My Airtel App | 3 Key Features that suit my #lifestyle

Airtel has been a family friend and a Phone-Chat Partner for as long as I can remember. My first ever phone connection and/or number began with Airtel and it remained same ever since. I still can’t believe how long I have been associated with Airtel and still, loving it.
I even remember my last minute call to Airtel, couple of years back, before heading to Airport and getting them to save our numbers (mine and family) for the coming years till we were back in India. We didn’t want to lose or change our numbers, and it was honestly a hassle free deal. And once back in India, we were pretty much like we never left the country. Since then Airtel stands to be my favorite and never needed a reason to even have second thoughts.
And now, it’s surprisingly good to see as how long I have had Airtel and never had any complaints. From the times when I used to get someone pay my Mobile bills to the times when I did online; things have changed a lot ever since. And now, Airtel has come up with the Mobile App which has some amazing features. It not only has all the benefits of being a sort of Privileged Customer, it has personalized data and information related to our interests and more. It even offers some amazing discounts and coupon codes to help with shopping and saving big!! Now who doesn’t want a hassle free life and save that little extra?
But how about when you are offered more? Wouldn’t that be just amazing?
First of all, its amazing to see Airtel join in the Mobile Revolution along with some big players of other Industries. It not only eases out the work but also revolutionize the whole Mobile experience and the related.
While am not a tech freak, once a while I still love the comfort and ease of the work these  Apps provide. From daily reminders to Fashion Deals, I love a good dose of everything in between. That said, here are my Top 3 reasons and/or features why I love this App and how it suits my Lifestyle – Wife, Mommy and a full-time Beauty and Fashion Blogger

Safe and Secured Payment options
I am someone who is very forgetful and at times simply lazy too. I can’t remember card numbers and their respective pins to help me get through a transaction. And to top it, my using too many handbags and wallets often leave me in a tight spot where in I find myself not carrying the CC. Such case, this feature is just what someone like me need.
I Want to Feature
I often multi-task and many times need constant reminders to push me with the deadlines. Now that includes the home-tasks like paying bills on time too. This feature is perfect for someone like me who likes to do things on time
Airtel Surprises
Everytime I shop, I love a good discount or a freebie. It simply proves am human and I love the fact that I scored an extra brownie during my chores or tasks.
And this is possible with this feature from Airtel, now who doesn’t love a discount from Jabong or something similar??

Apart from these wynk’ing and airtellive are next two am kind of loving. And you shake the mobile and you get a bunch of offers exclusively for you!! How awesome is that???
So whats up with you? Have you got this app? What are your favorite features of this app?

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Much Love

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