What to Watch | Korean Dramas (and what to miss)

If you haven’t yet watched the so-much-raved Korean Dramas, you are definitely living under some rock!! No, seriously…. these dramas are so addictive you can’t just stop at one. And if at the end of the whole series if you aren’t in love with the cute and adorable hot guys (yes all packed into one) then you are too immune to charming yet hot guys for all you know!!
Jokes apart, here are few Dramas worth watching::
Won’t be interesting at the begining but just hold on and you will see Love has no boundaries and it will find its way as always!!
Coffee Prince
It will make you laugh, giggle and see how love actually feels. Sweet and funny, this is a must watch!!
Inncocent Man
This will twist your heart and make you sob and yet you can’t wait to see how it ends. Definitely not a disappointing one!!
Love Rain
Sweet Romance and a heart wrenching story, but like they say; all is well that ends well!! A beautiful love story you wish it was yours and i can bet after watching the whole series, you will love that *I Love you, I Love Rain* song to bits. Also, you will have tears everytime you hear that and yet you will hear again and again.
Lie to Me
My Korean Drama crush all began with this one. Funny, Romantic and a beautiful story; packed into one this will surely be your favorite too!! 
One Warm Word
I kinda have mixed feelings about this one, i sort of like-hate so totally upto you to give a try.
Playful Kiss
This is the best of all, teenage love story which is bubbly, cute and seriously playful. This you will love to bits and you kinda begin to hope that you can also someday get the attention of that hot guy you have been drooling after all!! Lol….. must watch!!
You’re Beautiful

Sort of like-hate again, too much of drama and acting will kill you. Well it did to me though!! So leave it you 
Dramas i dropped watching mid-way
Melody of Love
It began so good but mid-way you’d realize the main lead is not acting like a man!! How much would a guy bend down ? Besides too much drama and story doesn’t move much ahead. Snail pace, this one will pull your spirits down!
Witch’s Romance
Couldn’t keep my interest beyond 3 Ep, period!!
I am currently watching Birth of a Beauty and i have a bunch of more K-dramas to talk about too; but let’s keep them for next time….

So if you haven’t watched K-drama yet, go and watch one. You’ll love it!!
But do leave me a comment if you have something to share with me and want me to watch *-*

Have a great week ahead!!

P.s- None of the above pics belong to me, they are from Gooddrama.net

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5 Tips for Smart Shopping | Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Actual Image Source – Mint.com 

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy making their list of Resolutions! I did too and the one the tops the list is *Be a better Smart Shopper*. It’s no secret that am a shop-a-holic and the second best thing I love to hear any day is *On Sale* words (the first being, you have a *delivery* lol.. ). I do shop quite often and I love playing dress up too, but being the shop-a-holic is one expensive affair!
Shopping is an addiction, while on one hand it makes you feel like you are on top of the World with owning the items you’ve always coveted for as long as you remember, if not paid attention to the spending habits this can often land you up in a big-big trouble. I know I have been there!!
So this New Year I have made a Resolution to be better at shopping, be that ultimate smart shopper. Not that I have been worse last year but I want to be definitely better this year!!
Everyone has their secret ways to shop more and save more and be that smart shopper and I have my own too.
There are quite many ways to save that extra Rupee and splurge on something else. I, like any other girl love some good retail therapy but I also love to do some window shopping (like literally, even online!!) so I am always planning what I want and need well in advance. And today am sharing some of my secret ways to be a better shopper.
Tips to help you through and be a smart shopper –

1.  Make a List of all the Shopping Sites – Everyone has their favorite shopping site, believe me I do too. But more often than not, you find something you love at the most unexpected place. For sure, this stands true to me so I always have a list of shopping sites I want to go looking for a particular style or brand. For example, Myntra offers competitive prices when compared to other sites, so my first choice would always be Myntra. But i also depend on Jabong, Koovs and Flipkart.
Image Source – The Kul Mom
2.  Signup for their Newsletters – I absolutely hate to see unwanted emails early in the morning, many times it’s unfortunately from the shopping sites. Too many newsletters will bother beyond imagination, so stick to the list made and only subscribe to the ones which interest you. This way you are not only blocking the junk but also getting the first notice when some site or some brand is holding an exclusive sale for a limited time. Brands Exclusive Sale stand to be my favorite always!!
3. Download the Mobile Apps – Save time, energy and even sometimes just kill the time browsing through the new launches and collections on the shopping sites. They say, best things happen when you least expect; so always be ready to shop and by making a wishlist ready it’s super easy. And wishlist making is a piece of cake with the mobile app. While waiting for the turn at hospital, eat outs and even waiting for the friend; go browsing the mobile apps and make those wishlists which save time and energy later !!
4. Make a Wishlist – They say Men go shopping to buy what they want, but Women go shopping to know what they want!! Lol… Jokes aside, making a wishlist based on the jeans currently owned, to layer up the camis or whatever be the reason; wishlists come in super handy. As for me, re-visiting my wishlist oftens gets me the best deals. I know the actual price so when I see the item in wishlist is on Sale, I know I have to grab it before it goes out of stock. Result – my wishlist item is owned when its on sale! Saving my time, money and energy.
5.  Look for Coupon Codes – Lastly, have coupon codes handy. Codes that the shopping sites give and more importantly the coupon codes that are published exclusively by the Coupon sites. There are quite a few when you google, go around and check which have the best to offer. As for me, Priceburp.com seems to be pretty effective and best part is they have the Myntra Discount Coupons. My point, my favorite shopping site discount coupons are all at one place; making my job much easier.

If you love Myntra as much as I do, here’s the link to Coupons for Myntra on Priceburp

Image Source – Priceburp

So these are the 5 must know pointers from me to be the smart shopper. Shopping is definitely an art, knowing what to pick and when to pick is like a gamble. Few tips and anyone can be good at this game, so go on Happy Shopping!!

Source – Pinterest

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Best Moments of 2014 | Instagram

Best Moments of 2014 Instagram
If you ask me my favorite form of Social Media, I would answer without a doubt; it’s Instagram. Quick and easy, it’s perfect way to show your friends and family what you’ve been upto in the most colorful way and without saying a word. Being a blogger who constantly writes those endless posts, it’s such a welcoming change to just post a pic and be done with it. Besides, who doesn’t like clicking pics; especially if those are selfies!!

So here am today sharing some of my favorite moments of 2014 from Instagram, here’s the video –

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