Outfit | White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

Outfit | White Lace Shrug


I have an addiction to purchasing lace. I can’t seem to have enough of it anytime.

And I also tend to deviate and change my determined self and end up buying these pretty little things every time I lay my eyes on them.

So believe me, it would be no wonder if my wardrobe is half full with these lace things. And I am not complaining!


And on one such moment was during my recent visit to the mall; I spotted this white lace shrug and I had to get it!

When it comes to lace, I am also very picky. I like the fabric to be delicate and soft that doesn’t irritate even the sensitive skin and feels airy and super comfortable even in summer.


For me, this lace shrug was such! And since I had never got a white lace shrug before (Ivory definitely does not look anything like white… right?!) I was more than happy to splurge a little more than I had planned to.


Luckily this wasn’t so expensive plus I had already imagined a dozen combinations in my head using this with my georgette spaghettis which am dying to wear come this summer! So there was no way I would let go of that last piece left in the store!


In fact, as you are reading this I can bet you that I might have worn this more couple of times already.


White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

White Lace Shrug

Cannes Film Festival Dresses

Outfit Details

Shrug | Liva Fluid Fashion

Dress | Incelebstyle

Veil | bestweddingveil

Sandals | Carlton London

Watch – Casio Baby G

(Black bag in the background is also from CL)



I think my obsession with white has moved on to my wardrobe items, which means I better be prepared to care little extra for my whites.

Do you have many whites like me in your wardrobe? How do you care for these delicate white things?




Much Love

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