
So those are the key factors to keep in mind. Rest, think outside the box, mix-and-match colors and patterns that gives anything but an ordinary look. Take inspiration and follow the heart, after all you need to feel like it’s your Spacewhen you lay down at night! 

Here’s few boards I started created and few boards I have been following on Pinterest for some inspiration. Hope you find them useful !

Ideas for Home

Closet Ideas


All these aside, wouldn’t it all be a bliss to have these at #JustAClickAway?
Well, that’s totally possible too!
For all the Beds and Bedroom Furnishings, Durian is the answer!
About –
Durianis International furniture and a Lifestyle brand; catering to many home furnishing requirements through out India now.
You can check out their latest and best selling home furnishing products for Bedroom and Living Room here –
And for more such products and other details, check –

This post is written for Durian India

P.s – Images Source – Pinterest

Much Love

My Airtel App | 3 Key Features that suit my #lifestyle

Airtel has been a family friend and a Phone-Chat Partner for as long as I can remember. My first ever phone connection and/or number began with Airtel and it remained same ever since. I still can’t believe how long I have been associated with Airtel and still, loving it.
I even remember my last minute call to Airtel, couple of years back, before heading to Airport and getting them to save our numbers (mine and family) for the coming years till we were back in India. We didn’t want to lose or change our numbers, and it was honestly a hassle free deal. And once back in India, we were pretty much like we never left the country. Since then Airtel stands to be my favorite and never needed a reason to even have second thoughts.
And now, it’s surprisingly good to see as how long I have had Airtel and never had any complaints. From the times when I used to get someone pay my Mobile bills to the times when I did online; things have changed a lot ever since. And now, Airtel has come up with the Mobile App which has some amazing features. It not only has all the benefits of being a sort of Privileged Customer, it has personalized data and information related to our interests and more. It even offers some amazing discounts and coupon codes to help with shopping and saving big!! Now who doesn’t want a hassle free life and save that little extra?
But how about when you are offered more? Wouldn’t that be just amazing?
First of all, its amazing to see Airtel join in the Mobile Revolution along with some big players of other Industries. It not only eases out the work but also revolutionize the whole Mobile experience and the related.
While am not a tech freak, once a while I still love the comfort and ease of the work these  Apps provide. From daily reminders to Fashion Deals, I love a good dose of everything in between. That said, here are my Top 3 reasons and/or features why I love this App and how it suits my Lifestyle – Wife, Mommy and a full-time Beauty and Fashion Blogger

Safe and Secured Payment options
I am someone who is very forgetful and at times simply lazy too. I can’t remember card numbers and their respective pins to help me get through a transaction. And to top it, my using too many handbags and wallets often leave me in a tight spot where in I find myself not carrying the CC. Such case, this feature is just what someone like me need.
I Want to Feature
I often multi-task and many times need constant reminders to push me with the deadlines. Now that includes the home-tasks like paying bills on time too. This feature is perfect for someone like me who likes to do things on time
Airtel Surprises
Everytime I shop, I love a good discount or a freebie. It simply proves am human and I love the fact that I scored an extra brownie during my chores or tasks.
And this is possible with this feature from Airtel, now who doesn’t love a discount from Jabong or something similar??

Apart from these wynk’ing and airtellive are next two am kind of loving. And you shake the mobile and you get a bunch of offers exclusively for you!! How awesome is that???
So whats up with you? Have you got this app? What are your favorite features of this app?

This post is written for @AirtelIndia for #MyAirtelApp, check –

Much Love

Giveaway | Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection


I thank all my readers and blog followers from the bottom of my heart and as i token of love, I’ve decided to Give one of you an assorted collection (products of your choice) from the newest launch of Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection

Simply follow the steps to enter the giveaway –
1. Follow by Email (subscription box on right hand side bar of the page)
2. Like & Share on FB (leave details in comment section below)
3. Comment (leave your email id you used to subscribe to my mailing list + FB share link)

Giveaway Ends – June 5, 2015

Additional Entries –
1. Follow via GFC 
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Here’s a glimpse at the collection –
Hope you love the Giveaway !! Let me know your feedback too….

Much Love

P.s – Image Source – Etude house

Women in Leadership

Image – Source
Women were considered too weak to do anything beyond household chores and raising kids. More so in Indiawhere the education levels of people is pretty low and the whiff of modern feminism hasn’t spread in the populace.

Women were not even given a share of property, let alone govern them as they were considered poor in managing people and finances.
Many of instances of women rising above these limitations were possible by being part of powerful families or being lone inheritors.

It takes real strength and perseverance to be able to beat the insurmountable odds, push the limits and get into leadership roles in such a male dominated society. I wanted to recount instances of such rarity of few of those who rose above the rest and held a beacon of possibilities.

An Entrepreneur

She graduated in 1973, entered into field of brewing for which she did a course in Australia, the only woman in the entire class. Having topped the class, when she tried to get a job she was rejected as brewing was considered a man’s job.
Chance meeting, a business proposal and grit and determination led her to establish a Bio Pharmaceutical industry, today considered the largest in India.

Image – Source

Meet Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, who dared to become entrepreneur when getting job for women itself was a great achievement. She continues to be an inspiration for many independent women to take up the mantle of pursuing their dreams of building and owning their business ventures.

Apart from being insanely wealthy, she was named among Time magazine’s top 100 influential persons in the world in 2010 and as of 2014 considered among top 100 powerful persons in the world by Forbes.

A Fighter

Her school taught a subject called “household” instead of science as girls were thought better prepared being groomed into good housewives. Lucky her father thought better of it and allowed her to be taught science by private tution allowing her to prepare for matriculation.
She played tennis, cut her hair short as it became botheration playing tennis and played at national junior level.
In time she prepared for Civils, nailed it and instead of picking a more womanly (sic) option of IAS, IRS or IFS got into IPS, becoming the first women IPS officer in India.

Image – Source

The number of transfers she had, her gumption of taking on the mightiest, showcase her never die fighter attitude and gave us a woman who proved she could do as well, if not better, as men in a role traditionally considered men’s bastion. Who knows, how many more years it would have taken for women to be part of army, airforce and navy in combat roles and not just support roles as doctors, cooks or nurses but for this fighter – Kiran Bedi

A Social Activist

How to stop a government in cohorts with contractors results in deforestation destroying the livelihood of tribes and peasants who live on a balanced eco-structure of forests without harming them.

Image – Source

On march 25 1974, Contractors and lumbermen in trucks reach a forest site armed to chop down trees. Gaura Devi, head of village Mahila Dal confronts the loggers. With talks failed and contractors abused and threatened the women, she had her band of sisters hug the trees, protecting them from being chopped down. This simple act of hugging, called “Chipko” in hindi, became a rally point spreading the word and stirring up discussions amongst civil society which was far cut off from the problems of forest dwellers.
During the time when ecological awareness itself was at its nascent this lady’s grit and leadership brought about a movement which is today considered as “forest satyagraha” and is mentioned in “Indiatoday magazine as 100 people who shaped India”.

Salute to the above and other numerous ladies who have shown amazing leadership traits and are truly inspiring for many others to follow.  These women are truly inspirational and all of them delivered a simple message #EveryWomanIsALeader.

This post is written for the on the topic ‘Women in Leadership’.
There is a blogging competition where you can participate and your entries can win you an all-paid expense trip to an exciting destination. Here’s the link where you can participate and you read more about the contest here –

Much Love

Wishtrend | Discount Coupon and a Special Gift Voucher

If you are always looking for some great deals, vouchers or coupons for some extra saving or add-on goodies, then my love, you are no alone!!
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Much Love

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