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My Kaala Chashma | 5 times I was obsessed with Quay Australia Sunglasses




I am having a real thing with sunglasses at the moment. I am not quite sure where it came from but my fondness for sunglasses has officially turned to obsession. And there is no denying that my obsession with sunglasses is taking over others lately.

I already own a pair of Rayban and I am pretty close to buying another one soon. There is certain charm about these sunglasses – they simply add the much required oomph when am too lazy to doll up, and what better reason I need to get my hands on the favorites!


If someone asks me which pair of sunglasses I would want to wear for the rest of my life, I would undoubtedly say – Quay Australia (as seen on Behati Prinsloo).


It was a sheer luck that I was cruising through Koovs site and this pair got my attention. I might have paid 2200 INR for this but then it felt so worth it. This pair fits like a glove and somehow suits my face better than the others.

So it’s not surprising that I wear this more than the others. I often reach out to this as this is the only pair I have that’s in black and it suits almost any outfit. Besides Black is always on my wish list!

Most of the sunglasses I own are mirrored and colored. Though am still not over the color fever (my next Rayban is most probably colored one), this pair is my all time favorite and here are 5 times (actually more) I have been obsessed with it and posted same on Instagram –


Be it chilling near the pool, strolling around visiting temples and places or simply go shopping; this has clearly been my favorite to show off. And am sure I haven’t got enough of it yet.

This is so unlike me but am glad I found a pair that I love to wear so often and for so long (I usually ditch things and move on to the next new available option).


Have you got any such pair of sunglasses? Have you been obsessed with any thing so much lately?


You can check for more Quay Australia Sunglasses here – Koovs



Much Love

OOTD | The Cold Shoulder

cold shoulder


The Cold Shoulder is one of the key trends of SS16 which fortunately made into FW16. This style is almost everywhere on the fashion scene. While I don’t follow all the trends literally but there are times when I joined the bandwagon simply because I took fancy and this is one such trend!

I am no expert in this matter but I did experiment a bit. I mixed the colder shoulder trend with another fall-winter trend – black and lace.

Now I was lucky to find the colder shoulder top in black with lace detailing and I completed it with going all black over the weekend except for my Sam Edelmans which is a beautiful n*de color.

You know those days when you are literally too lazy to dress up? And despite that you have to get going of some prior engagement? Those kinds of days have seemed to have cropped up into my life too much atm and I am looking for ways and means to pull through and make the most of it. For such days, I look for an outfit which is not only easy to put together but also makes a great statement all by itself. And what’s better than getting the two hottest trends into one and look outstanding!

So, I chose this cold shoulder top and paired with black skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I finished this off with a choker and black kajal and a lipstick that is a gorgeous dusty purple with an ashy undertone which almost looks like pale black in pictures!

Overall except the Sam Edelmans everything in my outfit was black, and with lace and the cold shoulder I somehow felt as the best dressed that day!

Here are the details –


Outfit Details

Top | Koovs

Jeans | Dorothy Perkins

Handbag | Carlton London

Choker | Blueberry

Studded Flats | Sam Edelman



While there are so many styles in the Cold shoulder trend itself, I guess this is my favorite of all!


Have you tried the Cold shoulder trend yet? What’s your favorite style?



Much Love

My £5.99 Rose Gold Aviators



Monsoon is almost here and it’s time to say good-bye to the pretty aviators I have been hoarding during the summer. I have a thing for sunglasses! The mere factor that they can transform you from drab to fab in matter of seconds is most on my mind. It is also a great accessory which I can depend on when I am stepping out bare face and can’t be bothered much. Vacations tend to get me into that mood and I often find myself reaching out to less hassled things like these to keep me stylish and well put together without much effort! Infact, I feel pretty sassy and ready to rock with a good pair of sunglasses any day.

So it’s not surprise that I have an addiction to sunglasses. From Rayban to NewLook, I have splurged on quite a few sunglasses earlier this summer. While I can be a sunglasses snob literally, at times I love some bargain deals which can get me fancy shades and colors at a lesser price. After all they do give me a chance to move on to next pretty thing much sooner!


And such a purchase was NewLook haul from ASOS recently. I have been hankering over to get some aviators in rose (pink) gold shade but never really got something I wanted. And one day when I was mindlessly browsing through the ASOS site I found these New Look Aviators on sale. It was like I hit a jackpot and my mind suddenly refused to reason. I immediately placed an order and infact added two more just because I saw them at such a low price and/or on sale!

Sometimes I do wonder if I have a huge problem and I need a shopping rehab, sunglasses included, as I often feel that *SALE* items are at throw away prices and they don’t cost much anyways. I can’t be alone feeling like that always? You too? Cool, am not alone then!

