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Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads | BikeBandit


Motorcyle Helmets                                                                                                  Source

Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads | BikeBandit


Without a doubt, every road trip lover first pick is some safety gear. As much as tripping through the scenic roads, stopping by the small-town cafes is fun, staying safe through the journey and protecting self is of utmost importance.

For many riders, the gear and their motorcycle are inseparable. So, it’s no wonder the motorcycle helmets have evolved so much in the recent years! Full face, open face, modular or a half shell, motorcycle helmets give the riders their powerful image.

But truth be told, not all riders are alike and one size doesn’t fit all. And for such riders, BikeBandit is one site to go for. BikeBandit not only stocks up the latest motorcycle gear but also has some stylish motorcycle helmets for big heads too.

About BikeBandit XXX-Large Motorcycle Helmets

Whether you are a fierce adrenaline junkie who likes hitting the dirt road or trails, or a rider who enjoys taking leisurely trips around the towns or beautiful coastal highways, you need a good-quality motorcycle helmet to keep you safe. But, for riders who require a large-size helmet, it can be challenging to find that well-made protective helmet that fits, and that looks great. At they carry a complete range of size XXX-Large motorcycle helmets from top brands like Suomy, HJC, and Shoei.


And that’s not all, they even have some cool motorcycle apparel – jerseys, denim jackets, leather and textile jackets, gloves, and boots for racing, terrains and more


The awesome part is that the site has a section for full gear to complete the ensemble and get that cool biker look.

And what’s better for a rider than to get some of these cool stuff at a discounted price? Yes, BikeBandit also offers some pretty awesome discounts and if you are into road tripping and all, then check out their motorcycle helmets for sale and other cool stuff on their site.


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How to buy the right jewelry during special occasions?




How to buy the right jewelry

No wonder Dhanteras and Diwali are said to be the right time to buy jewelry and we all save
throughout the year so that we can buy our much-liked jewelry on this occasion. Secondly, buying
ornaments at this time is said to be auspicious. So we wait for this period and save money for buying
enticing diamond jewelry that has always been at top list. The brand offers you a platter of ornament
that you can choose from while shopping this Diwali.
If your pockets are filled and at the same time there is a wedding in the family, then start from a diamond necklace and end with toe-rings. This single jewelry piece is capable of defining your look. The
attractive design created by the craftsmen adds on to your looks. Though these trinkets are
masterpieces, the true radiance is seen when you wear it. The shinning stones bring luster to your
face and enhance your overall beauty. If it’s your daughter’s or son’s wedding, then buy a diamond
necklace for them as well.
Sleek designs are in these days. Look for the trinket that goes well with your formal clothing at the
time of wedding functions. You can choose from the themed vintage collection and flaunt your style.
Numerous designs with colored beads and stones are available, but going with a tinge of traditionalism
is a far much better idea when planning to buy necklaces.

If you are low on budget, then you have the option of diamond earrings, nose pins, bracelets, and diamond
rings always open for you. Selecting a diamond solitaire ring is a wonderful option to celebrate the
occasion or for meeting the gifting purpose. It is one of the most excellent gifts that you can give to
yourself or to your near and dear ones. The intricacy with which the diamond is carved into jewelry is
marvelous and totally awe-inspired.
At the store, you will find numerous designs to meet your purpose. These masterpieces will win your
heart for sure. The festive season is just apt for doing wedding shopping with so many offers attracting
buyers; it’s hard to resist them. Don’t get tricked by the cheaters. Always buy diamond jewelry from a
reputed brand. It’s the brand only that gives you a complete buyback guarantee. You can always rely
on it as it never compromises with their quality and services.
To add a flair of innovation and creativity, various semiprecious and precious gems are used to make the
jewelry stand apart. The creative placing of these stones makes the jewelry enticing and force you to
buy them at once. For your enhanced choice, daily new designs are added to the store so that you are
spoilt for the choice. Buy the one that entices you the most and meets your purpose of festival, wedding
or both.


Happy Shopping!


