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5 Min DIY

Onething that I always love to shop and cherish most in my closet is my footwear.
Pumps, Wedges, Sandals, Boots, flats and Slip-ons; I love a good dose of choice every now and then. But more often than not the routine leads to boredom and kills my happy vibe. And instead of giving away my precious collection after couple of wears, I decided to prolong the wearing time by adding little tid bits – embellisments, glitter etc.,
So following the same, today I have a 5 min DIY to share with you.
It’s no brainer and its as simple as it can get.
Here’s what I used
Old Pumps
Suitable Embellishment
Hot glue gun

5 Min DIY

5 Min DIY

5 Min DIY

5 Min DIY

5 Min DIY
Here’s how
Take the old pair of pumps (you want to restyle) and mark where you want to glue the embellishment.
*First you might want to clean up a bit – I used lint catcher to remove traces of dust
Cut off the stick of the earring (and file if necessary to blunt any sharp endings) and using the glue gun, stick them in place.
And voila it’s done!
Word of Caution –
Never touch the tip of the glue gun when hot
Follow the instructions on the glue gun kit
It takes just few seconds to set these with glue, so work fast!

And lastly, the glue guns are super amazing and the things you can do with it are pretty huge, so go have fun!

Much Love

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