Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask Review + Coupon Codes

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask is one product I have been reaching out to in the past few days. Klairs isn’t new to me but I haven’t had a chance to explore their range and check out their other products. But one thing I absolutely loved is their deep cleansing oil.

Wishtrend always sent me a bunch of samples sachets from Klairs whenever I shopped. One thing that always caught my attention was their deep cleansing oil. And after I tried it one day, I realized what I have been missing. It’s by far one of the best facial cleansing oils I’ve ever used. Now that I am on the last batch of using up my samples, don’t be surprised if I rant about this facial oil on the blog soon (yes the full sized product is on the way)!

That said, I wasn’t that surprised when I loved this Vitamin E mask. One thing that definitely stood out for me is that this mask is a multitasker – use it as a moisturizer, facial mask or even a sleeping mask.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

As Moisturizer –

If you have dry/normal skin and are looking for some extra TLC, then this is the one for you. After application, you can see the effect till 6-8 hrs. This works well under makeup too (provided your foundation doesn’t include mineral oil or any of that sort which can leave your skin extra shiny).

That said, I love this under my powder foundation. It is perfect for those minimal makeup days or rush-y days when you barely have time for an elaborate routine.


As Facial Mask –

If you need that soft supple skin without the feeling of a cream under your makeup, this one is great to use as a Facial Mask. I usually apply it right after I wake up on clean skin and wash it off just before I am ready to do my makeup. This technique is perfect for any type of skin, and still, has gives the benefits and effects of a good moisturizer/facial mask.

This even works wonders after a long tiring day. It gives that much-needed pampering before you hit the bed.


As Sleeping Mask –

Have you ever felt so tired and sleepy that you didn’t want to bother slapping on that facial mask because you didn’t want to get up from bed? I have been there a lot many times than I can ever count!

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to with this one. This is just the mask you need for such days. Apply and sleep, and wake up to a soft, supple and healthy looking skin!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

Main Ingredients: Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine


And if those 3 reasons didn’t convince you, here are things I love about this Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask


* It’s main functions include – to brighten the dull skin, improve wrinkles and prevent aging

* It has 3 super ingredients


  • Vitamin E

– It is a major lipid-soluble antioxidant in the skin. Found in most of the skin’s epidermis, dermis and stratum corneum, it protects against peroxide and pro-oxidants (prevents oxidation in cosmetics)

– The skin’s protective function weakens if Vitamin E levels are insufficient. Thus allowing harmful foreign substances to invade and promote aging of the skin

– It prevents cell aging by keeping the cell membrane from lipid peroxidation

– It has skin softening properties, soothes inflammation and protects the skin against sun damage 

  • Niacinamide

– It reduces pigmentation by preventing the melanin pigment 

– It suppresses the sebum secretion and improves acne caused by the oily skin

– It helps stabilize vitamin C and enhances its effects when used with together

  • Adenosine

It is the active ingredient prescribed in maximum dose, to serve the function of improving wrinkles

– It promotes the collagen synthesis

– It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in wound healing and regeneration


* It works well with Vitamin drop/Vitamin C serum working hand in hand to give better results

* It stabilizes the Vitamin C and enhance the brightening effects of the same

* It has a texture of a pudding and instantly soaks and softens the skin when applied


Overall, I love this product. I have tried many masks till date and by far this one has gone beyond my expectations. And considering the Fall/Winter climate we are in, I think this would be perfect to achieve and maintain that radiant glow and healthy looking skin.

Sounds amazing? Here’s how you can buy –

Price – USD 18.90 USD 27 

*Currently 30% off, so make sure to grab one ASAP


Buy – Klairs Mask on Wishtrend 


And if you are new to Wishtrend, make sure to use my link to get an instant 5$ discount coupon. Here’s the link –

Instant 5$ discount coupon or use this promo code during registration – 193135909


Hope this Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask works for you as much it did for me. Cheers to the amazing skin this holidays!



Much Love



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What I Wore | 10.09.17


New Look

Spaghetti Top | Dorothy Perkins

Skirt | Ether

Sandals | New Look



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What I Wore | 05.10.17

Dorothy Perkins Bomber

Dorothy Perkins Bomber


Spaghetti Top – Dorothy Perkins

Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins

Bomber – Dorothy Perkins

Mules – Inc 5

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Much Love

What I Wore | 02.10.17

Tommy Hilfiger

Tshirt | Tommy Hilfiger

Wigs| addwigs

Shrug | Chemistry

Shoes | Dorothy Perkins

Watch | Michael Kors











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Fab Bag September 2017


Fab Bag September 2017

Fab Bag September 2017



Fab bag September 2017 was bang on time. At first look, the bag was quite impressive. Like I said before, I love the pouches the Fab bag sends across. And this time too it was quite impressive. It’s a white bag with the pearlescent like finish. That aside, fab bag contents got me super excited. With two make up products and three for skin care, September bag has to be my one of favorites in the recent past.


