7 Reasons that make Café Coffee Day my most favorite!

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day is my favorite place to hang out, thanks to snapchat, but you know that already by now! But did I ever tell you why I love this place so much?

Here are 7 reasons that make Café Coffee Day my favorite place ever –


Reason #1 – Classic Lemonade

Classic Lemonade at Café Coffee Day has to be one of my favorite drinks so far! Freshly squeezed lemon juice topped with masala and poured over lots of crushed ice!!
If you are a fan of lemonades then you’ll love this one and with that desi style masala punch to the drink, this one is hard to resist!


Reason #2 – Cold Coffee

Cafe Coffee Day

While Frappe is my favorite, I do often indulge in something much more sinful – Devil’s Own. Though I can never make a choice as which one is my all time favorite out of the two, these are definitely my favorites here at Café Coffee Day when I am in mood for Cold Coffee!


Reason #3 – Walnut Brownie with Ice-cream

Cafe Coffee Day

I am not much of a *brownie with ice cream* sort of a person but this one changed my perspective altogether.
Mildly sweet, soft and chewy cake with loads of crushed walnuts, the brownie with dripping chocolate sauce is not only a sight to behold but also tastes so amazingly well.
And with the combination of chocolate ice cream, it tastes bomb!!


Reason #4 – Garlic Bread

Cafe Coffee Day
I might be biased as my love for garlic bread goes way back. But these sticks are simply mouth watering. Warm bread sticks with soft and chewy inside and crisp outside, they make for a quick bite or to satisfy that snack craving.


Reason #5 – Shots

Besides the fact that I love Belgian chocolate and mousse style desserts, this always makes a great dessert when I need something sweet but then don’t want a huge portion. And it is easy to eat on the go too! Does a girl need another reason?


Reason #6 – Cup Cakes

Last but not least, the cupcakes! They have two flavors at the moment – Berry and Chocolate and they both are too good to miss!


Reason #7 – Sundaes

Cafe Coffee Day
This one is new on their menu.
With four new flavors to choose from, these are everyone’s favorite at the moment! As for me, I can’t make up my mind at all as what’s my favorite out of these. Each and everyone is so freaking good!


Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Apart from the food, their newly revamped style and décor are definitely my favorite. High chairs, benches, and the cozy seating make this place a happy corner every time I want to just stop by for few mins to hours to chillax.


Be it with family or friends, this place never ceases to impress me!


What’s your favorite coffee shop?


Much Love

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    November 9, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Nice post. Love to reading your post.

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    Pradeep Kumar
    May 31, 2017 at 12:00 pm

    This place is actually my favorite workplace! I just bring my laptop, order some stuff, and I’ll just work for the whole day. Even most of my client meetings happen in CCD! ?

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