For a tenner (10 £) and less, these are a pretty good bargain. But if you are a sunglasses snob then these are not for you. They feel a touch cheap but nothing major. If you are more into high fashion and often like to change, then get these by all means.


FYI, ASOS does ship to India but am not really sure if they ship sunglasses too.


Anyways, here are the links to these beauts –


Rose Pink –

Blue –

Multi –


What’s your inexpensive bargain this summer?



Much Love

Online Shopping | Apparel Candy Site Review

online shopping

online shopping

To give you a running start on shopping to refresh the wardrobe just in time for the season change, am back with another new site review where you can source for some street chic and dressy apparel online.

Today, am here to share with you about Apparel Candy, a new online shopping site I chanced upon recently.

At first I thought it’s just another online site to shop from and then when paid little more attention, I found this site to be quite fun to shop at. Here’s why –

About Apparel Candy and how it’s different –

  1. It is a well constructed website that not only offers latest styles at affordable prices but also allows to bulk order any item thus allowing not only to save on per unit cost but also to have a considerable number of modern options too. They offer some great discounts on wholesale clothing and wholesale cosmetics.
  2. This lovely site sure offers smaller section than most of the others but their well curated products are some of the best one can find online. Their graphic tee collection in particular is super desirable!
  3. Their unique fashion pieces are available at budget prices that too without compromising or skimping on the quality, even when purchased in wholesale.
  4. Here you will find a lovely mix of clothing and accessories that are sure to make you stand out as none of your friends will be sporting same as you.
  5. Most of their collection is minimalistic in terms of fashion and style but is definitely with maximum impact. Don’t forget to scroll over to their graphic tee collection to check out their creative and chic collection of elegant tees for everyday day wear.
  6. Whether you are on a hunt for some casual day wear like tees or some formal frocks, this site has some well curated pieces to choose from.
  7. This site is perfect to get your hands on some affordable fashion without breaking the bank.

And here are some of my favorites from Apparel Candy –


online shopping


These dresses are minimalistic yet pretty. This particular style is available in lovely colors like Pink, Red and Blush.


online shopping


These statement making graphic tees are my favorite of all. These are available in basic colors which help in keeping the look very street chic and super casual.

What’s your favorite of all? Have you checked out this site earlier? What are your thoughts?


Much Love


P.s : *Sponsored Post.

Brand Factory | The Great Offline Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denims – once a workman’s overall, have come a long way and are now the must haves in any closet. From being a rugged fit for miners and laborers it has moved on to being the defining part of young urban rebels and has got acceptance as a formal wear for cool start up young things – think of the look immortalized by the legend Steve jobs walking on the dais for a product launch in a pair of Denims. What an Epic look!

Denims never fail to live up to any occasion and are a fall back when not sure of what to wear. For me, a pair of blue jeans and a white top is a simple yet perfect fall back for a formal or an informal occasion. And I love to team it up with a floral top for an evening party, or a hangout or a walk in the park.

The collection gets additions every season with latest trends and styles. The most recent ones are the distressed, honeycomb distressed, faded, ripped etc., that made into everyone’s closet.

Personally, I love the collection of my denims and still have the jeans I bought a decade back (though changing waist lines increase the While hoarding is fun for me, shopping for a perfect fit Denim Jeans is no child’s play and the biggest struggle is to find a place with a wide range of collections allowing me to pick from range of choices.

That’s where the saviors like the recent Brand Factory – The Great Offline Denim Festival come for the rescue.

What’s this The Great Offline Denim Festival?

It was a 3-day offline Shopping Festival offering all the Denim brands under one roof.

Modestly speaking one has to say it had all or most of brands of denims sold in India, giving us options to pick from all forms, fits, and colors to choose from.

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Brands like Levis, Wrangler, Lee cooper, Jealous21, UCB… you name it you had them here. If at all I had a complaint, it was that they had me spoilt for the choice and I have to confess I had to struggle to pick the final. And of course how can I forget the icing on the cake which is getting the cool deals that only Brand Factory always offers, practically allowing me to double the number of pairs I thought I had allowance for. (wink..wink..)

On the upside, there is a certain pleasure that can be experienced only by shopping in person – one gets to touch and feel the fabric, try on various options, go with girl friends and take the silly selfies in the trial room(lol..) etc etc

That said, here are some pics from the 3 day Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

Denim Festival

And finally even the Brandfactory team –

Denim Festival

To sum up, I had a great time being at The Great Offline Denim Festival, giving me the perfect chance to refresh the wardrobe just in time for Spring / Summer

So, have you been to The Great Offline Denim Festival?  Which Denim brand made into your wardrobe?

