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tiny tattoo

tiny tattoo

Earlier this month, I went on the much awaited vacation – Goa (yes, last yr I was in Goa too for my birthday) to celebrate my birthday a tiny bit early. Out of many things I wanted to do this time, one that topped my list was to get a tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

I have been a fan of tattoos for a long time now; I have even a Pinterest board too, though having to go through the process always scared me to death. But this time something was different, I was determined and wanted to take the plunge and get this done and get over with the fear for once and all!

Despite so much of planning, I might have seriously missed the opportunity of getting the tattoo done if I hadn’t been to Calangute Beach that day. It was a long day touring around Goa and our last stop for the day was Calangute beach. On the way to beach I spotted so many tattoos shops which made this convenient and possible but then there were so many that it was nearly impossible to decide where I wanted to get it done. So I picked randomly based on how the shop looked from outside.

Luckily we didn’t choose a bad one. Moksha Tattoo Studio was good despite being a small one (I assume most of the tattoo shops here are pretty small). Apparently Chris Gayle is one of their clients who got his tattoos there. And we also spotted quite a good number of bollywood stars in the pictures getting their tattoos done. So I was rest assured I was in safe hands (I still wonder if it makes any sense to decide if it’s safe or not based on some celebrity pictures though).


I have been a fan of tiny tattoos since I spotted them on Pinterest. So naturally I had Pinterest for reference and I chose this tiny bow tattoo for myself.


Pic Courtesy – Pinterest


Fortunately, the tattoo artist didn’t seem too surprised with my Pinterest reference pic and I finally got my tattoo. While getting it done I was quite nervous but once I saw the tattoo I was on top of the world. It was an amazing feeling and now I know why everyone is so crazed about tattoos.


It was the best birthday gift ever, my first tattoo – a tiny tattoo!

tiny tattoo


tiny tattoo

I later realized how gorgeous my hand looked with the tattoo and the MK Blush pink watch!


Can’t wait to tell you all about my Goa trip in my coming post!


Have you got tattoo too? Have you ever taken Pinterest as inspiration to this extent? What do you think of my tiny tattoo?


It’s been 3+ weeks now and my tiny tattoo has settled well with no complications, will share my experience and tips on taking care of a tattoo in my up coming posts!



Much Love

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    September 9, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Such a great inspiration. Liked it. Love the tattoo.

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