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December Fab Bag 2016

December Fab Bag 2016

December Fab Bag 2016

December Fab Bag 2016


December Fab Bag 2016 came in early. I was pretty excited this time around as I chose “Be a Bombshell Lip Stain in Intoxicated” as one of the products for this month’s Fab Bag.

Two things make me extremely happy – when I get to choose a product and when that product is a lip color.

So naturally, I couldn’t wait to see how this lip stain looked like. And oh boy, it is such a gorgeous shade! I am so glad I chose the shade Intoxicated – it is such a beautiful dark berry lip shade which is also a perfect winter color. I seriously can’t wait to show you how gorgeous this looks, plus it stays on for a very long time! So yay!

And if you are anything like me, then you’d know this already is my favorite from the December Fab Bag.


Here are the December Fab Bag 2016 contents –

December Fab Bag 2016


Be a Bombshell Lip Stain – Intoxicated

Full Size

Price – 750 ₹

This is definitely the highlight of this month’s bag. It’s been a while since I tried a lip stain so it was wonderful to see one from a brand like Be a Bombshell.

Plus it is a full sized product worth 750 ₹, so what’s not to love?

Besides, I can’t count how many times this would come handy since its no-mess fuss free lip color. And it is also a lovely wintery festive shade and a perfect addition to the makeup bag be it for travel or simply as a backup option in the handbag for touchups.

Here’s the swatch for you –

December Fab Bag 2016


Iba Halal Care Nourishing Foot Massage Cream

Full size

Price – 95 ₹

I did read good reviews about this brand from another blogger a while ago. So I definitely have high hopes for this one. Plus, it’s another full sized product in this month’s bag. Now that’s a double treat!

Besides, it smells like Jasmine, an absolute favorite! That said, with temperatures consistently dropping often, I definitely need extra care for my feet. I can’t wait to see how this turns out for me!


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

60 ml

Price – 460 ₹

Body and face oils have been on my mind for a while now and seeing this one coming from a brand like Palmer’s, am more than happy.

Palmer’s is pretty popular for their skincare products; I had a chance to try their body butter and body lotion but never the oil. So am glad I got a chance to try this one!

This oil claims to improve the appearance of  dry & damaged skin, uneven Skin tone, aging skin, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks; now that’s something I am so looking forward to seeing how much it will stand up to its claims. Will keep you posted on this one!


Natural Bath & Body Thank God Its Friday Hair Mist

100 ml

Price – 525 ₹

This is one brand that took me by surprise altogether. Their body mist from November bag is definitely my everyday go-to mist at the moment. It refreshing and quite different from what I have been using till date, so I can’t wait to see how this hair mist turns out to be.

That said, hair mists are totally new to me. I did read and hear about the hair mists before but never tried one till date. So yes pretty excited about this one as well.


Overall, I pretty much loved everything from the December Fab Bag 2016. Now am impatient and eager to see what Fab Bag has in store for the coming year 2017.

I indeed enjoyed all the bags they sent out this year, I hope they excel the expectations like always and make us super happy the coming year too!


What did you like from December Fab Bag 2016? Which lip stain did you choose?


Wanna see what all they sent out in the year 2016? Go here –



Much Love


*PR Sample

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016 came in pretty early this time. I love to see the beauty bags pouring in the beginning of the month, it helps me to plan my beauty purchases or repurchases for that month quite well. There were times when I have delayed my purchasing something as I wanted to wait and try the sample I know is coming in that month. I think trying out samples have definitely made my life much simpler and hassle free and I can’t seem to get enough of these beauty bags already.
So without further ado, here’s what I got in November Fab Bag 2016

November Fab Bag 2016

Natural Bath & Body Beautiful Day Body Mist

Price 325 ₹ for 200 ml

Buy here – Nykaa

Beautiful Day Body Mist has blends of floral top notes with nuances of fresh zesty-ness. An infusion of Organic Vegetable glycerin makes this Body Mist gentle on the skin. And it’s quite refreshing and pleasant from the usual body mists I have.

One plus point with this one is, it makes a great body mist for everyday wear as it stays all day long. I think I found my new favorite already!


Just Herbs Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel

Price – 445 ₹ for 100 gm

Buy here – Fab Bag

Aloe Vera is quite known for its moisturizing and the anti-aging properties. Unlike other anti-aging products which slightly have side effects (many tend to thin the skin) this works wonders with nothing of those.

You know am not a fan of Just Herbs in particular, but I have heard quite a lot about this product so I gave a try. And I am pleasantly surprised that I quite like it. It’s very soothing (though I prefer it not to show any cooling effects, it’s pretty cool as such here .. lol) and my skin feels super soft post the massage.

Though it’s too early to comment on how great this works as the anti-aging product, I am quite happy to use it as it doesn’t have the side effects like other products do.

That said, this is the first time I have liked Just Herbs product and I might repurchase this if I don’t find anything better in the meantime!


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Price – 325 ₹ for 200 ml

Buy – Fab Bag (out of stock atm)

This is one of the products I was super duper excited about. I think this is the first time a TBS product has come in the fab bag (or was there any before?). This was on my wishlist like forever now, but looking at the price and knowing that there was no smaller size available, I was little hesitant. Now after trying out the sample I think this is the moisturizer I have been looking for.


City Color Be Matte Lipstick Phoebe

Price – 550 ₹

Buy –

City Color is the new brand introduced by the Fab Bag this month. Again, one of the reasons I was so excited to get the bag.

I love a lipstick any day and seeing a lipstick from a new brand often makes me super happy. What’s good is that this shade is super pretty, affordable and perfect for everyday wear.

