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Alapatt Diamonds + Coupon Codes

Alapatt Diamonds

princess wedding dresses

Alapatt Diamonds


Alapatt Diamonds was the first name that came to my mind when I was asked for a trusted jeweler. I heard quite rave reviews from my friends who have tried their services earlier. So naturally it was the first choice when my soul sister (blogger friend) wanted to go jewelry shopping for her wedding.

She is a Banker by Day and a Blogger by Night; so she barely has time for elaborate and never ending shopping sprees (unlike me). So Alapatt Diamonds was a perfect choice.

Alapatt Diamonds, from the House of Alapatt, is a 60 plus year-old jewelry brand.  Based in Kerala, these Jeweler offers try at home services to make the jewelry shopping easy. They offer free shipping, Cash or Card on delivery and try and buy services (only available for Cochin, Ernakulam, and Kottayam at the moment). They offer certified diamond and gold jewelry and all their items are manufactured in-house, which ensures the quality is thorough and styles are up to date.

Luckily, she stays in the same location and the shopping was as easy as eating a cake! We were able to quickly browse through their site and were able to see the chosen jewelry in the 360-degree view. First, it gave the clarity of the items being chosen and second, cut out the time into half by simplifying the whole shopping experience!


The jewelry was sent over for a try and buy service and since their staff was well informed about the occasion, they had some wonderful suggestions too. With the whole family around, the shopping was done in no time.


I personally felt that it was a super simple way of shopping for Wedding Jewelry from the comfort of the home. And the shopping was done with absolutely minimal effort.


And for someone who works 24/7 – 365 days a year; this was definitely nothing less than a dream come true.

Alapatt Diamonds

Here are few things that made our shopping experience with Alapatt Diamonds unique and special –

  • We got what we saw on their site
  • All their jewelry is BIS hallmarked (Gold Jewelry) and IGI certified (Diamond Jewelry)
  • All the jewelry items were thoroughly checked by their QA team which made sure we got a range of perfectly crafted jewelry curated by their team
  • It was the best online shopping experience
  • We got a hassle free post-sale assistance too


We literally avoided the hassles of traveling and waiting in queues to pay the bills, Alapatt Diamonds was the best thing that happened for this special occasion!


They are currently offering 30% off on all their lovely collections.

Check out their site – here

And here are some exclusive coupon codes for you –




Happy Shopping



Truefitt & Hill | Hyderabad

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

It is that magical time of the year when planning for customized gifts and gifts’ shopping is in the air. And what’s better way to express your affection to your loved one than with a unique gift that they can cherish for months to come?


Today I am here to share the wonderful experience I was able to gift my guy. With just a few days away from his birthday, it was just perfect to introduce him to a royal experience and a tiny makeover to get the celebration started.


Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill


Truefitt & Hill is said to be the world’s best grooming salon for men. They offer a wide range of services specifically designed to groom the gentlemen to perfection.

Their world-renowned personal grooming services along with their personal grooming range for men are now available across India. They are also known for their finest quality of traditional English fragrances, shaving requisites and men’s grooming kit (all of which are available online as well).


Check out their grooming and gift sets – here


Truefitt & Hill is located at Hyderabad in Banjara Hills Road no 12. Even if you are just passing by, this one is really hard to miss.

Truefitt & Hill


Just a glance and you know you are in treat for an authentic British style!

Right from the interiors and furniture to the fragrance of the products displayed, everything seems very English!

And if it is any less, in a true Brit style, you are served cookies and teas (if you like some) while you wait for your turn of royal pampering.

Honestly, this place captures the heart the moment you step in. And if you have to get a service for yourself then you are definitely in for a Royal treat!


As for me, I chose a Royal Beard Trim for my guy as I wanted to get him a tiny makeover for his birthday. I was expecting a rather quick and hurried service wherein the barber would pick up his tools and get on with his work.

Instead, we were rather pleasantly surprised when he chatted comfortably trying to know what we are looking for in a trim.

He took 30-40 mins for the service and at the end he came in with a spread of Colognes and Aftershave splash. It was pure excitement and totally fun trying out their range.


Here are the pics from that day –

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill


Whether it is his birthday, your marriage anniversary or a special celebration, treating your guy just got easy with Truefitt & Hill.

From Customized shaving kit to luxury soaps set, you have everything a guy would love to get spoiled with.


Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill


My guy totally loved the Royal service of Truefitt & Hill. It was a great pick-me-up time for him midst of his hectic schedule. And as for the gift sets, I am planning on picking an After Shave splash from their Trafalgar collection. I know he loved it!

Truefitt & Hill


So, if you are looking for something different and special to treat your guy to, then Truefitt & Hill is just for you.


Truefitt & Hill products are now available at –






Hope you found this useful! Happy Royal Pampering…





Much Love




P.s – Services were offered for an unbiased opinion and have no effect on my opinion or the post.

7 Reasons that make Café Coffee Day my most favorite!

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day is my favorite place to hang out, thanks to snapchat, but you know that already by now! But did I ever tell you why I love this place so much?

Here are 7 reasons that make Café Coffee Day my favorite place ever –


Reason #1 – Classic Lemonade

Classic Lemonade at Café Coffee Day has to be one of my favorite drinks so far! Freshly squeezed lemon juice topped with masala and poured over lots of crushed ice!!
If you are a fan of lemonades then you’ll love this one and with that desi style masala punch to the drink, this one is hard to resist!


Reason #2 – Cold Coffee

Cafe Coffee Day

While Frappe is my favorite, I do often indulge in something much more sinful – Devil’s Own. Though I can never make a choice as which one is my all time favorite out of the two, these are definitely my favorites here at Café Coffee Day when I am in mood for Cold Coffee!


Reason #3 – Walnut Brownie with Ice-cream

Cafe Coffee Day

I am not much of a *brownie with ice cream* sort of a person but this one changed my perspective altogether.
Mildly sweet, soft and chewy cake with loads of crushed walnuts, the brownie with dripping chocolate sauce is not only a sight to behold but also tastes so amazingly well.
And with the combination of chocolate ice cream, it tastes bomb!!


Reason #4 – Garlic Bread

Cafe Coffee Day
I might be biased as my love for garlic bread goes way back. But these sticks are simply mouth watering. Warm bread sticks with soft and chewy inside and crisp outside, they make for a quick bite or to satisfy that snack craving.


Reason #5 – Shots

Besides the fact that I love Belgian chocolate and mousse style desserts, this always makes a great dessert when I need something sweet but then don’t want a huge portion. And it is easy to eat on the go too! Does a girl need another reason?


Reason #6 – Cup Cakes

Last but not least, the cupcakes! They have two flavors at the moment – Berry and Chocolate and they both are too good to miss!


Reason #7 – Sundaes

Cafe Coffee Day
This one is new on their menu.
With four new flavors to choose from, these are everyone’s favorite at the moment! As for me, I can’t make up my mind at all as what’s my favorite out of these. Each and everyone is so freaking good!


Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Apart from the food, their newly revamped style and décor are definitely my favorite. High chairs, benches, and the cozy seating make this place a happy corner every time I want to just stop by for few mins to hours to chillax.


Be it with family or friends, this place never ceases to impress me!


What’s your favorite coffee shop?


Much Love

Being Juliet Subscription Box Review + How to get one FREE!

Being Juliet

Being Juliet

Subscription boxes are the *it thing* now and if you haven’t tried one yet then it’s time you do!

I love the concept of these subscription boxes, getting a box full of surprise goodies based on interest and preference is always something I have loved!

I even have had a chance of trying few myself and I do have my favorites already, but these are mostly from the *beauty* category. I never knew any other type of subscription box existed (yeah I was sort of under a rock too) until I came across *Being Juliet*.

Being Juliet is a monthly subscription box that delivers sanitary napkins along with a bunch of other things which are super useful and very comforting during those days of the month. Sounds interesting?

Being Juliet

Here’s how this works –

Based on the details filled, Being Juliet set up the calendar to dispatch the box every month. The details like past date, due date, days of menstrual cycle, type of flow (heavy all through or heavy followed by minimal etc.,), goodies you like to receive (makeup, skincare, treats etc.,) the box is curated accordingly.

The best part is the concept for me. It’s nice to get something that takes care of not only the period needs but also pamper with some treats and tidbits.

And if you are someone who often forgets to stock the sanitary pads or forgets the due date too (like me), seeing the box delivered 5 days before is a sign loud enough to be prepared.

Only the fact is you don’t have to!

