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After enjoying the beautiful days of spring, summer sets in the mood for leisure trips and luxurious vacations or some fun time with friends and family in the least. Everyone has their own version of perfect summer – Barbecues in the backyard, cocktail hours with friends, spontaneous trips to beaches with the sunset scouting along the coast and shopping to enjoy the summer when it hits full. Each of our summer time pursuits might vary but we all make sure to stay in comfort and enjoy the season. Everything seems wonderful when it goes according to plan, but we crib and cry even at the slightest discomfort.

As much as India is one of the best places to enjoy due to its climate, there is also no escape from the heat or from the power cuts here. Luckily, the people who live in urban areas have advantage of power backups to get them through the day. These hardly feel any difference even where there is a city wide power cut for hours together. In short, there is comfort and power to those who can afford to pay! While the less fortunate and the small time earners struggle through the day to survive. Or so we think?

The real struggle is for the people who work in the hot sun – vegetable and fruit vendors, construction workers, delivery guys, rickshaw and auto drivers, bus drivers etc.,

Despite of the sweltering and scorching sun, they go on with their usual day to day activities. They get sun stroked, dehydrated and even sun burnt. We the fortunate ones might not be able to change their lives drastically but we can lend a hand and help them make it less unfortunate. Here are few things you and I can do –

Do not bargain with the vegetable and fruit vendors –

We don’t bargain at a supermarket and or specialty stores, why with those poor ones?

Offer Water –

Be it delivery guys who stopped at your door to deliver a package or even food parcel, offer them water. Might not be a big deal to us, but it is for them.

Don’t argue or fight and don’t overtake and let them pass –

These drivers are not in the comfort of air conditioned vehicles like we do, they are more likely to be irritated because of dehydration, hunger and/or in a rush to reach less sweltering zone. Let them pass and do not overtake them.


While we are at it, here’s an interesting CSR initiative undertaken by the #famestars. This video is about people making a small effort to feel and show us the pain of all those who work on the streets in sweltering climate in order to make a living. This video is an ode to all those who work in scorching heat to make our lives better –


Much Love

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