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Home Décor is an important element when designing a house. More so, when it’s Bedroom Décor which has taken an utmost importance lately when compared to the other rooms.
So whether you are looking for some ideas and/tips for Decorating the Bedroom in the new house or simply looking for ways to re-decorate your old bedroom to add some jazz and spruce it up, here are few points to help you through –


First and foremost, theme is what decides the décor of the bedroom. Now whatever be the theme, keeping it neutral is the right option. After all, it’s room for couple and should highlight both the elements. Going completely feminine or masculine is no fun!
Choose a theme that appeals to both of you !

Color Scheme

Classics like Blue and White can never fail. For a Chic and Modern look, Classic Whites and Blues as bold or with patterns is the best.
And if you need a fresh take on the look, going with vibrant colors is fun too!! So when picking a color scheme, choose three coordinating colors. 
Here are some popular color combos – 
Red, Yellow and Orange 
Brown, Blue and White 

 Again, don’t restrict yourself; play with some colors and see what best suits your style and taste.


Seating is an important key factor in the bedroom décor. Pick chairs which suit the theme and are in sync with colors and wallpaper (if you are opting any) too.
Again choose neutral colors and styles to match the mood.
Tip – A Chair or two is good, more is crowd. And avoid stashing clothes or other things on the chairs to keep the look neat and chic

Elements of Glam

Be it a fancy mirror, a modern painting and/or a eye-catching table lamp; add an element of glam to make it more stylish and ultra-glam for a Classy and timeless look.
And what goes on that night stand makes all the difference too. A pretty looking scented candle and/or some flowers matching the color theme of the room are good bets.
Tip – Don’t be routine again, think different.
May be use His-and-Hers perfume bottles as show pieces??


Solid white color bedding is no brainer; it adds a pleasant vibe to the whole look. But for a change, opt for Duvet with color coordinating and theme based prints and patterns.
Blue and White checks or pattern perhaps?
So those are the key factors to keep in mind. Rest, think outside the box, mix-and-match colors and patterns that gives anything but an ordinary look. Take inspiration and follow the heart, after all you need to feel like it’s your Spacewhen you lay down at night! 

Here’s few boards I started created and few boards I have been following on Pinterest for some inspiration. Hope you find them useful !

Ideas for Home

Closet Ideas


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