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Event Rentals

Event Rentals


Event Rentals | Celebrations Weddings Party & More


Event Rentals is the first thing that pops into mind the moment we think about a celebration, party and most importantly the Wedding. While the majority of us like to take things into the hand (for the love of doing all by self for our important day of life), there are things that are better off to be assigned to someone so we can oversee them and enjoy our moment and day too.


If you haven’t explored any Event Rentals yet, then it’s time to give it a shot. From celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, they even cater to the weddings and bridal showers and any important occasion we want to celebrate. From mere rentals company which supply the wedding backdrops, tables and chairs and cutlery; they have transformed to be some of the best in the Industry in the recent years. All that and they simply do more than just that!

Event Rentals

Have something specific in mind? Perhaps looking for furniture to suit a theme party at the farmhouse? They even have Farmhouse Table Rentals to make the hunt easy!


And talking of Event Rentals, Archive Rentals is the one that comes to my mind almost immediately.

ArchiveRentals.com is a Specialty Rental Company and an Event Design House that caters beautifully curated collection of fine specialty rentals – including tables, dining chairs, tabletop, lounge, ceremony seating, backdrops and so much more. They have a dedicated team of forward-thinking designers who are there to help create a wonderful experience for everyone.

Based in California, they currently serve all of CA as well as the newest branch in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Outside CA? Their team – the designers as well as the trucks can travel to you and are happy to serve, wherever that may be – including Wedding Rentals Los Angeles



And if you are still not convinced, contact their team with your own ideas and expectations! They can come up with the theme and backdrop you want for your celebration!

With so many services all at one place and a friendly team to cater to every whim and fancy, we can ever have, it’s hard not to think of Archive Rentals every time an occasion for Celebration comes up!


Cheers to best things of life. Stay blessed, stay happy!




Much Love




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