This Being Juliet box literally supplied me the sanitary needs I need for the month so I never have to worry again.

With such a box coming handy every month at the doorstep, I don’t think I would be ever unprepared!

Being Juliet

Being Juliet is the monthly period subscription box that sends out the goodie box, 5 days prior to the period. This box is filled with sanitary essentials, period pain comforters and thoughtful gifts to make the PMS bearable and days a little lighter, a lot brighter and definitely more pleasant.


Wait, that’s not all. You can get a free box, go here –

And make sure to use the code REF002133002018



Don’t forget to connect on Social Media –

FB –

Twitter –

Instagram –


Which subscription box got your attention lately? Have you tried this box before?



Much Love


*PR Sample

Goa | My 3rd Trip + some favorites



Goa, Goa, Goa – there is no other place in India I travelled thrice back to back. Two of the trips were vacation with family and one was for an event.

My first trip to Goa was for my birthday celebration at Taj Exotica, Benaulim last year. The hotel stay and location itself was super awesome (more on that soon) so I wanted to go to same this year too.

But, since Taj was fully booked (blame the long weekend) we had to choose Zuri White Sands.

At first glance, Zuri White Sands was good (though in my opinion Taj excelled, obviously, I literally compared each and every small thing in my mind, my bad). Since last year I spent most of the time in Hotel (blame Taj Exotica, I didn’t wanted to even venture out) this time I wanted to make sure to see places as much as I can.

And today am here to share my favorites from this trip –


Fort Agauda and Lighthouse –



We originally planned to go to the fort by the golden hour but weather that day was very drizzly and anything else but golden. And yet the view of the fort was spectacular and like us there were many other tourists who didn’t mind the little showers.

And after much walking and enjoying the view and weather, it was a pure bliss to just sit and swing the feet …

Did you know one can spot colored Kingfishers and Dolphins when you oversee the water (behind the fort)? I missed this but next time I am going to make sure I do see them!

Calangute Beach


Also called the ‘Queen of Beaches’, this is the most popular beach in Goa both by locals and tourists alike, so naturally we wanted to visit too. Though it is also a hub for water sports and activities like Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Speed Boat etc., as it was monsoon time and there were high rise waves, we weren’t even allowed as much as go and touch the water. Coast Guards were on patrol to make sure no one does!!

It is also one of the most crowded of all the beaches and less clean. So unless it’s for water sports, I am never going back there again.

But, the most important reason (besides the beach shacks and amazing food, so I was told) why this beach entered into my list of favorites is I got my first ever tattoo here.


Martin’s Corner –

*Lighting didn’t allow to take any good pics, sorry!*

This is one of best places in Goa for finger licking good food and live music.

After getting my tattoo, it was only right to stop for some place local and try the food. But this place had exceeded our expectations in terms of service and the quality of food for the price paid. And to top it, I instantly fell in love with the ambience and the live music to which the locals and the tourists hummed and cheered!

If I ever go back to Goa (am very positive, I would) this is one place am definitely going to visit again!


Varca Beach, Zuri White Sands –

 This beach is known for its soft white sands and cleanliness. It is also one of the best beaches I have seen so far. I could feel a sense of calm and ecstasy wash over me the second my feet touched the sands. It was simply surreal and magical, more so because I literally walked over the shells in the sand that looked like carefully embedded gemstones in a slab of white gold!


There was even a small stream of water running and I literally walked through it. And for the first time I saw stream joining the ocean!! It was pure joy!

So without a doubt, this had to be my favorite beach so far!

Of all the things, we could have missed going to this beach. Since it was just at the back of the hotel, we postponed it to be the last thing of the evening. And after much needed pampering at Spa and finger licking good food (blame the Zuri, their food was amazing) venturing out was the last thing on my mind. Also I didn’t want to spoil my perfect looking hair too. But am glad we pushed ourselves.

Varca Beach, Zuri White Sands was totally worth it! Even worth spoiling my perfectly styled hair for the Dinner Date!

So those were my top favorites from my 3rd trip to Goa. As much crazy as it may sound, my trips to Goa have been memorable and pretty exciting always. I can’t wait to go back again!

Also despite my first impression about Zuri White Sands, it gave me some of the best moments and awesome memories to cherish for as long as I can remember. It is definitely one of the best places I have visited so far – esp food and the beach!


