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Take Less Waste Less

Take Less Waste Less

I had an amazing midweek lunch date with my family earlier. Since we took out time to eat together after a long time, I wanted to make sure we have the best of the food and the all the time we could gather so we enjoy our every moment together.


It was one perfect afternoon with all my loved ones. There is always so much laughter and happiness in such togetherness; it’s hard to keep an eye on other things like how much we are eating.

We ordered many dishes to please each and every one of us. And by the time we were done I just realized how much of food we ordered.


Luckily, none of us filled our plates or served ourselves more than what we can chew. I love that one thing about my family. No one wastes food!

But then we did order surplus food and in such situations I always get the leftovers packed. While many of the good restaurants make sure no food goes waste, I often like to take care of it myself for my peace of mind.


I often hand out the packed food to the hungry and the poor I come across on the way back home. It won’t make much difference to us but it does a difference of world to them. Just by sharing the food, leftovers too, we are giving them hope to push a little more to make their life better. We might not be able to take away their suffering, but we can take away their hunger pangs for once. At least that’s what I strongly feel.


There are so many around us who don’t get to eat at least one meal a day. And there is so much suffering which often misses our eye. Only if we cared enough to share the food, save them from hunger!


Take Less Waste Less

So please, next time you see the leftovers at your table (restaurant or home), take that step to reach out the needy.


Seeing how much the world is suffering from scarcity of food and water, I think we are so blessed. We are so lucky to be in such a safe country and with plenty of food on our plates to eat. Let’s be thankful to God and share a little with the less fortunate!



I am truly inspired by 100 Pipers Initiative on same. Watch the video here (video will be properly embedded in the post)-

Apart from Take Less, Waste Less; they have taken up other initiatives to encourage people to Save Energy, Save Water etc., I have encouraged my friends and family to Save Food and help the needy.

Take Less Waste Less

Which one of the 100 Pipers initiatives has inspired you? What steps are you taking for same?



Much Love


*Post is written in collaboration with 100 Pipers.

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