It stays on for decent enough of time and is available in many lovely shades. Besides, I simply love the name of the shade.


So what did you like about this month’s bag? As for me, I am pretty happy with all the products I got this time!



Much Love

My Envy Box September 2016 (late post)

My Envy Box September 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

My Envy Box is another beauty subscription box you need to keep an eye on. I will be honest, I am not a regular with this box, and yet there are times when I simply love the box and the products they curate. One such was the September box which had a Lip Gloss and Mascara from Cal Cosmetics.
Now if you know me, I love anything related to Lip Colors and next favorite thing has to be Mascara. Obviously, I couldn’t pass up this chance and miss these two. So though I knew I would end up getting the box very late I went ahead and ordered. And honestly, am glad I did.

Here are the contents of the My Envy Box September 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

Cal – Lip Gloss
Price – 450
Full Size

Cal Cosmetics is the new makeup line introduced by My Envy Box. I got the shade Happening Pink which is a beautiful rose hue with a hint of gold shimmer. It is slightly metallic without being too much into the face which I think is pretty awesome.
The only drawback I found is it is easily transferable even after hours of application.
*More on this Lip Gloss soon*

Buy – here

My Envy Box September 2016

Cal – Mascara
Price – 450
Full Size

One of the most used makeup item in my vanity is mascara. Naturally, I was excited to find one in this box (in fact it is the reason I bought the box in first place). With golden case packaging, it sure looks one of the fancy and expensive mascaras I own till date.
I can’t wait to carry this around in my handbag (it’s too good not to show off).


Ma Earth Botanicals – Rose Facial Scrub
Price – 275
40 gm

This facial scrub truly smells likes Roses. It is made of a complex blend of Rose petals, powdered nuts and plant extracts that deeply nourish the skin while it buffs and scrubs away dead skin cells and reveals bright and radiant skin.
Just can’t wait to try this!


KronoKare – City Detox Face Wash
Price – 125
30 ml

Honestly, not one of my favorite brands. I usually skip this brand as I find the scent of their products too overpowering.


Truuth – Beauty Formula Tablets
Price – 400
Full size (30 pills)

I use supplements once awhile to keep my hair and nails in the best condition. Luckily, this came just in time. These pills have biotin, zinc, silicon and collagen – the secret ingredients to healthy hair, nails, and skin.
I simply can’t wait to see the difference it would make to my hair.
*More on this soon*


Dermalogica Clear Start

This is apparently a breakout clearing overnight treatment. It claims to ensure an unclogged, less congested and visibly reduced breakouts and redness.
I received a sachet in my box which sure should be enough for one time use. If this pleases me, am planning on keeping one handy in full size (my skin needs detox badly).


With two Makeup items in the box, this has to be my favorite box at the moment!


So those were the contents of My Envy Box September 2016. Have you got this box too?
Which shade did you get in Lip Gloss?



Much Love

September Fab Bag 2016

September Fab Bag 2016

September Fab Bag 2016

September Fab Bag 2016 has to be one of my favorites this year. This time the bag has a mascara, a face mask, face and body scrub, body wrap and nails tattoos. Can anything else be better than this? It felt like Christmas came early this time around!

Read about previous Fab Bag here – August Fab Bag 2016

Contents of September Fab Bag 2016 


September Fab Bag 2016

September Fab Bag 2016


Sugar Cosmetics Lash Mob Limitless Mascara – Black with a Bang

Price – 699

Buy – here


This is the newest launch from the Sugar Cosmetics and needless to say, it is also the highlight of this month’s bag.

I have been a fan of Sugar Cosmetics since I tried their Holly Go Lightly and Breaking Bare and I am hoping this mascara would wow me just like their lip crayons and matte lipsticks did.

On a quick try, I love how this mascara makes my lashes look thick and black! More on this later.



SaND for Soapaholics

Price – 236 for 20 gm

Buy – hereBBeauty


This is the first time I have got my hands on the product from SaND. I have read quite rave reviews about this mask from other bloggers and I can’t wait to see how it acts on my skin.

That said, I am glad I got this tiny tub of the face mask as this seems super convenient to carry on the travel. And it’s a detox mask, perfect for any day. Now with the vacation on my mind, I happy to see this in the bag!



AVA Deep Gorge Collection – Face & Body Scrub

Price – 325 for 100 ml

Buy – here

This came just in time! I tend to use face & body scrubs during this time of the year. And what’s best than getting a face & body scrub that looks like mini Christmas in a bottle.

This scrub is peachy-pink in color and smells heavenly. I can’t wait to use this and share my thoughts on same with you.



Neemli Naturals Tulsi & Sandalwood Body Wrap

Price – 550 for 75 gm

Buy – here


This is the first time I would be using a body wrap and considering the reviews I read abt this brand, I can’t wait to use and see the results myself. I am just hoping this stands up to its claims, I have few things on my wishlist from this brand already.


Nail Stickers from NFLM

Price – 80

Buy – here


This is probably the only one I am not so excited about. I wish they weren’t yellow looking but white ones. However, I might give a try just for practice as I have never tried nail stickers before. I know, but no design ever tempted me so much till now but seeing how lazy I feel these days and still wanting to have perfectly done nails, I think these would just serve the purpose for now.


So those were the products in the September Fab Bag 2016. Undoubtedly Sugar Cosmetics Mascara is my favorite of all followed by AVA Deep Gorge Collection – Face & Body Scrub and others.


What have you loved from September Fab Bag 2016?



Much Love