What’s your favorite in Goa? Is there any place you suggest I go on my next trip?



Much Love

Pinterest Inspiration | My Tiny Tattoo Story

tiny tattoo

tiny tattoo

Earlier this month, I went on the much awaited vacation – Goa (yes, last yr I was in Goa too for my birthday) to celebrate my birthday a tiny bit early. Out of many things I wanted to do this time, one that topped my list was to get a tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

I have been a fan of tattoos for a long time now; I have even a Pinterest board too, though having to go through the process always scared me to death. But this time something was different, I was determined and wanted to take the plunge and get this done and get over with the fear for once and all!

Despite so much of planning, I might have seriously missed the opportunity of getting the tattoo done if I hadn’t been to Calangute Beach that day. It was a long day touring around Goa and our last stop for the day was Calangute beach. On the way to beach I spotted so many tattoos shops which made this convenient and possible but then there were so many that it was nearly impossible to decide where I wanted to get it done. So I picked randomly based on how the shop looked from outside.

Luckily we didn’t choose a bad one. Moksha Tattoo Studio was good despite being a small one (I assume most of the tattoo shops here are pretty small). Apparently Chris Gayle is one of their clients who got his tattoos there. And we also spotted quite a good number of bollywood stars in the pictures getting their tattoos done. So I was rest assured I was in safe hands (I still wonder if it makes any sense to decide if it’s safe or not based on some celebrity pictures though).


I have been a fan of tiny tattoos since I spotted them on Pinterest. So naturally I had Pinterest for reference and I chose this tiny bow tattoo for myself.


Pic Courtesy – Pinterest


Fortunately, the tattoo artist didn’t seem too surprised with my Pinterest reference pic and I finally got my tattoo. While getting it done I was quite nervous but once I saw the tattoo I was on top of the world. It was an amazing feeling and now I know why everyone is so crazed about tattoos.


It was the best birthday gift ever, my first tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

tiny tattoo


tiny tattoo

I later realized how gorgeous my hand looked with the tattoo and the MK Blush pink watch!


Can’t wait to tell you all about my Goa trip in my coming post!


Have you got tattoo too? Have you ever taken Pinterest as inspiration to this extent? What do you think of my tiny tattoo?


It’s been 3+ weeks now and my tiny tattoo has settled well with no complications, will share my experience and tips on taking care of a tattoo in my up coming posts!



Much Love

Say NO to Sleeping Ugly with Sofy Overnight



sofy overnight

Pic Courtesy – Pinterest

Sleep deprivation is one of the major concerns for women these days. While work and family have a major role to play, another silent killer is the menstrual period.

Every month most of the girls and women across the globe fight with menstrual pains and most of them Sleep Ugly in the night! You know that it’s that time of the month when they are suddenly seen in all black and/or wearing some unflattering colors and clothes.

Let’s get real! 5 days of every month is a nightmare of the every girl and woman you know and that includes me.

As a teen I struggled real hard, not with just the menstrual pains and cramps but also with the sleepless nights I had to endure during that time of the month. For as long as I can remember, I have dressed in the most unimaginable ugly clothes (which otherwise I wouldn’t even turn around to see) and old sheets on the bed, during those days of every month.

Let me be honest, that was like an unpleasant dream for me repeatedly occurring every month for years together. But thanks to the makers of these Sanitary pads, gone are those days!

They have not only come up with special pads for those extra heavy flow nights but also took it a little further and made sure we have a real good sleep without any disturbance. And that’s not all; we don’t have to sleep ugly anymore!

Today am sharing about one such brand – Sofy.

sofy overnight

The name is not new for us but did you know that they have sanitary pads – Sofy Bodyfit Overnight, that is especially meant for those extra heavy flow nights? Like literally, heavy flow!

So I went ahead and tested these out for you. And here are 3 important factors that make Sofy Overnight to stand out  –


Wider Hip Guard

Unlike other pads, this one has wider hip guard which helps to cover the panty from the back to prevent stains during the night allowing a peaceful sleep even on the heavy flow nights.


Shape Maintenance System – Flexi Absorb System

Unlike other pads that lose their shape during night leading to mishaps, this one keeps the pad in shape and in place allowing us to sleep in whatever position we want to. Absolute no restrictions on the sleep positions too!


