The Balancing Act – Working with and not against Technology


As a young parent, I often find myself plagued with a popular problem. With unlimited options, channels, and means, it is really difficult to control and monitor what my child watches. TV time has become a great point of debate at our home and though I try to maintain a balance between TV time and study time, I often end up pushing study time far more than TV time.
This often leads to a not so happy kid who gets upset with his mom. But it doesn’t end there. Even when he’s watching TV, I am always worried about what channel he’ll turn to next and see god knows what.
If the TV wasn’t enough of a source of concern, being a part of the current generation of parents, we are also accountable for the amount exposure and access we give to our children to smart devices and other gadgets.
In order to survive in this day and age, I cannot cut off my child from either TV or technology. But I fear that his dependency on both may impact his growth adversely. But does it have to?
Let’s face it. Technology is playing an irreplaceable and inescapable role in my life and has a profound effect on my parenting ways.  Studies have proved that visuals have a greater impact on memory than just listening to information. And this proves true for my very own child. 

As a parent, I often look for sources which can make the learning more fun for my child and keep him engaged. It is for this reason, I encourage educational videos in the home. For instance, my seven year old hates math. So instead of a regular practical session that needs to be done in a book, suggesting a Math game worked better. The Tic Tac Toe game of Odd and Even on is his favorite. He is happy playing a game and I am happy with him learning.  In my effort to extend this balance of entertainment and education to television, I discovered this great device called Teewe.
What is Teewe?

Teewe is a media streaming device which transforms any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV and lets you control what your child watches in a healthy, non-dominating way that is a win-win for both you and your child. 

Known as India’s Favorite Streaming Stick, Teewe allows you to wirelessly stream content from multiple smart devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, onto your TV screen. Your smart device becomes your one and only remote that controls all the content from YouTube, downloaded videos, stored photos, and can mirror your desktop screen on to your TV. 

And with the remote always in my hands, (the Teewe app on my phone), I can control what my child watches now from anywhere in the house.  No more rushing to stop a video or putting up all those restrictions. With Teewe it’s super easy to show a mix of videos – both entertaining and educational. Just que up the videos and I’m done. No ads, no suggested or auto play. Just good old TV.
Like they say – if you can’t beat them, join them! These days I find myself pushing Teewe time rather than fighting over study and TV time. Using technology and television to my advantage, through devices like Teewe, has become the norm in our house and my child and I are both happy with the balance we’ve managed to strike.
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