5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories from your Coffee


5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories from your Coffee


Let’s face it, all the best tasting things and delicious looking ones are loaded with calories. And calories are what make us go round. So the word itself is pretty scary to many like me who are trying to eat healthily! Whatever may be your motto – flawless skin, staying fit, losing weight or simply eating healthy; cutting down on those calories is not as hard as it seems. All that and without compromising on our favorites!


And if you are a coffee lover like me, you’d know we need a good dose of coffee whenever wherever possible. But the mere thought of calories always pushes us to hide the coffee cravings!

You don’t need to do that anymore!


Today am sharing my secret ways of keeping away from calories!


First things first, ditch the habit of counting the calories for every sip and focus on good things. This will keep the mind and soul happy!

How you ask?


Here are few simple tricks I use to cut down on those hidden calories from my favorite coffee.


5 Simple Tricks to Ditch the Calories


Get a takeaway

Now whether you want to sit in the coffee shop, enjoy every bit of aroma of the brewing coffee, or simply take your favorite and be on the go; ask for a takeaway!

If you haven’t observed yet, take away tends to come in smaller quantity.

Less Coffee, Less Calories. It’s that Simple.

Plus, you get to enjoy your coffee without nay guilt!



Go sugarless (or simply go for less sugar)

As much as you crave for that perfect coffee, opt for a sugarless coffee or at least cut down on the sugar. And if you can switch that up for brown sugar it’s double good. Turning down a little sugar every time helps you in the long run!

 Remember – Every small step Counts


No Syrups

Most of these coffees, especially cold ones, come with a syrup of some kind – chocolate, Hershey’s, hazelnut etc., cutting down on these (read avoid) saves you from dunking yourself in a lot of calories.



No Addons

These are the true culprits! Be it a scoop of ice-cream, chopped chocolate, crushed Oreo or a simple whipped cream as the topping, these are the real culprits. Avoiding these not only saves you from consuming those empty calories but also keeps your skin flawless!

Sugar is the reason behind the blemishes and dull looking skin 


Get Ice, lots of it

Lastly, ask for extra crushed ice. This not only dilutes your cold coffee (most of the coffees are made from full cream milk or milkmaid which is artificially sweetened and thickened) but also makes you feel full soon.


Though this is not the idea of having a truly good coffee to many, enjoying the favorite coffee while keeping a check on calories is the best thing you can do for yourself!


So those are my tricks to enjoy my favorite coffee without feeling guilt!

That said, as much as it is important to keep a check on calories and stay away, it is equally important not to be too strict and deprive self so much that you give up and rebound by consuming more. Cut yourself some slack once a while, like, ditch the ice-cream and get some whipped cream or vice versa or simply share your coffee with your bestie or partner. This way you get to enjoy all the favorite things – but the key is doing in small quantity!


So those were my tips. What do you do to cut some calories off your coffee?



Much Love

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