Trousseau Essentials For Every Indian Bride


Indian weddings are world famous for being extravagant, fun, and long! Therefore, an Indian bride needs to look and feel her best not just on her wedding day, but also for the weeks to follow.

So if you’re getting married any time soon, make sure you and your family put together a wedding trousseau that has almost everything you may require after you move in with your husband and in-laws.

With all the running around to organize the major wedding functions, it is easy to miss out on packing the most essential items that you will need post-wedding. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, here is a list of the must-have items in your trousseau.

Clothes: Fancy, Comfy, And Everything In-between

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Clothes are certainly the most important component of a bride’s trousseau.

Since Indian weddings are followed by poojas, get-togethers with relatives and more, it is important that you have the right attire for every occasion.

A few silk saris are a must have for the more traditional functions. However, for semi-formal events, chiffon or georgette saris are the best. If you don’t have time to go out and shop, you can buy designer sarees online from websites like

You should also keep a gem-studded anarkali in your trousseau, for days when you aren’t in the mood to don a sari. If you are getting married in winter, then don’t forget to pack a Pashmina shawl.

The Bling!

Your parents might want to give you a ton of jewellery which can turn out to be a big hassle for the bride, as keeping each piece under lock and key may not be possible. Instead, you should pack a few classic jewellery pieces that will compliment all your ethnic wear.

Gold jhumkas, diamond bangles, a gold set and a few rings should be enough to last you through the post-wedding weeks. In fact, packing a few pieces of artificial jewellery is not a bad idea either.


Beauty Basics

All brides need to have their cosmetics with them at all times.

Put together a make-up kit for your trousseau which contains essential items like a foundation, rouge, eye liner, kajal, lipsticks and nail polishes. Get these in both bright colours like red and orange, as well as in subtle shades like peach and nude. Don’t forget your bindis and a box of sindur.


The Little Stuff

While wearing your saree or doing your hair, you suddenly realise that you don’t have any safety pins or hair clips. These are little things, but nevertheless, an important part of your trousseau.

Another must have in your bridal trousseau are bags. Get golden or silver clutches, colourful potlis and neutral totes. If you are wondering where to get such a selection, visit You will find bags that will pair perfectly with all your Indian outfits.


In Your Own Shoes

Your trousseau is going to be incomplete without the right footwear. Pack a pair of golden stilettos, silver pumps, black wedges and multicoloured jootis to wear with your saris and anarkalis. Remember to also take a pair of comfortable slippers to wear around the house.


The items listed here will make sure you are comfortable, and help you to settle into  your new home. Good luck, and get packing!


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