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I have always been a fan of Shrugs, they simply add a bit of style to everything and not to forget the protection from Sun. Yes, I get tanned easily and that’s how my first encounter with a shrug made me fall in love. Gradually I realized there’s more to these style pieces than just being a cover-up. I love them for they are so versatile and convenient to layer even during colder months. And it’s no surprise that it is the first thing I hunt Online and in-stores when I go shopping. From basic plain shrugs to prints and lace; everything has a place in my wardrobe!
While I have a bunch of un-worn pieces still in my cup board, here’s a quick look at some of my most worn and favorite pieces so far –

Printed Shrug
Made of soft cotton, this jacket style shrug is unbelievably soft against the skin. And with the colors so bright; this one is a keeper!!
See how I paired this in this blog post and/or you can also check this instagram post for same –
Nautical Striped Shrug
Thick and ribbed, this nautical striped shrug keeps me warm all day long. What can I ask for more in these colder months. See how I paired this with a jewel tone silk top in this blog post and/or see this instagram post for same –
Floral Shrug      
This is one of my favorite shrugs to wear when I am looking for very light and easy layering. Also, this one goes well with the tank tops to give a casual look to the outfit!
See how I wore this shrug in this blog post and/or check out this instagram post for same –
Animal Print Shrug
Fall weather or not, animal print is my all time favorite. And when it comes in earthy tones, it has to be paired with some fall/Winter colors to make it season appropriate!
See how I styled this simple yet chic shrug in this blog post and/or visit my instagram page for more –

Black Shrug
Its plain black and nothing striking about it yet can be paired with practically everything. This is one of my wardrobe staples!
See how I paired this here in this blog post and/or check out my instagram post for same –
And here’s a bunch of other shrugs I own which you can see here (clickable links) –
Hope you loved the sneak peek of my Shrug Collection!
I have still many more to show you, so stay tuned …

Do you love Shrugs like I do? Do you love prints or plain?

Much Love

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