Here are the contents of Fab Bag September 2017




Seasoul Moisture Matte Lipstick in shade ML 12 (Coral)


Full Size

Price – 530 ₹


Seasoul has impressed me quite a lot with this one lipstick. It is not only a gorgeous shade with non-drying Matte formula, its packaging is simple and easy to carry around. I can’t wait to swatch this on my lips and show you but you have to wait till the weekend for the Instagram post.



Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer in shade Rock and Rose


Price – 299 ₹


Sugar Cosmetics has recently launched their new collection. These metallic colors from the new Tip Tac Toe nail lacquer Collection have six new gorgeous shades and I received the shade Rock and Rose. It is a beautiful metallic Rose pink shade. This color suits any Indian skin tone and is perfect for any party or festive occasion. Here you can check out the swatches of the same and other colors from this collection.



Iraa Instarenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream


Price – 490 ₹ for 20 gms


Iraa is definitely a new brand for me but going through some reviews online I can’t wait to give this a try. I will share more about my experience soon!


Tvakh Midas Touch Ultra Nourishing Lip Tint


Price – 195 ₹


This one came in a cute little pot. Easy to carry around, this one leaves a faint color behind which I love.

What’s so catchy about this product is that it has a golden shimmer on the top. You apply that, the lip balm looks quite fascinating with a touch of gold.

Scrape off the top layer and it reveals beautiful terracotta brown. Though it’s not as dark on the lips as it shows in the pot, color is quite visible when you apply this balm.

With Balm like texture and beautiful hint of color, this is one thing you should certainly try out soon.



Tvakh Ce-Namon Lip Plumper

Full Size

Price – 225 ₹


This product was not mentioned in the info card, so am assuming I got an extra product for myself this month.

Unfortunately, lip plumper is not something I need or want to try. So this might likely go into the waiting stash until someone wants to pick it. Or I might someday want to give a try just to see what it does to my lips.

For now, I really don’t have much to say about this one!



Seer Bergamot and Raw Sandal Energising Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanse

Price – 72 ₹ for 30 ML


I heard so much about the Seer products by now, that I am super excited to find one in my bag. Plus, I love products that are related to body care. I can’t wait to try it this weekend and see how it works for me.




Overall it is an amazing bag this month. I loved the Seasoul lipstick quite a lot and I am looking forward to checking out the other shades in their collection as well.


That said, if you haven’t tried Sugar Cosmetics Nail Lacquers, it is time you do. They are the bomb!




Until next time….



Much Love



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Hair Replacement System | The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System 


Hair Replacement System has proven to be one of the best and affordable options to many men and women lately. These replacement systems not only offer the highest quality but also an affordable and non-surgical way to improve the appearance and look.


Wearing a hair replacement system solved the hair loss problem to many just overnight. But knowing what to buy and where to buy is of vital importance to achieve a natural overall appearance.


So, what is a Hair Replacement System?


Hair Replacement System is usually stock and/or custom made hair replacement systems aimed to provide the hair loss solutions to men and women alike.


Made from the highest quality, these non-surgical hair replacement systems are available at affordable prices. The main aim is to be available to everyone and not just those who can afford it. With the help of these systems, one can get Natural looking hair at the prices one can afford.


Plus, whether one is suffering from alopecia or simply natural hair loss; these hair systems can provide the best hair loss treatment available today. And again, these tailor-made hair pieces are often delivered straight to the door.


Accessible, affordable, cut and styled to perfection; these hair replacement systems are often ready to wear right out of the box. Unlike stock ones, the custom made hair replacement systems have their own set of benefits. The finest level of measurements is taken into consideration – the specific size and pattern of the hair, exact color match, and organic graduation to get a flawless natural looking hair for that perfect undetectable look is its specialty.



Fortunately, all this and more but for so much lesser price than what the retail saloons and shops offer.


So if you are looking for affordable hair replacement systems that can be customized to your needs, look no further and check out – https://www.newhairline.com


Check out the various options they provide and get in touch with their expert team for clarifications and requirements.


Hope you find this post useful!



Much Love



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Photography Backdrops | Top 5 favorites of Instagrammers

Photography backdrops

Photography backdrops

Photography Backdrops



Photography backdrops are an essential element to any photograph. Whether you are looking for a professional photo shoot to do for a brand or are simply looking create a background theme for your pictures for your Instagram, these come in pretty handy. Plus you don’t need a specific set background or a studio to get pictures that are Instagram worthy.



Luckily these backdrops come in wide variety of sizes, patterns, textures, and materials. They are available in simple solid colors to subtle patterns and even blingy sequins to textured ones. These make an apt choice for clicking photographs anytime anywhere.



Since these backdrops are modern and have an appeal of high-quality and are less inclined to wrinkle, they are not only easy to work with but also easy to carry around. So it’s no wonder that these are widely being used by professional photographers.



Thanks to these backdrops, one can rely on these for creating that perfect background for virtually anything and every situation possible. These are even available in simple plain, printed, patterned and sometimes painted ones too.



Here are some of the Photography backdrops that are the most popular with Instagrammers and Influencers –



Solid Color Backdrops –

Among the solid colors, white is particularly favorite of many. It not only creates that perfect background for any picture but also helps the colors in the picture pop!

