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Who doesn’t love Weekends and long holidays? I know I do! But I often like to stay home, lazying on the couch watching my favorite videos on Youtube. Hasn’t it been so for every one lately? Thanks to Youtube for its non-stop and unique content from all over the world; for it keeps us entertained a little more than TV. And with the new Smart Tv’s which allow streaming Youtube content is all the more fun.

There were days of watching TV and Movies in Black and White, then came the Digital Color. From there we moved on to Color TV …. , and we settled at Youtube. Then the Soundcloud came, which allows artists, new and popular alike, to show their talent and the users to listen offline. While that seemed pretty unique it was still simply an audio.
Now, times have changed. Technological advancements have taken the business of entertainment to a whole new level. Case in point – #fame.

#fame – It’s a live video streaming app which allows celebrities, artists and/or talents to stream their performances LIVE to the viewers.

Talk about next-generation entertainment!
Live Streaming is now the next happening thing and one can see all the channels catching up to this trend.
So what exactly is Live Streaming and Why is it *The Next Big Thing*?
Live Streaming provides a platform to broadcast Live events to a multitude of users around the World. It democratizes live video broadcasting by providing tools to bring live events reaching out to the masses all at the same time. Not just that, while most of the video sharing portals provide the viewership after the event is completed; Live Streaming on the other hand allows sharing the content LIVE minimizing the geographical limitations on watching an event too.
Combine *The Unique* and Fresh Content with *The Advanced* next-generation entertainment, content going Viral is given! This infact helps the brand and/or the artist to make to stand out and make their mark too!
Besides, what can beat the excitement of watching an event LIVE!

But, what if you can perform LIVE?
What if you can show your talent to the World? Sing to your virtual LIVE audience? Voice your opinions? Yes, #fame allows you to show pretty much any talent you have and not just see. You got the drift right?
But, clueless about how to go Live Streaming? Need a guidance from the Industry Experts themselves?
Get the tips and tricks from the Industry gurus and fame team themselves. #fame is hosting a “#famestar LIVE” event in Delhi on 30th August. Prominent personalities like Ayaz Memon and Raja Sen will be sharing their insights. It’s a total learn and unlearn session on how Live Streaming is the next big thing and how to make your own beam and live stream it successfully.
So get ready to watch the event LIVE from the comfort of your couch. The entire session will be broadcasted live on #fame app from 12PM to 3PM, 30th August.
Go grab that pop-corn and coke and enjoy while you learn!

Much Love

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