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In a country like India, where we see diversity in language, religion, culture, culinary, clothing and geography; one thing that makes this whole nation with 1.28 billion population (as of July 08, 2015) to gather as one to celebrate, live and breathe in sync is Cricket.

Here in India, Cricket is a religion and not just a mere sport and one can see its effect in full swing all the summer. Every street and corner would be abuzz with cricket fans enjoying their favorite sport like no other, ignoring the heat and playing like there’s no tomorrow. And for someone like that watching their favorite sport becomes life and death situation. Such fans would forgo food and even a gathering of the family in hope to watch it LIVE. No amount of recording for later would help the situation and rest of the family (ones not so crazy about cricket) often sees disappointment.
Well, I am no exception!
My (yet to be) 8 yr old gets glued to TV when it’s a match time. Though I often wonder how much he understands, he hits his head when someone from Indian team is out and jumps and dances when there is a four or a six. So I need not explain the story about the (yet to be) 38 yr old. And with these two cricket fanatics in the house, it’s often hard stepping out. Not to mention the number of times we missed a get-together and in fact a very much planned day-out too; where as shopping comes no where close to discussion too at such times.
A smart phone and even a tab for that matter don’t seem to please them to watch as we move. Their concern was always the hiccups in the streaming of LIVE TV and/or LIVE updates are not so live and updated anymore. Such situations called for a high performance internet service provider. Only after getting that we realized browser was the problem.
Streaming LIVE match and or keeping up to date with the cricket score is tedious with slow browsers, that is when I came to know about UC Browser.

Though I am not a crazy fan, I like to keep myself updated too for the pure pleasure of having a family time fun with these two. And all thanks to this high performance browser, surfing was never so easy. Now, as family we all step out together many times without compromising on the fun of viewing cricket.
Be it a quick run to the nearby ice-cream store, a lavish lunch with friends and family, a long drive in this monsoon weather and/or even doing birthday shopping for that matter; the seamless transitions and the dedicated cricket space makes all of it worth the while.
No more sad or grumpy faces and we all get best of both the worlds.
With this browser connecting with Cricket match from where ever we are just got simply faster and easier. And on a side note, the mantra of UC browser – Surf it all, surf it fast definitely stood true in every sense.
And can you believe even #YuviSurfsUC?
This browser has a dedicated space – UC Cricketwhich streams LIVE matches, shows cricket updates and even shows related News.
All at one place and a hassle free streaming, what more can we want?
Check out the link to know more – 
Alternatively view this video to get more info –

Much Love

P.s – This post is written for UC Browser

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