For a clean and minimalistic look, this one is sure to work like charm.



Sequin Backdrops –

Particularly favorite of many YouTubers, this style backdrop not only adds that glitz and glam to the video; it also makes the video/picture look very appealing to the eye.



Wooden Backdrops –

This one is an all time favorite with many to use as a floor backdrop. Perfect for flatlays and even from “where I stand” shots, it makes any picture instantly likable on Instagram.



Bokeh Backdrops –

This is another one that is most liked by many. It simply adds that dreamy effect in the background without any professional touch-ups and/or special effects.



Party Backdrops –

Hassle free and easy to use, these make the background literally party perfect.




All that and less maintenance, backdrops have surely made their way into most of the homes now.


Talking about backdrops, here’s a site that offers a variety of backdrops for various occasions and themes –







Which style of the photography backdrops is your favorite? Have you used a backdrop in any of your pictures yet?





Much Love



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Bridal Fashion | 6 Popular Bridal Veils to choose from

Bridal Veils

Bridal Veils

Bridal Fashion | 6 Popular Bridal Veils to choose from​


Brides often spend a lot of time searching for their one perfect Bridal Veil. It is often a daunting task to many when it comes to the choice. And for many it is a challenge since it has to be beautiful and elegant and also take into account the bridal trends of the year. Since even the tiniest of details can make the wedding dress the one to remember, veil has to be that one perfect thing that can make walking down the aisle a moment to remember for the rest of your life!

Veil is not just a customary to complement the wedding gown anymore but also is a key element for a well-planned wedding ceremony. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when you look for that one special bridal veil to match your gorgeous wedding outfit. And to help you, I am here today to share a little on the types of veils available out there. And also talk about the site I have come across in the process –


Here are the most popular Types of Bridal Veils


Fingertip Bridal Veils
This is the most popular of the veil choices. It reaches up to the fingertips and measures approximately 36 inches long. This matches perfectly to the majority of dress styles and hence is much admired too.


Cathedral Bridal Veils
This style is known for it being the longest and the most formal veil of all. It usually is up to 120 inches long and some measure up to 9 feet too. It works best with full length and the classic wedding gowns.


Elbow Bridal Veils
This one measures approximately 25 inches long. It falls close to the elbow area and hence the name. It is perfectly suited for a romantic ball style wedding gown.


Waltz Bridal Veils
Waltz and working length wedding veils is usually about 54 inches long. It is designed to fall between the knee and the ground.


Blusher Bridal Veils
This style usually covers the eyes or extends down up to the chin. It suits perfect for most of the modern high fashion style wedding gown. It is not only super stylish but also is considered to be hassle free.


Shoulder Bridal Veils
This style measures approximately 20 inches in length. It suits dresses that have details in the front and/or back of the bodice. It is considered to be an informal veil amongst all the other styles.



Whatever your choice of Wedding gown maybe, there is always that perfect Bridal Veil just made for you. You just need to know where to look for!


Here’s the site that stocks some of the best Bridal Veils you can ever imagine of. Go check out – https://www.bestweddingveil.com



Since I prefer modern yet minimalitic style, my favorites are Fingertip and Blusher styles. What’s yours?




Much Love




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Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers Collection has 6 new stunning shades and they are simply breath taking.

It’s not new that I love their Classic Nail Lacquers Collection, that’s the kind of formula I love any day. But these metallic nail lacquers changed me totally and I am always gravitating towards these every time I think of changing my polish. What’s so good?


Here’s what so good about the Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Formula –

The first thing I fell in love with is the formula. It applies like a dream and sets in a matter of seconds. Plus, it’s non-chipping and doesn’t need a top coat to protect it from scratches.

However, a top coat makes the polish last much longer than usual.

All the colors give an opaque finish at first application, just be liberal with the polish (don’t have to stick to the rule of applying thin coat)


Drying Time –

The second amazing thing is the drying time. By the time you are done with the last nail, the polish of the other nails is done settling. How cool is that?

Imagine all those rushed moments when you need perfect nails and don’t have time to sit around to let it dry!

These polishes are perfect for any day.


Colors –

The third one is the colors in the collection. I would be crazy if I don’t tell you the must have shade to pick from this collection. While I have 3 favorites from this collection, the one I absolutely loved at first swatch is the shade – 039 Bold as Brass.

This reminded me – Glam but badass kind!

It’s freaking beautiful.


Here are the swatches of 039 Bold as Brass from the Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Colors Collection –

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


Other shades from this Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Colors collection –

040 Rust for the Record

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


041 Amethyst Actress

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


042 Rock and Rose

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


043 Deep Down Diopside

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


044 Sapphire Straits

Sugar Cosmetics Metallic Nail Lacquers


This collection too has their signature packing and the brush is comfortable to apply the polish.

Also, unlike other metallic nail colors, these do not have that pungent scent. Plus, these are not too stubborn to remove too which is a major plus!



That said, I haven’t found anything which I disliked. I just hope they come up with more colors and also get black, gold and silver too!



Which shade was your first favorite? Which all entered into your cart to shop?





Much Love


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