Much Love




Hair Replacement System | The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System 


Hair Replacement System has proven to be one of the best and affordable options to many men and women lately. These replacement systems not only offer the highest quality but also an affordable and non-surgical way to improve the appearance and look.


Wearing a hair replacement system solved the hair loss problem to many just overnight. But knowing what to buy and where to buy is of vital importance to achieve a natural overall appearance.


So, what is a Hair Replacement System?


Hair Replacement System is usually stock and/or custom made hair replacement systems aimed to provide the hair loss solutions to men and women alike.


Made from the highest quality, these non-surgical hair replacement systems are available at affordable prices. The main aim is to be available to everyone and not just those who can afford it. With the help of these systems, one can get Natural looking hair at the prices one can afford.


Plus, whether one is suffering from alopecia or simply natural hair loss; these hair systems can provide the best hair loss treatment available today. And again, these tailor-made hair pieces are often delivered straight to the door.


Accessible, affordable, cut and styled to perfection; these hair replacement systems are often ready to wear right out of the box. Unlike stock ones, the custom made hair replacement systems have their own set of benefits. The finest level of measurements is taken into consideration – the specific size and pattern of the hair, exact color match, and organic graduation to get a flawless natural looking hair for that perfect undetectable look is its specialty.



Fortunately, all this and more but for so much lesser price than what the retail saloons and shops offer.


So if you are looking for affordable hair replacement systems that can be customized to your needs, look no further and check out –


Check out the various options they provide and get in touch with their expert team for clarifications and requirements.


Hope you find this post useful!



Much Love



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Photography Backdrops | Top 5 favorites of Instagrammers

Photography backdrops

Photography backdrops

Photography Backdrops



Photography backdrops are an essential element to any photograph. Whether you are looking for a professional photo shoot to do for a brand or are simply looking create a background theme for your pictures for your Instagram, these come in pretty handy. Plus you don’t need a specific set background or a studio to get pictures that are Instagram worthy.



Luckily these backdrops come in wide variety of sizes, patterns, textures, and materials. They are available in simple solid colors to subtle patterns and even blingy sequins to textured ones. These make an apt choice for clicking photographs anytime anywhere.



Since these backdrops are modern and have an appeal of high-quality and are less inclined to wrinkle, they are not only easy to work with but also easy to carry around. So it’s no wonder that these are widely being used by professional photographers.



Thanks to these backdrops, one can rely on these for creating that perfect background for virtually anything and every situation possible. These are even available in simple plain, printed, patterned and sometimes painted ones too.



Here are some of the Photography backdrops that are the most popular with Instagrammers and Influencers –



Solid Color Backdrops –

Among the solid colors, white is particularly favorite of many. It not only creates that perfect background for any picture but also helps the colors in the picture pop!

For a clean and minimalistic look, this one is sure to work like charm.



Sequin Backdrops –

Particularly favorite of many YouTubers, this style backdrop not only adds that glitz and glam to the video; it also makes the video/picture look very appealing to the eye.



Wooden Backdrops –

This one is an all time favorite with many to use as a floor backdrop. Perfect for flatlays and even from “where I stand” shots, it makes any picture instantly likable on Instagram.



Bokeh Backdrops –

This is another one that is most liked by many. It simply adds that dreamy effect in the background without any professional touch-ups and/or special effects.



Party Backdrops –

Hassle free and easy to use, these make the background literally party perfect.




All that and less maintenance, backdrops have surely made their way into most of the homes now.


Talking about backdrops, here’s a site that offers a variety of backdrops for various occasions and themes –





Which style of the photography backdrops is your favorite? Have you used a backdrop in any of your pictures yet?





Much Love



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1 App Everyone should have in their Phone (esp the Instagram Addicts)


Being an Instagram addict means trying out a lot of apps and filters to create that perfect theme for the account. But there is no easy way out to achieve it when it comes to that. So I have been experimenting quite a lot lately and looking for that perfect app that can edit my pics flawlessly and help me create a lovely theme the way I imagined.


There are quite many apps to help with that. But I was in for a rude shock when I installed a photo editing app and suddenly my phone started behaving weirdly.

