Being Juliet Subscription Box Review + How to get one FREE!

Being Juliet

Being Juliet

Subscription boxes are the *it thing* now and if you haven’t tried one yet then it’s time you do!

I love the concept of these subscription boxes, getting a box full of surprise goodies based on interest and preference is always something I have loved!

I even have had a chance of trying few myself and I do have my favorites already, but these are mostly from the *beauty* category. I never knew any other type of subscription box existed (yeah I was sort of under a rock too) until I came across *Being Juliet*.

Being Juliet is a monthly subscription box that delivers sanitary napkins along with a bunch of other things which are super useful and very comforting during those days of the month. Sounds interesting?

Being Juliet

Here’s how this works –

Based on the details filled, Being Juliet set up the calendar to dispatch the box every month. The details like past date, due date, days of menstrual cycle, type of flow (heavy all through or heavy followed by minimal etc.,), goodies you like to receive (makeup, skincare, treats etc.,) the box is curated accordingly.

The best part is the concept for me. It’s nice to get something that takes care of not only the period needs but also pamper with some treats and tidbits.

And if you are someone who often forgets to stock the sanitary pads or forgets the due date too (like me), seeing the box delivered 5 days before is a sign loud enough to be prepared.

Only the fact is you don’t have to!

This Being Juliet box literally supplied me the sanitary needs I need for the month so I never have to worry again.

With such a box coming handy every month at the doorstep, I don’t think I would be ever unprepared!

Being Juliet

Being Juliet is the monthly period subscription box that sends out the goodie box, 5 days prior to the period. This box is filled with sanitary essentials, period pain comforters and thoughtful gifts to make the PMS bearable and days a little lighter, a lot brighter and definitely more pleasant.


Wait, that’s not all. You can get a free box, go here –

And make sure to use the code REF002133002018



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Which subscription box got your attention lately? Have you tried this box before?



Much Love


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