ASUS Zenfone2 | Why it’s my Favorite and Why it should be on your Wishlist


Till recently, I have not used a budget smart phone, as I always assumed that budget phones don’t really perform well when it comes to using the technology and that if I ever try, I would end up with a sluggish phone that responds nearly as slow as snail if I ever have to use the way I use apps on my higher end phone. But to my surprise, all that changed when I had a chance to try ASUS Zenfone2 for couple of days (remember those fun posts I did sometime back?).
And today, am sharing with you girlies as why I love Asus Zenfone2 so much,  why it stands to be my favorite (despite using a higher end phone previously) and why it should be on your wishlist too!!
In this post I have shared my observations in detail to say why I more than willingly would pick Asus Zenfone2 again.
Top Reasons why I Love Asus Zenfone2 –
  1. Unlike a high end phone, where its real production cost is just a tiny fraction of the overall price and the benefit of lowering costs of components is not passed on to the end customer; Asus reasonable price confirms that we are getting the best of hardware at a reasonable price
  2. Its branded, so you are not worried about faulty pieces, lack of support or replacements (unlike the cheap imitations)
  3. You get all the best of features of a high end phone at fraction of cost
  4. You are benefitted by the vast expertise of Asus in electronics so that you do not end up with cheap imitiations which stop, snag and trouble you when you need the phone most
  5. You are not worried of service centers where in other cases like cheap imitations, you may as well throw away the phone
  6. You are not worried when you are reading articles about Chinese phones capturing your private data
That said, here’s what appeals most –
  • Sleek and Sexy phone body with an appealing low price makes this a budget-friendly phone all the worth
  • Fast and lag-free performance, its software allows deep customization
  • Has 2 Sims capacity and allows to switch seamlessly between calls from 1 sim to another
  • Powered by Super Quad-Core Intel® Atom processor, the phone allows a slick web surfing, a smooth video playback, great gaming experience and also allows multi-tasking that doesn’t leave you waiting.
  • GIF Animation feature allows you to record upto 50 frames, end result – a smooth and hassle free gif creation
  • Last but not least, its 5-megapixel camera along with inbuilt beautification features allows you to edit photos to one’s liking; no third party app needed!!

Here are the variants available along with the price –
14,999 INR(Z3560 1.8GHz/16GB/2GB)
18,999 INR (Z3560 1.8GHz/32GB/4GB)
19,999 INR (Z3580 2.3GHz/32GB/4GB)
22,999 INR (Z3580 2.3GHz/64GB/4GB)
On one end, if the market is crowded with high end phones with all the glitter and glamour, on the other end of the spectrum we have cheap Chinese imitations giving all or most of the features paraded by high end phones. So how does one pick a phone if you are at the budget end or do not see any benefit of investing obscene amounts on features that you may never even use or you are not flashy about brand?
Asus Zenfone2 is the answer!!

Much Love

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