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mirrored sunglasses

Enter summer, sunglasses can be seen rocking the fashion scene everywhere with newest trends. While on one hand there are always quiet a number of styles that make a debut in the fashion every season, on the other, there are few styles that never go out of fashion – Aviators, Oversized and Wayfarers to name few.

And as a die-hard fan of sunglasses the ever emerging latest styles and the newest trends in eyewear every season gets me on high. But for as long as I can remember, I have picked sunglasses that were never a bold statement piece in itself and least of all, the mirrored sunglasses.

But there were times when I got pangs of jealousy whenever I saw a woman who looked really cool and super casual wearing those mirrored sunnies, because I personally had a hard time embracing that kind of moxie.

And as the time passed by, my love for mirrored sunglasses grew leaps and bounds. And to appease my love for the same, I created a Pinterest board where in I have been pinning my favorite styles just for the kick.

Until one day, I decided to either give up on this madness or simply take the plunge and get myself a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

And finally I decided I shall give it a go.

My first priority was to find a pair of mirrored sunglasses that were not too flashy and at same time less expensive – so if I even end up buying something I regretted I wouldn’t mind so much.

Luckily, I then bumped into Koovs sale and I got myself this pair of sunglasses from Quay Australia.

These are Bailey Sunglasses as seen on Behati Prinsloo (and if you didn’t knew who’s that, it’s Adam Levine’s wifey :D) –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

And believe me when I say, it was love at first try. They looked super awesome, nothing too flashy and I finally owned a pair that just suits my face; and I have rocked these ever since.

While I was vacationing at Kovalam beach, Chennai –

quay australia

quay australia

quay australia

If you have been a regular to my Instagram page you’d know how much I have worn this lately and loved every bit of it. And since that pair, there was no turning back.

From subtle and understated, I went on to experiment with colored mirror sunglasses. I picked these yellow mirrored sunglasses from Polaroid and later followed by green mirrored sunglasses from Rayban. After all, summer is all about sunny yellows and lush greens, its hard not to show the love for such bright colors in accessories too.

In Polaroid –


Quay Australia Price – 2999 ₹

Polaroid Price – 3900 ₹

Rayban Price – 7990 ₹

For all I know, this is just a beginning. I am sure I have developed a serious addiction to sunnies too!

That said, next on my list are the Rainbow Mirrored sunglasses.

What are they you ask ?

The rainbow mirrored sunnies have reflective lenses with hologram like pairs that shift in color at every single angle.

This –

rainbow mirrored

Image – Source

Aah-mazing right?

No, its not a new trend of 2016 but yes, I am so much in love with that style!

So what’s your favorite style of mirrored sunglasses? Do you have any favorite brand?

My favorites are Quay Australia and Rayban so far!

Much Love


P.s – Image source – 1, 2

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