Double Absorbent Core

Unlike other pads that promise and do not deliver, these continue to absorb all night until morning thus aiding in a good night rest!

Apart from standing up to what it claims, Sofy Overnight sanitary pads are definitely very soft and gentle on skin and didn’t irritate my skin at all – sanitary pads are definitely very soft and gentle on skin and didn’t irritate my skin at allwhich usually happens during this time of the month due to the rough feel of the pads against the sensitive skin!

That said, I am very glad that I tried these.


Did you know? Sofy is Japan’s No.1 sanitary napkin brand?  


Price – 79 ₹ (5 pads)

So are you saying NO to Sleeping Ugly?


For more details, visit –


Much Love

#BootUpYourLife with Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital

If you are someone like me who fancies things quite a lot then you’d know gadgets and gizmos are not far behind before they get into the wish list.

It’s been a while since I have been using my ASUS laptop (you’ve seen this showing up in the background of many of my pictures) and like all things this needed a change too.

I spend most of my waking hours on my laptop reading blogs and articles, watching k-dramas and even writing my own posts (obviously) and off late this laptop has been troubling me quite a lot. And if you have used ASUS earlier you’d know, even the laptop batteries are not available in India let alone other services, so I desperately wanted something new.

So I decided I would go and check out some laptops. And as I have been a regular with Reliance Digital for a while now, it was only natural that I would visit this place first. And like always, this place never ceased to surprise me. It was like laptops fest and there were numerous brands to choose from. As I had HP on mind for a while now, I went to look out what this brand had to offer. The HP sales person was super helpful and knowing my requirement, both technical and budget, suggested I should give HP 15 ac673TX/B(4i5/4/1T/2G/W10) a try.


Honestly, I am no expert at technical stuff so I let my friend pitch in for me and discuss details. I was infact more drawn towards the free gifts they had to offer, you can’t blame me!

Reliance Digital

I was looking for a printer so I was more than happy to find that as gift. And then they showed me another – Phillips 3000W Sound Bar.

Reliance Digital

I love music a lot and I am hooked to my headphones and sound cloud most of the time, so it was a real struggle to choose between the two. I eventually gave in and opted for sound bar and now that I shifted to my own flat it makes sense I need something new to spice up my living room too.

That said, HP 15 ac673TX/B(4i5/4/1T/2G/W10) was a real deal (my techie friend approves too). Not only did I get a new laptop as my blogging partner but also I did get this amazing sound bar to enjoy my music during my breaks.

And if all this was less, they even offered a 10% extra discount {being a regular customer + anything above 30k had extra discounts (on selected models only)} and also a laptop bag.

Reliance Digital


I got my HP laptop on EMI and the whole process was simply hassle free, thanks to their customer service guys! I was super happy at the end of it and like always my trip to Reliance Digital was never anything less than excited.

So, if you are looking for a new laptop then this is the time. They not only have some amazing offers running at the moment but also amazing gifts too. All of these plus hassle free EMI options to avail.

Some of the brands (on certain models) are offering as much as up to 50% discount on MRP. Now it can’t get better than this!

And that’s how Reliance Digital has boot up my life. You can #bootupyourlife too, just visit any near by Reliance Digital store and let them help you find the best of the deals!

Here are some of the offers that are currently running at Reliance Digital stores –

Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops below Rs.30,000, you can get a Bluetooth speaker worth Rs.1,499


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops between Rs.30,001  – Rs.50, 000, you can get a Bluetooth speaker + 3D Virtual Reality Glasses worth Rs.5,498


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops between Rs.50,000 – Rs.70, 000, you can get a Phillips 3000W Sound Bar + 3D Virtual Reality Glasses worth Rs.13,899


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of laptops above Rs.70, 000, you can get a Phillips 3000W Sound Bar + All – in – one color wifi printer worth Rs.15,000


Other offers –

Reliance Digital

Student Offer –

On the purchase of Acer core i3/HP AC673TX/ Lenovo G5080, you can get an All-in-one Wifi Printer free


Reliance Digital

On the purchase of any laptop (selected models only), you can get upto 50% off on MRP


Like you can see there are assured gifts on purchase of any laptop. And these special offers are available only for limited period of time and on selected models only. So make sure you rush and check out the same asap!!


Hope you find the best of the deals, Happy Shopping to you!