I never had battery problem earlier or even other apps shutting down by themselves. But since the installation of that app, I faced quite a challenge handling my mobile.

The worst part, I wasn’t able to uninstall it!


If this situation sounded too similar, then welcome aboard. Yes, you are not alone. Sometimes even the smartest people tend to do the stupidest of the mistakes and I was no exception (not that I claim to be!


Lesson Learned – Have a trustworthy antivirus installed!


After that incident, I got an Antivirus app installed for my mobile and now I worry less when I need to experiment. I haven’t stopped trying out different apps at all, thanks to


What is AVG?

AVG is the first antivirus app on Google Play to break 100 million downloads. It keeps the phone and tablet protected against the latest viruses, spyware, malware, unsafe apps and its settings, unwanted callers, and other nasty threats too.


Here are some of the Best features of AVG

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Theft Phone Tracker
  • App Lock (Pro Feature)
  • Camera Trap (Pro Feature)
  • Device Lock (Pro Feature)
  • App Backup (Pro Feature)


AVG Antivirus for Android is a free download; check your google play for same.


PRO features are included free for 30 days, and these can be bought anytime with an in‑app purchase.


Isn’t that super cool?


Now my phone and tablet are safe from the threats and spyware. I have protected them with AVG. Have you?



Would you be interested in knowing what apps I love to use to edit my pictures for Instagram?

Let me know in comments below..



Much Love




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Himalaya Mouthwash Range

Himalaya Mouthwash

Himalaya Mouthwash

Himalaya Mouthwash Range

Himalaya Mouthwash


Himalaya Mouthwash in Sparkling White, Complete Care & Active Fresh is the three new variants launched by the brand recently. Each of this variant caters to a different need and address a particular oral hygiene issue we face every day.

Gone are the days when we had one mouthwash for all the oral hygiene needs, with Himalaya Mouthwash Range we now can isolate and address the issue more efficiently.


Here’s the all new Himalaya Mouthwash Range

Himalaya Mouthwash

Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash | Whiter teeth without chemical bleach


Sparkling White is a unique herbal formulation based on Plant Enzyme Technology from Papaya and Pineapple that gently removes surface stains on teeth in two weeks, leaving the teeth naturally white and sparkling.



Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash | Healthy gums and teeth

Complete Care is specially formulated with an active combination of Neem, Pomegranate, and Miswak to provide complete protection and to strengthen teeth and gums



Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash | Long-lasting fresh breath

Active Fresh is a refreshing herbal formulation power packed with Fennel and Mint to prevent mouth odour.


What I Love –

  1. All the 3 Himalaya Mouthwash do not contain any alcohol.
  2. They do not cause the burning sensation post use.
  3. They are fluoride-free and clinically tested.
  4. They do not have any chemical bleach.
  5. They kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  6. They provide up to 12 hours of protection from germs.
  7. They prevent plaque build-up and maintain cleaner, fresher and healthier oral hygiene.


What I don’t Love –

  1. None at the moment


Price – 95 ₹ for 215 ml.

Available at all retail outlets

Online –

Himalaya Mouthwash

My favorite Himalaya Mouthwash is definitely Active Fresh which has Fennel and Mint. And as much as I like this, am very curious about the Sparkling White. Now, who doesn’t want whiter teeth every day?

On a side note, I think I love this range more for the variants available. It is like a breath of fresh air when all we knew was Mint and Original Mouthwash till date.

That aside, having no alcohol means no more burning and numbing of the tongue anymore!


Have you tried any of these yet? Which one got your attention more?




Much Love


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Beard Grooming | What you need to know & More

beard grooming

beard grooming

There is something about the guys with a beard that is simply hot, that makes you stop and stare! And if you haven’t seen the images of these well-groomed bearded men on Instagram with all that insane following, then you are definitely living under a rock!


Facial Hair is a big trend now and these men definitely know how to look super hot. But, ever wondered how they tame that beard and maintain it so well? What Beard Grooming product do they use?