Denim deals is back in all the cities this weekend starting 3rd June to 5th June. Experience the madness once again this weekend! 
Happy Denim Shopping to you!

Much Love

Mirrored Sunglasses | 3 Colors I embraced this season


mirrored sunglasses

Enter summer, sunglasses can be seen rocking the fashion scene everywhere with newest trends. While on one hand there are always quiet a number of styles that make a debut in the fashion every season, on the other, there are few styles that never go out of fashion – Aviators, Oversized and Wayfarers to name few.

And as a die-hard fan of sunglasses the ever emerging latest styles and the newest trends in eyewear every season gets me on high. But for as long as I can remember, I have picked sunglasses that were never a bold statement piece in itself and least of all, the mirrored sunglasses.

But there were times when I got pangs of jealousy whenever I saw a woman who looked really cool and super casual wearing those mirrored sunnies, because I personally had a hard time embracing that kind of moxie.

And as the time passed by, my love for mirrored sunglasses grew leaps and bounds. And to appease my love for the same, I created a Pinterest board where in I have been pinning my favorite styles just for the kick.

Until one day, I decided to either give up on this madness or simply take the plunge and get myself a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

And finally I decided I shall give it a go.

My first priority was to find a pair of mirrored sunglasses that were not too flashy and at same time less expensive – so if I even end up buying something I regretted I wouldn’t mind so much.

Luckily, I then bumped into Koovs sale and I got myself this pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia.

These are Bailey Sunglasses as seen on Behati Prinsloo (and if you didn’t knew who’s that, it’s Adam Levine’s wifey :D) –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

And believe me when I say, it was love at first try. They looked super awesome, nothing too flashy and I finally owned a pair that just suits my face; and I have rocked these ever since.

While I was vacationing at Kovalam beach, Chennai –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

If you have been a regular to my Instagram page you’d know how much I have worn this lately and loved every bit of it. And since that pair, there was no turning back.

From subtle and understated, I went on to experiment with colored mirror sunglasses. I picked these yellow mirrored sunglasses from Polaroid and later followed by green mirrored sunglasses from Rayban. After all, summer is all about sunny yellows and lush greens, its hard not to show the love for such bright colors in accessories too.

In Polaroid –


Quay Australia Price – 2999 ₹

Polaroid Price – 3900 ₹

Rayban Price – 7990 ₹

For all I know, this is just a beginning. I am sure I have developed a serious addiction to sunnies too!

That said, next on my list are the Rainbow Mirrored sunglasses.

What are they you ask ?

The rainbow mirrored sunnies have reflective lenses with hologram like pairs that shift in color at every single angle.

This –

rainbow mirrored

Image – Source

Aah-mazing right?

No, its not a new trend of 2016 but yes, I am so much in love with that style!

So what’s your favorite style of mirrored sunglasses? Do you have any favorite brand?

My favorites are Quay Australia and Rayban so far!

Much Love


P.s – Image source – 1, 2

4 Ideas to be Prom Ready + Prom Dresses under 50


prom dresses

It is finally the Prom Season and every girl’s dream is to get that stunning Prom Dress for her Prom Nights. Prom Nights are Magical and hence they should be anything but ordinary! So here I am to share some ideas to be Prom Ready and pick that Perfect Dress from an array of Prom Dresses.

But first, here are some suggestions for your checklist to be ready for your special day –

4 Ideas to be Prom Ready 

Color Co-ordinates –

Get your date go hand-in-hand with you; let him match his Tie and/or Shirt with your beautiful dress. Put a Color Collage together, so he knows what to wear for the Prom with you!

Nothing is more delightful than seeing the date color co-ordinated with your dress.

Pick the Perfect Shoes –

Sparkly, sequined and lace are all time favorites. So pick that suits your fancy and have two pairs handy. One, that goes well with the stunning dress and two, a super comfy flats that allows you to walk around with your date *after the party*.

Nothing is more bothersome than long walks in the party shoes!

Accessories –

Accessories make a huge difference to the overall look! So play a little, pick some Glitzy and/or Bold Statement making Jewelry and purse to enhance the beauty of your dress and shoes!

These pieces can make any dress more glamorous, so invest in good ones.

Purse Essentials –

These are few must-haves. Feel free to add if you have other essentials, though the key here is to keep it strictly Essentials for your ease!

  1. Cell Phone – For Instagramming!
  2. School ID – To get in to the Party!
  3. Mint or Gum – To keep your breath fresh!
  4. Lip-gloss and Mascara – For touch ups!

