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Goa, Goa, Goa – there is no other place in India I travelled thrice back to back. Two of the trips were vacation with family and one was for an event.

My first trip to Goa was for my birthday celebration at Taj Exotica, Benaulim last year. The hotel stay and location itself was super awesome (more on that soon) so I wanted to go to same this year too.

But, since Taj was fully booked (blame the long weekend) we had to choose Zuri White Sands.

At first glance, Zuri White Sands was good (though in my opinion Taj excelled, obviously, I literally compared each and every small thing in my mind, my bad). Since last year I spent most of the time in Hotel (blame Taj Exotica, I didn’t wanted to even venture out) this time I wanted to make sure to see places as much as I can.

And today am here to share my favorites from this trip –


Fort Agauda and Lighthouse –



We originally planned to go to the fort by the golden hour but weather that day was very drizzly and anything else but golden. And yet the view of the fort was spectacular and like us there were many other tourists who didn’t mind the little showers.

And after much walking and enjoying the view and weather, it was a pure bliss to just sit and swing the feet …

Did you know one can spot colored Kingfishers and Dolphins when you oversee the water (behind the fort)? I missed this but next time I am going to make sure I do see them!

Calangute Beach


Also called the ‘Queen of Beaches’, this is the most popular beach in Goa both by locals and tourists alike, so naturally we wanted to visit too. Though it is also a hub for water sports and activities like Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Speed Boat etc., as it was monsoon time and there were high rise waves, we weren’t even allowed as much as go and touch the water. Coast Guards were on patrol to make sure no one does!!

It is also one of the most crowded of all the beaches and less clean. So unless it’s for water sports, I am never going back there again.

But, the most important reason (besides the beach shacks and amazing food, so I was told) why this beach entered into my list of favorites is I got my first ever tattoo here.


Martin’s Corner –

*Lighting didn’t allow to take any good pics, sorry!*

This is one of best places in Goa for finger licking good food and live music.

After getting my tattoo, it was only right to stop for some place local and try the food. But this place had exceeded our expectations in terms of service and the quality of food for the price paid. And to top it, I instantly fell in love with the ambience and the live music to which the locals and the tourists hummed and cheered!

If I ever go back to Goa (am very positive, I would) this is one place am definitely going to visit again!


Varca Beach, Zuri White Sands –

 This beach is known for its soft white sands and cleanliness. It is also one of the best beaches I have seen so far. I could feel a sense of calm and ecstasy wash over me the second my feet touched the sands. It was simply surreal and magical, more so because I literally walked over the shells in the sand that looked like carefully embedded gemstones in a slab of white gold!


There was even a small stream of water running and I literally walked through it. And for the first time I saw stream joining the ocean!! It was pure joy!

So without a doubt, this had to be my favorite beach so far!

Of all the things, we could have missed going to this beach. Since it was just at the back of the hotel, we postponed it to be the last thing of the evening. And after much needed pampering at Spa and finger licking good food (blame the Zuri, their food was amazing) venturing out was the last thing on my mind. Also I didn’t want to spoil my perfect looking hair too. But am glad we pushed ourselves.

Varca Beach, Zuri White Sands was totally worth it! Even worth spoiling my perfectly styled hair for the Dinner Date!

So those were my top favorites from my 3rd trip to Goa. As much crazy as it may sound, my trips to Goa have been memorable and pretty exciting always. I can’t wait to go back again!

Also despite my first impression about Zuri White Sands, it gave me some of the best moments and awesome memories to cherish for as long as I can remember. It is definitely one of the best places I have visited so far – esp food and the beach!


What’s your favorite in Goa? Is there any place you suggest I go on my next trip?



Much Love

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    Sangeeta G
    October 5, 2016 at 4:53 am

    Go once.. go twice.. go Goa. I love this city.

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