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May Fab Bag

may fab bag

may fab bag

It’s Fab bag time of the month and here I am today sharing what I got in the May Fab Bag. If I have to put it in one line – to be very precise and in short, I am in love!

For starters, I love the transparent aka see-through pouches. They make life so much easier when you are in a rush or when you are travelling. If I can, I would hoard on a bunch of these so I can sort all my stuff and never rummage through each and every pouch later and when these transparent pouches come in much needed summer colors, its pure love.

I absolutely love how gorgeous this pouch looks. Mesh detailing is a nice touch as it protects the pouch from cuts and torn with rough usage. So this is just so perfect for me.

And now that I have plans to travel soon, I am going to save this for my travel.

Now, before I go on with what I loved from this bag, here are the May Fab Bag contents –

may fab bag

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash

I have tried couple of Nyassa samples before and they never let me down. So finding another Nyassa product in the bag was more than welcome. On the other hand, I was happy to find a face wash which has tea tree.

Now which girl hates to get the perfect samples that she can carry for her trip?

Not me!

Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best things I have laid my eyes on lately. I am not much of an eye shadow girl and yet I did love this at first glance. I love purples and this eyeshadow duo seems so perfect for the coming colder months too.

So if you haven’t got your May Fab Bag yet, this is the reason you should get it right away!

Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30

January Fab Bag had Inveda BB Cream and 3 months later got this sunscreen cream gel with SPF 30. I usually never get impressed with a sunscreen; I am very picky at that. For as long as I can remember, I have used Plum Goodness sunscreen. Now trying this, I must confess I am in love.

I have used it on my face and there were no signs of whitish cast and best part, it worked so well under makeup too.

This is another product I simply loved getting in this month’s bag.

The Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream

Night creams are something am always curios about. While this is not my favorite brand but then for this product I think I will make an exception to try it out.

Overall, May Fab Bag has been a fabulous one for me with Inveda Suncreen Cream Gel with SPF 30 and Seasoul Dual Eyeshadow Palette topping the list.

What’s your favorite from the May Fab bag?

Interested in getting yours?

Go to –

Much Love


*PR Sample

5 simple tips to keep the Lipstick long-lasting + 1 to avoid!


New Year is almost here and if there’s one thing common that’s on everyone’s mind right now is on how to look absolutely fabulous for the NYE party! While we are on that topic, I hope that’s one thing you figured out by now. The right dress makes or mars the complete look. And if you didn’t yet, just in case; pick out the perfect fitting dress from your closet and spice it up with right fashion accessories and statement pieces. And if you are someone who’s not a hoarder of fashion pieces, take my cue and spruce up your makeup and be the total stand out!

Smokey eyes are your thing? Play with it and put on the best lipstick to compliment the look or simply go bold with lipstick and minimalist with eye makeup. Either ways lipstick is one thing to play with for the perfect party look. And when it comes to lipstick, one thing that comes to mind is *How to keep the Lipstick Long-lasting?*. Well, this one my dear; I got you covered!

Here are 5 simple tips that can get your pout super kissable and the lipstick long lasting –

Lip Scrub –

Lip scrub helps to keep the lips soft and supple, allowing the lipstick to stay longer without feathering. Prep lips with balm and then give a scrub. Lips will be super smooth and the lipstick application will be flawless!

Lip Moisturizer –

Lip moisturizer a.k.a lip balm saves a lot of time from frequent touch-ups during the party and keeps the lipcolor intact all night long.

Just dab on generously, give 5-10 mins and scrub it away to reveal soft and kissable lips. This is the most important prep step for a long lasting lip color and super kissable lips.

May I suggest ?

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow are wonderful choices. They not only act as lip balm but also leave a faint tint of color giving the lipstick a layer and/or a base to adhere to!

Check out –

Lip Primer –

One of the most ignored step and no you are not alone in this!

Lip color needs to adhere to something to stay long lasting than just the lip skin. Using a primer also makes the lip color to show its true color. That’s a win-win. No?

Lip Pencil –

Prepping up the lips with the lip pencil from the similar color family like the lipstick adds another layer to the lips and allows the Lipstick to long-last all night.

Lip Color –

Lipsticks with matte formulas tend to stay longer than others, followed by cream and liquid formulas. Opt for your favorite color in the desired formula and make sure it’s fail proof!

May I Suggest ?

Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon Lipsticks are matte and super long lasting too. My favorites are Holy Golightly, a peachy nude and Mary Poppins, a fuchsia pink.

Check out –

Avoid Gloss –

Unless the gloss leaves a stain behind which you are happy with and/or okay with frequent touch ups; stay away from gloss formulas. Period!

Hope your NYE party turns out to be a great beginning for another fabulous year for you!

See you next year!

Much Love

Pore Minimizer | Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum

Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum
Cosrx | BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum
Quick Overview 
This Pore Minimizer or Summer Pore Minish Serum is made to cleanse and transform all skin types. Made with the all-natural White Willow Water for the best results without consequences, the pores disappear leaving a smooth and soft skin.
Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish SerumCosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum

  • Reduce excess oils for a smooth, soft skin.
  • Deep cleanse pores for pore reduction.
  • Exfoliate & remove sebum.
  • Gentle formula for daily use without the irritation.
Brand : COSRX
Volume : 100ml
pH Level : 7.00
All Skin Types
Made in Korea  

Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum

How to use

  • Before application, shake and mix well to get the blackhead reduction powder activated.
  • Apply daily in the mornings and the evenings directly to target areas with blackheads such as around the nose or the forehead.
  • Apply a thin layer around the cheeks and the chin area and lightly tap your face to help the serum fully absorb into the skin. 

Recommended for

Summer Pore Minish Serum is recommended for people who :

  • Excess oils clogging up pores.
  • Noticeable pores due to dry skin.
  • For gentle exfoliation for a smoother and more even skin.
I have used this for almost over 60 days now and honestly I hardly used up much product. On the bright side, my pores visibly look smaller and the skin looks fresh and free from acne and white/blackheads.
This comes in a clear pump bottle which infact helps to control the product being dispensed.
Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum
If pores are your concern then this one is your savior.

If you are the first time users, during registration, use code 193135909  for an instant 5$ discount code to shop

Much Love