Now that you are all ready with the Essentials and the Checklist, all you’ve to do is get that perfect Prom Dress.

Shopping for that perfect Prom Dress doesn’t have to burn hole in the pocket. So here’s some Prom Dresses UK under 50

prom dresses

prom dresses

Happy Shopping !




New Year Outfit | Lunch Date with Family

New Year Outfit

New Year’s Eve began on a pretty good note for me, I got BBlunt professional hair dryer as my gift from my Dear H. I know right? He is super awesome! I love Men (guys) who know what to gift their Women (girls). A thoughtless gift is not something I enjoy!

And for as long I can remember I have been wanting a professional hair dryer and a hair styler; getting the same as gift, I really can’t express my excitement and happiness in words. It really felt wonderful!

So, now that I finally have my hands on a professional hair dryer I can’t wait to see how styling my hair would change and/or benefit in the coming months. I am so looking forward for it.

And coming back to 1st day of the New Year, we decide to go for an early lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Barbeque Nation, Gachibowli. We have been a regular here now and it still feels amazing to walk-in and chomp down the food anyday. Though it’s been countless times in last few months, this still stands to be my favorite till date. Anyways, here’s the dress I wore for the lunch date with my family –

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

New Year Outfit

Outfit Details

Dress | Dorothy Perkins, Jabong

Watch | Daniel Klien, Jabong

Peep toes | Tresmode, Jabong (similar here)

So that was my outfit and I can’t wait to show you the hair dryer I got and share more about it with you. By the way the hair dryer came with a tangle teezer and a diffuser too, now how cool is that? Lol… will stop the teasers for now, will share more of all that in the next post!

What did you get this New Year as a gift?

On a side note, am looking for a hair curler which can give small tight curls. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Much Love

Lixmee Winter Fashion | Hi-low Black Cardigan with subtle shimmer

Fashion, Lifestyle
hi-low cardigan

Winter is my favorite season of all. Warm cosy knits, chunky sweaters, oversized sweater dresses, muted winter colors; dressing up in this season is simply beautiful. And nothing makes me more happy than dressed in cosy winter wear and sipping hot chocolate and/or coffee and watching chick flicks.

On other hand, shopping for some latest fashion knits and cardigans gets me super excited every time!

So recently, when I had a chance to pick one of my favorite cardigans I couldn’t be any happier. Finally I got my hands on this beautiful cardigan from Lixmee.

This cardigan is definitely one of my current favorites at the moment and I can’t describe how pretty this is up close – a closely knit cardigan with faint silver shimmer against black color!

I mean, can you even imagine how awesome it looks in real?

You know how much I love to hoard the shrugs and cardigans. I own an awful lot already and I can still never get enough of them. I love how easy these are to layer up for the Fall/Winter and how beautiful they can make any dress with just being a simple add-on. And it’s also pretty convenient to dress-up and/or dress-down any outfit in matter of seconds. Perfect to change it from a casual to a much more dressier look and/or to move from day to night look.

On a side note, opposed to the plain cardigans and/or cardigans with fancy embellishments, I love the muted and/or winter colors (oh, I love black!) and subtle hints of glamour. It not only adds that much required oomph but also adds the fashion into everything.

On a brighter side, now you know why I want to have a long winter! *smiles*

So in this first post of the year 2016; I want to share about this new site I chanced upon and how much I loved the shrug I bought.

Find Lixmee –

Here are some pics of me wearing this pretty cardigan (for a dressier look) that I wore for a lunch-date with friends and family –

hi-low cardigan hi-low cardigan

I love the contrast of the colors and the textures here. What do you think of this look?


Much Love

Trousseau Essentials For Every Indian Bride


Indian weddings are world famous for being extravagant, fun, and long! Therefore, an Indian bride needs to look and feel her best not just on her wedding day, but also for the weeks to follow.

So if you’re getting married any time soon, make sure you and your family put together a wedding trousseau that has almost everything you may require after you move in with your husband and in-laws.

With all the running around to organize the major wedding functions, it is easy to miss out on packing the most essential items that you will need post-wedding. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, here is a list of the must-have items in your trousseau.

Clothes: Fancy, Comfy, And Everything In-between

blush color prom gown

Source: Audressy



Clothes are certainly the most important component of a bride’s trousseau.

Since Indian weddings are followed by poojas, get-togethers with relatives and more, it is important that you have the right attire for every occasion.

A few silk saris are a must have for the more traditional functions. However, for semi-formal events, chiffon or georgette saris are the best. If you don’t have time to go out and shop, you can buy designer sarees online from websites like continue reading