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One of the industries that is constantly changing and is brimming with innovative concepts is the entertainment industry. It has come a long way and has never ceased to impress us over the years. And if having the shows or the movies recorded for later viewing was one side of the coin of the technology impact on the entertainment industry, having them accessible to view anywhere – anytime is the best part of all (no recording needed). All thanks to the nexGTv, we are experiencing the best of the technology for our entertainment. Whether it is films or documentaries, live shows or simply a reality TV series everything is now just a click away. There will be no more missing of my favorite shows because am tied up at work or have two favorite shows in the same time slot, I just click – save and watch at ny convenience! Talking about entertainment, who does not love a theatrical experience? Not me! Nothing compares to that wonderful experience. But what if the same experience is brought home to match the requirements of viewers like me who demand more – comfort of home, best of technology and most importantly the satisfaction of viewing at convenience. As viewers, we all want that instant gratification and want everything on demand and I am no exception. We want media at our fingertips, available for streaming when it conveniently fits into our own schedules. 

And now nexGTv has everything – Trending videos, Breaking News, Latest Movies, Songs, funny episodes, Comedy Premium and other exclusive content. 


About nexGTv 

nexGTv is Digivive’s award winning application that offers wholesome entertainment across multi-screen devices like laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. Compatible with most of the smart phones, this application can run across 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. So whether you are on 3G or any other network, the user experience would be undoubtedly remarkable. Not only that, this entertainment app streams over 140 LIVE TV channels with movies, TV Shows and videos, providing a non-stop entertainment to the users – in short it is a TV button on our mobile! 

While most of the TV shows and trailers and videos are free, you would need to subscribe in order to watch movies. 30 days’ subscription is priced at Rs.125 which gives you full access and 7 days access is available at Rs. 35, which honestly is a pretty good deal. And with a family of 3, plus friends and family coming over often; I find these subscriptions pretty easy and hassle free. Not only I would have entertainment planned but also never have to worry over how to keep them occupied. Now that’s a blessing in disguise! 

As for me, personally am a total movie junkie and love to watch videos too often; so this comes in pretty handy when I want to watch a movie or show at my convenience. And with the Smart TV with big Screen at finger tips, experience is amazing and spectacular.

So whether you are a movie junkie like me or simply love to watch videos and LIVE TV, this is just what you need. The app is available for download at NO extra cost, you might have to confirm your subscription using your mobile for a personalized access. This app is quite addictive and I am already loving it. 

What about you? Have you tried this app yet? 

Know more about the App and other details here –

Much Love

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