Much Love

RAW Pressery | Pom and Flush

Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery

RAW Pressery Juices caught my eye during my recent trip to grocery store. Earlier as a ritual I always picked OKF Aloe Juice every month but unfortunately they seemed to have vanished now. So I needed an alternative – all natural, organic and healthy options to sip on the go and these seemed pretty good to give a try!

RAW Pressery juice is essentially cold pressed juice – means no added sugar or preservatives! I couldn’t proceed with my smoothies and juice for breakfast routine as I couldn’t manage to get the stock of fresh fruits I wanted, besides juicing takes time and which I clearly am lacking in at the moment. So I realized these would come pretty handy. A shot of fresh juice is always a good thing in the morning and/or during the day.

And so picked two variants from RAW PresseryPom and Flush

Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery

Pom Juice is nothing but pure pomegranate juice which by the first sip you would realize there is no sugar added. This was one of the easiest to gulp down as its juice of my favorite fruit. However, I would still prefer the fruit over this pom juice. But given a choice between RAW Pressery Pom Juice and sweetened and pasteurized juice, I would still choose Pom juice of RAW Pressery.

I haven’t tasted any juice as fresh as it is from RAW Pressery.

Luckily am not much of a sweet and/or sugar liking person, so this definitely gets a thumbsup from me. Besides, what’s better than getting a shot of health and goodness with so much less effort!


Coming to the next, Flush Juice is a combination of Apple, Beet, Carrot, Ginger, and Lemon. This one was hard for me to even go on to the third sip. It was slightly fizzy while opening the seal and there was a sharp punch in taste when I took a sip. I did push myself to see if I can go on but second sip was what I could manage at the most. This is definitely not my favorite at all. I have started disliking fizzy drinks lately which might be the reason here but I definitely didn’t like the sharp punch taste either. I infact love the taste of ginger and lemon together but this is definitely not something I could happily gulp down.

Yes, I ditched this and threw it away!!


Pom Juice was good and the Flush juice was a disaster for me. What about you? Have you tried RAW Pressery yet? Which one is your favorite?


Life, Fruitful, Protect, Tropical, Juicy and Hydrate are next on my list. While their monthly subscription seem like a good idea, I am going to wait till I try these on my list so I can decide which one to opt for in future monthly subscriptions.


P.s – Price was around 65 ₹ for small bottle [will update this post with exact price and quantity, sorry 🙂 ]



Much Love

Fashion Staples | Baggit Handbag L Chiara #AlwaysCool



One of the favorite fashion staples in any Style bloggers wardrobe is a good handbag. For it carries the world inside where ever they go – phone, power bank, ipad, fresh mint, lipstick, compact and hair brush to name few. As much as it may sound as a necessesity, it is also a popular fashion statement piece too, without which the outfit and/or an ensemble is never complete.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that this fashion accessory is what makes or mars an outfit. This statement piece also speaks a volume about the person and their style without having a word to say. For such ones whose handbag is so much and more, a regular and ordinary style just doesn’t do.

But then getting a handbag that is season appropriate and in-style doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Without breaking a bank it is easy to find the bag that perfectly fits the style, mood and every fashion need with Baggit.

Baggit, India’s popular fashion accessories brand recently launched an interesting campaign – “Play the Life Game” during their SS16 collection. While their collection is essentially designed for women who are independent and bold and who never shy away from speaking their mind or showcasing their style; it’s also for all those modern, stylish and contemporary women who live their life on their own terms.

I found myself lucky when I was given a chance to try and style one of their fashion pieces from their SS16 collection. Mine is essentially L Chiara – a pink satchel style bag. This one is basically inspired from the luggage style bag – minimalistic, stylish, boxy and yet cool to carry. This one fits perfectly for me as I often find myself carrying quite a lot of stuff with me when I go to Events and/or Press Releases and also when am required to carry more than just what my small handbag can hold, then this one is just perfection.

Whether I am out with my girls for a quick bite and coffee or when I am out and about shopping or mostly importantly meeting some client or attending an event, this bag is the handiest one.

One of the best features I must say is that it’s a two way carry bag and also suits any outfit – from jeans and a tee to a tailored pants and blouse, from well fitted A-Line skirt to shorts and a tunic.

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect company? This makes my life so much easier and lets me play it #alwayscool !


Much Love