Beard Grooming is super easy with Beard Oil.


Beard Oil is a mix of carrier and essential oils, meant to tame, groom and condition the facial hair. It is usually handmade and includes a variety of oils to mimic the natural oils of the body. This not only keeps the facial hair tamed and flake-free but also makes it smell good!


Here are some of the most common oils used to make a Beard Oil –

Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and a Pure Essential Oil for Scent


Since the Beard Oil is mostly made from Carrier and Essential Oils, it is Safe and gentle for all hair and skin types. So you never have to worry whether it suits or not!


So, how to use this Beard Oil?

  1. Use the dropper (most of the beard oils come with a dropper) to take few drops of oil onto the palm and apply directly to the beard.
  2. It can be applied while the beard is damp or dry.
  3. It can be applied daily.


Where to buy –

While there are plenty of brands, I personally find perfect.

For starters, they have Vanilla scented Sandalwood Beard Oil. How amazing does that sound?

It is a perfect choice for summer, plus it smells amazing.



And to all of you who are particular about the ingredients list, they make the Best Organic Beard Oil. And not just that, their oil is moisture rich and is also best rated for taming, grooming and conditioning of the beards and the facial hair.


Now try denying how awesome that sounds! Just try…


Can’t? So what are you waiting for? Head over to Lovely Beards now and order one for your guy!

Trust me; he’ll thank you for this wonderful gift!



Much Love




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5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories from your Coffee


5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories from your Coffee


Let’s face it, all the best tasting things and delicious looking ones are loaded with calories. And calories are what make us go round. So the word itself is pretty scary to many like me who are trying to eat healthily! Whatever may be your motto – flawless skin, staying fit, losing weight or simply eating healthy; cutting down on those calories is not as hard as it seems. All that and without compromising on our favorites!


And if you are a coffee lover like me, you’d know we need a good dose of coffee whenever wherever possible. But the mere thought of calories always pushes us to hide the coffee cravings!

You don’t need to do that anymore!


Today am sharing my secret ways of keeping away from calories!


First things first, ditch the habit of counting the calories for every sip and focus on good things. This will keep the mind and soul happy!

How you ask?


Here are few simple tricks I use to cut down on those hidden calories from my favorite coffee.


5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories


Get a takeaway

Now whether you want to sit in the coffee shop, enjoy every bit of aroma of the brewing coffee, or simply take your favorite and be on the go; ask for a takeaway!

If you haven’t observed yet, take away tends to come in smaller quantity.

Less Coffee, Less Calories. It’s that Simple.

Plus, you get to enjoy your coffee without nay guilt!



Go sugarless (or simply go for less sugar)

As much as you crave for that perfect coffee, opt for a sugarless coffee or at least cut down on the sugar. And if you can switch that up for brown sugar it’s double good. Turning down a little sugar every time helps you in the long run!

 Remember – Every small step Counts


No Syrups

Most of these coffees, especially cold ones, come with a syrup of some kind – chocolate, Hershey’s, hazelnut etc., cutting down on these (read avoid) saves you from dunking yourself in a lot of calories.



No Addons

These are the true culprits! Be it a scoop of ice-cream, chopped chocolate, crushed Oreo or a simple whipped cream as the topping, these are the real culprits. Avoiding these not only saves you from consuming those empty calories but also keeps your skin flawless!

Sugar is the reason behind the blemishes and dull looking skin 


Get Ice, lots of it

Lastly, ask for extra crushed ice. This not only dilutes your cold coffee (most of the coffees are made from full cream milk or milkmaid which is artificially sweetened and thickened) but also makes you feel full soon.


Though this is not the idea of having a truly good coffee to many, enjoying the favorite coffee while keeping a check on calories is the best thing you can do for yourself!


So those are my tricks to enjoy my favorite coffee without feeling guilt!

That said, as much as it is important to keep a check on calories and stay away, it is equally important not to be too strict and deprive self so much that you give up and rebound by consuming more. Cut yourself some slack once a while, like, ditch the ice-cream and get some whipped cream or vice versa or simply share your coffee with your bestie or partner. This way you get to enjoy all the favorite things – but the key is doing in small quantity!


