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Farbod barsum



Farbod Barsum

Handbag| The Empress in Pink Alligator

As an essential element and fashion staple, a handbag for any stylish woman and a fashionista is not something that is chosen at random.

It not only has to satisfy the daily requirements of a handbag but also act as an unparalleled fashion selection too. Many times it’s more than just that, it is a fashion fix, one-of-a-kind fashion treasure, an ice-breaker and a conversation starter.

Then shouldn’t such a staple be unique?


Today am here to talk about a wonderful site I have come across that caters the luxury and exotic handbags that are handcrafted to perfection. These bags are one of a kind and are made with great attention to details. They even include custom hardware which is hand cast and polished one piece at a time.


Clients include The Royals, the Queens of Denmark and Spain, a Saudi Arabian Princess to Style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Louise Roe, and Christina Hendricks.


Sounds amazing?

Farbod Barsum

Farbod Barsum is an ultimate destination for handcrafted luxury and exotic couture skin handbags and accessories.
Farbod Barsum the designer and creative force behind the exotic bags collection gets his inspiration from his love for architecture and nature. He hand selects the materials that are going to be used on each product making sure each and every handbag at Barsum is handcrafted to perfection.

And that’s not all; Barsum was the first to incorporate the Swarovski Crystals and Feathers into their exotic collection. They are even the first to invent and use two or more different exotics on one bag making that as their Signature Style.

They were also the first to source and implement materials in a couture level such as the use of fused ostrich leg panels and Pirarucu fish skin.

They specialize in transforming exceptionally rare materials to use them in their collections which are in fact wearable art for everyday life!


Here is a video wherein Mr. Farbod Barsum himself talks about his most famous Signature bag The Empress – Genuine Alligator and Ostrich Handbag



If SJP approves, you know it’s worth it!


Here are few things you might want to know –

  • These bags cost anything between USD 2k – 30k
  • The sources of materials are sustainably harvested and dyed in chrome free tanneries making their approach to design both ethical and ecologically sound.
  • They use exotic skins such as American alligator, African ostrich and Amazonian pirarucu (pirarucu fish skin is a difficult material to handcraft and requires dexterity and time)
  • All the skins are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and meet strict compliance with the international requirements of CITES.
  • Their bags are sought after by  International Royalty, Celebrities, and Socialites alike.



Much Love


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