Beard Grooming | What you need to know & More

beard grooming

beard grooming

There is something about the guys with a beard that is simply hot, that makes you stop and stare! And if you haven’t seen the images of these well-groomed bearded men on Instagram with all that insane following, then you are definitely living under a rock!


Facial Hair is a big trend now and these men definitely know how to look super hot. But, ever wondered how they tame that beard and maintain it so well? What Beard Grooming product do they use?

Beard Grooming is super easy with Beard Oil.


Beard Oil is a mix of carrier and essential oils, meant to tame, groom and condition the facial hair. It is usually handmade and includes a variety of oils to mimic the natural oils of the body. This not only keeps the facial hair tamed and flake-free but also makes it smell good!


Here are some of the most common oils used to make a Beard Oil –

Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and a Pure Essential Oil for Scent


Since the Beard Oil is mostly made from Carrier and Essential Oils, it is Safe and gentle for all hair and skin types. So you never have to worry whether it suits or not!


So, how to use this Beard Oil?

  1. Use the dropper (most of the beard oils come with a dropper) to take few drops of oil onto the palm and apply directly to the beard.
  2. It can be applied while the beard is damp or dry.
  3. It can be applied daily.


Where to buy –

While there are plenty of brands, I personally find perfect.

For starters, they have Vanilla scented Sandalwood Beard Oil. How amazing does that sound?

It is a perfect choice for summer, plus it smells amazing.



And to all of you who are particular about the ingredients list, they make the Best Organic Beard Oil. And not just that, their oil is moisture rich and is also best rated for taming, grooming and conditioning of the beards and the facial hair.


Now try denying how awesome that sounds! Just try…


Can’t? So what are you waiting for? Head over to Lovely Beards now and order one for your guy!

Trust me; he’ll thank you for this wonderful gift!



Much Love




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