So those were my tips. What do you do to cut some calories off your coffee?



Much Love

Event Rentals | Celebrations Weddings Party & More

Event Rentals

Event Rentals


Event Rentals | Celebrations Weddings Party & More


Event Rentals is the first thing that pops into mind the moment we think about a celebration, party and most importantly the Wedding. While the majority of us like to take things into the hand (for the love of doing all by self for our important day of life), there are things that are better off to be assigned to someone so we can oversee them and enjoy our moment and day too.


If you haven’t explored any Event Rentals yet, then it’s time to give it a shot. From celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, they even cater to the weddings and bridal showers and any important occasion we want to celebrate. From mere rentals company which supply the wedding backdrops, tables and chairs and cutlery; they have transformed to be some of the best in the Industry in the recent years. All that and they simply do more than just that!

Event Rentals

Have something specific in mind? Perhaps looking for furniture to suit a theme party at the farmhouse? They even have Farmhouse Table Rentals to make the hunt easy!


And talking of Event Rentals, Archive Rentals is the one that comes to my mind almost immediately. is a Specialty Rental Company and an Event Design House that caters beautifully curated collection of fine specialty rentals – including tables, dining chairs, tabletop, lounge, ceremony seating, backdrops and so much more. They have a dedicated team of forward-thinking designers who are there to help create a wonderful experience for everyone.

Based in California, they currently serve all of CA as well as the newest branch in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Outside CA? Their team – the designers as well as the trucks can travel to you and are happy to serve, wherever that may be – including Wedding Rentals Los Angeles



And if you are still not convinced, contact their team with your own ideas and expectations! They can come up with the theme and backdrop you want for your celebration!

With so many services all at one place and a friendly team to cater to every whim and fancy, we can ever have, it’s hard not to think of Archive Rentals every time an occasion for Celebration comes up!


Cheers to best things of life. Stay blessed, stay happy!




Much Love




The Good You Can | Take Less Waste Less

Take Less Waste Less

Take Less Waste Less

I had an amazing midweek lunch date with my family earlier. Since we took out time to eat together after a long time, I wanted to make sure we have the best of the food and the all the time we could gather so we enjoy our every moment together.


It was one perfect afternoon with all my loved ones. There is always so much laughter and happiness in such togetherness; it’s hard to keep an eye on other things like how much we are eating.

We ordered many dishes to please each and every one of us. And by the time we were done I just realized how much of food we ordered.


Luckily, none of us filled our plates or served ourselves more than what we can chew. I love that one thing about my family. No one wastes food!

But then we did order surplus food and in such situations I always get the leftovers packed. While many of the good restaurants make sure no food goes waste, I often like to take care of it myself for my peace of mind.


I often hand out the packed food to the hungry and the poor I come across on the way back home. It won’t make much difference to us but it does a difference of world to them. Just by sharing the food, leftovers too, we are giving them hope to push a little more to make their life better. We might not be able to take away their suffering, but we can take away their hunger pangs for once. At least that’s what I strongly feel.


There are so many around us who don’t get to eat at least one meal a day. And there is so much suffering which often misses our eye. Only if we cared enough to share the food, save them from hunger!


Take Less Waste Less

So please, next time you see the leftovers at your table (restaurant or home), take that step to reach out the needy.


Seeing how much the world is suffering from scarcity of food and water, I think we are so blessed. We are so lucky to be in such a safe country and with plenty of food on our plates to eat. Let’s be thankful to God and share a little with the less fortunate!



I am truly inspired by 100 Pipers Initiative on same. Watch the video here (video will be properly embedded in the post)-

Apart from Take Less, Waste Less; they have taken up other initiatives to encourage people to Save Energy, Save Water etc., I have encouraged my friends and family to Save Food and help the needy.

Take Less Waste Less

Which one of the 100 Pipers initiatives has inspired you? What steps are you taking for same?



Much Love


*Post is written in collaboration with 100 Pipers.